Barbie Cummings
Barbie Cummings 2186 Barbie Cummings Naughty Barbie Cummings is allegedly the reason why one of Americas finest Police Officers was under investigation.
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Barbie Cummings

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Barbie Cummings

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Naughty Barbie Cummings is allegedly the reason why one of Americas finest Police Officers was under investigation. After supposedly getting it on and receiving a blow job from Barbie while on duty the Officer deemed that his traffic stop was complete and sent her on her way. He got fired while blonde bombshell and self-confessed whore Barbie continued on her interracial creampie quest. Awesome site with high quality content and to top off everything Barbie just loves to fuck.

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Cock loving Barbie loves to fuck big dicks, but not just any big dick. Big Black dicks are what she craves the most, nothing makes her happier then the site of an erect black penis. Insatiable Barbie fucks over 50 men in an effort to become a black baby incubator. This girl is seriously obsessed with trying to get pregnant and Barbie will fuck as many cocks as she a possible to get her very own cute little chocolate baby. You know what they say If at first you dont succeed, try - try again. Hmm something tells me that neither Barbie nor her mating partners mind fucking all the time, after all practice makes perfect.

Making huge Creampies is one of Barbies other favourite things to do and this goes hand in hand with her making a black baby quest. She loves to get reamed by huge black cocks and then she gets them to cum inside her and fill her up so much inside that the cum overflows and can be seen dripping all over her pussy and down her legs. Barbie isnt happy until she has cream dripping all down her legs and coating her feet. Hence Barbies very clever last name, Cummings. Self dubbed Black Baby Tester (BBT), Barbie the blonde whore is out to prove a point. Im sure shell get pregnant with her dream bub soon, but until then Barbie will keep on trying by fucking one big dick after the other.

On the site at the moment Barbie has 25+ movie scenes and the content is updated weekly so there will always be something new to see. The movie content on the site is available to be viewed via live streaming as full length movies. On the site you also have the choice to select which option you would like as it offers Broadband Movie, Low-Band Movie and the bonus of being able to download the movies or pics in an ipod, psp, or phone version. Hi-Resolution Pics and 4-Panel Pictures. Check out the video clip on the site that sees Barbie going into a pornshop with her camera guy and Gia Paloma. These girls have fun looking around then get themselves a private booth and go to work pleasuring themselves with a huge black cock that just happens to be on the other side of the glory hole in the wall of their booth.

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At the top of the members page there is an exclusive offer of 1 day trail memberships to 8 additional Adult Interracial Sex sites for just $1 per site. Members can jump to a scene using the drop down menu and selecting which movie you would like to view. Alternately use the numbers featured above this option to select a different page. On each page there are 3 scenes per page and extensive descriptive text to make choosing a movie easier.

You can register and join for free an interracial forum board using the link on the main members page. There is an option to select how you personally would like the video content to display by choosing one of the options in the Sort By section. Display options are: My Newest Scene, Highest Rating, My Rating and Scenes I Havent Rated Yet. The options are inside closed brackets and highlighted in hot pink text on the main members page. I love that this site has dates and descriptive text, these are things that I think every site should have to have because it helps the member make a decision and it really helps to know when the content was made and what the scene in the movies is about before making viewing selections.

To view the movies on the site there are 3 options that you can select from, live streaming via Broadband and Low-Band Movie or you can download the ipod, psp or phone version of the scene. Just right click and save target as and select where you would like to save the movie to. You will also need to download a copy of adobe flash player if you dont already have it installed on your computer. The picture sets are displayed in three formats such as Vidcaps, It is unusual to have so many different picture options to view in the image gallery. Vidcaps are images that have been taken directly from a scene in the video content and edited into pictures. The high resolution pictures are really clear and I thought that the 4 panel picture sets are awesome as well.

I love the addition of the rate this scene box is really great and it gives you the opportunity to be able to give some feed back about what you think.
Barbie to encourage her or to point her in a different direction whatever that may be. At the bottom of the page there are the usual customer support contact details and the sites terms and conditions + the privacy policy.



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Horny Barbie Cummings is a huge cum hungry star, she really enjoys sucking and fucking huge black cocks. Matter of fact I think thats what she likes to eat for breakfast or anytime during the day or night. This site was easy to navigate and it has awesome content that is 100% exclusive. I was impressed with the quality of the movie and picture content and I enjoyed watching Barbie performing in front of the camera on her interracial creampie.

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