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All Interracial 3194 All Interracial The ladies on this site have certainly learned that the saying once you go black you won't go back wasn't a joke.
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All Interracial

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All Interracial

Short Review

The ladies on this site have certainly learned that the saying once you go black you won't go back wasn't a joke! See the girls on this site have had their taste on what it's like to be fucked by a donkey dicked black dude and they loved it so much they wanted to star in their very own steamy episodes on this site! All Interracial provides both video and picture content and is one of many sites on a massive network which members have full access to.

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Here on All Interracial the black fellas get to have all the fun as they fuck a diverse selection of beautiful women from around the world. The black cock loving ladies on this site are certainly in for quite a tight squeeze as they try to fit all the black cock they can in their tiny little twats making for some extremely arousing hardcore interracial scenes. The bulk of the content revolves around one on one encounters though there are a few steamy threesomes in the mix to spice things up a little.

From what I have seen the models on show are a mix of amateurs, lesser known pornstars, and some popular pornstars. The black dudes get to enjoy ploughing brunettes, blonds, redheads, and weirdly enough for a interracial site black babes. I would like to see a more diverse mix of women though, for example it would be nice to see a few Asian ladies getting full of black cock or some feisty Latina ladies. As for the standards in hotness I would have to say that the models are pretty average, there are a few stunners but there's certainly room for some improvement here.

By the looks of their update logs the sites first few episodes were launched around the start of this year in the month of February. Currently the site has quite the humble collection of 17 episodes which run for roughly 30 minutes each. Now my main concern is that according to the update logs the site hasn't been updated for 3 months, that being said it looks as though the site was only active on updates for a month which really is quite laughable. I am certainly hoping that they are on an extended break rather than going dormant altogether. On a brighter note the content on the site is exclusive so you won't be finding it anywhere else on the internet.

Now you think that having done a little less than average when it comes to quantity the site would have pulled out the big guns when it comes to quality. Well I can say that the quality of the videos is definitely above average but they're nothing special. With no DRM members can keep their downloaded videos which are available in both wmv and avi format. Between the two formats the avis come out on top when it comes to quality having been encoded in (2000kbps @ 576x432) while the wmvs are significantly lower in quality at (1000kbps @ 480x360). Members also have the option of streaming the videos in flash format which surprisingly come in higher resolutions than the downloadable versions clocking in at 640x480. For members who love watching porn on the go the developers have also included mp4 versions of their episodes which are playable on portable devices which support video play back like iPods and PSPs.

Apart from the videos each episode also comes complete with a nice set of high quality photos, these sets come with roughly 200 pictures on average. Now you can tell the pictures are directly related to the video content as they feature the same location, models, and steamy interracial action as the videos footage. Quality is also above average as the images are quite clear and the colors practically bring the photos to life. The only average aspect would have to be the sizes they are available in with the larger images getting up to 800x600 pixels in size, nothing spectacular but at least they aren't tiny.

With such a small collection of episodes on offer it is a good thing that members also have access to the extensive network which All Interracial is a part of. All up this network has a total of 49 sites and to make things even sweeter there is a monstrous online DVD archive which members have full access to. So even though they may not have such a large collection to enjoy on this site, when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, members actually have a massive collection of porn at their finger tips.

Nav, Design & Features

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Black cocks and white pussy is what covers the tour pages of All Interracial and with good reason of course! The tours have plenty of pictures of tiny white babes sucking and fucking huge black cock and in addition to the pictures there are free video samples so that potential customers can get a chance to see what the content is like in action. The tours say that the videos are in HD quality though from the specs I found they were below, so either I got my facts wrong or the tours are a little mis-leading.

So once members have logged in through the tour pages they are taken to the homepage of this interracial porn site from where they will immediately be presented with all the latest updates in thumbnail form. Actually the entire archive of videos can be found on the homepage as the collection isn't that big after all. The thumbnails feature a screen shot from the video footage giving members a rough idea on what the scene involves. Below the thumbnail is the title of the episode, when the episode was uploaded, and the starring models. At the top of the archive there are a few tabs which will allow members to browse through the content on specific criterias such as the most viewed episode, the top rated, and the most favorited.

Down the left side of the site is where the navigation menu is situated down the left side of the site, from here members can access the different types of media including both the videos and picture archive. Also accessible from this menu is the models section, the bonus sites section from where members can easily access the homepages to the various sites, the online DVD archive, and other third party bonus sites and services such as live webshows and online dating service.

Clicking on the thumbnails which I mentioned earlier will take you to your chosen episode's main media section. From here the video will automatically stream within the top section of this page. Below the stream screen is where the download link is situated, clicking on the download video link will present you with the links to the different versions of the video The bottom half of this page is where the photo gallery is situated, the picture gallery is in thumbnail format which is pretty straight forward to use.

So that's really all that can be said about the features and navigation of the site. As you can probably tell the site does have quite a simple layout which I am perfectly alright with, in fact I would rather a porn site with a simple layout as the last thing you want to be doing while trying to bust a nut is navigating a confusing site. Other than that the site presentation is top notch, it's not overly flashy but still manages to be quite eye catching. All thumbs up from me as far as site navigation and site presentation goes.



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Well it is no doubt that the interracial scenes on this site are quite hot and to that end the site does very well. What the developers really need to concentrate on now is their content numbers because at the moment the site really isn't doing that great and the fact that the last video upload occurred 3 months ago is quite concerning. Sure the site is backed up by a massive network but I am sure you will agree with me that people will be joining this site for interracial porn in particular.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot interracial scenes
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Access to a massive network
  • + Decent video quality
  • - Needs more content
  • - Hasn't been updated in a while
  • - Model standards is mediocre