Bruthas Who Luv Muthas
Bruthas Who Luv Muthas 2194 Bruthas Who Luv Muthas Bruthas Who Luv Muthas is a new site which has been up and live for just under 5 months.
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Bruthas Who Luv Muthas

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Bruthas Who Luv Muthas

Short Review

Bruthas Who Luv Muthas is a new site which has been up and live for just under 5 months. This site teams up horny milfs who are a little bored with their sex lives with donkey dicked bruthas who are more than willing to spice things up! Watch as the milfs do their best to fit a steaming black rod in their experienced pussies making some of the hottest milf/interracial content available on the net.

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It's not a secret that black dudes are really making a name for themselves in the porn industry and the world for that matter. Teens or Milfs it doesn't matter it looks as though all the girls across the globe are looking for a well hung black dude to have their way with their pussies just to test how much cock they can fit up those tiny cunts of theirs. If I remember correctly this is the only interracial porn site I've come across which is based around milfs so it certainly deserves some credit. Plus the fact that watching the experienced ladies taking on a black cock is down right hot! Too bad there's only a handful of episodes to go through at the moment though.

So what exactly do the bruthas and muthas get up to in the steamy episodes? Well other than the fact that they fall under the interracial and reality niches they're pretty much standard hardcore scenes. Don't get me wrong though they're as hot as can get and there's plenty of anal fucking to boot though it would have been nice if they mixed things up a little by putting in a few threesomes or something but what they do have is very arousing so it's all good. I don't know what it is but interracial sex is always so hot I think it's because of the long thrust due to the length of the black dude's cock, that and it's so hot watching a black rod go up a pink Is it just me?

Now I will give the site some slack as far as content numbers go after all it has only been up since the 10th of April '08 add the fact that the site provides exclusive content and I'm sure you can understand why the site isn't that big. Besides the site has been updated quite recently, 1 day before this review was completed in fact and I'm sure they've got quite a few more episodes in store for us in the future as I'm sure they aren't going to let their members run out of content. Also the fact that all the content is 100% exclusive to the site makes the content numbers seem some what a little better.

Members have the choice of downloading the episodes or streaming them straight off the site in FLV format. The downloadable videos come in wmv format in videos which have encoding rates of (1700kbps @ 480x360) all the videos are available to stream off the site in full scenes and short chapters with the downloadable videos only available in full scenes, it would have been nice if they included short chapters which are downloadable to make things more convenient on members with slower connections as the file sizes can get quite large. All in all I was really impressed with the quality of the videos, and even though the default video screen size is fairly small blowing them up to full screen doesn't take from the quality at all thanks to the high kbps.

Along with the videos each episode also comes with a set of screen shots and hi-res photos. Now obviously the screen shots are pretty crappy which doesn't come as a surprise as they usually are anyway plus seeing as you are pretty much viewing the video content in grainy pictures I personally don't classify it as extra content. The hi-res photos on the other hand look awesomely clear and are very colorful, these sets come with approximately 150 images each which measure in at (900x600 pixels) which isn't huge but at least the awesome quality of the images more than makes up for. I've to say though the hi-res photos make the models look so much more gorgeous especially in the softcore pictures they've thrown in before all the hardcore pictures start popping up.

So most of you are probably having second thoughts about joining the site due to the small amount of videos and the fact that the updates look to have slowed down to a halt, but don't make up your mind just yet because there are 25 other sites which members gain access to which are all a part of the Silver Cash network which is the very network this site is a part of. Now they may not provide content which is of the same niche on this site however having all those different niches to choose from allows their members to have a much more diverse collection of porn to choose from which is always nice. These sites also provide exclusive content just like this one and the media is on par in quality with the stuff on this site. Across the entire network there's an excess of 2000 exclusive movies and over 1600 bonus movies.

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I wouldn't blame you if at first you thought the Muthas which have been posted on the tour pages are not milfs as they still look so youthful, and with out fail the black bruthas are as hung as always. Potential members are bombarded with a tidal wave of sample pictures which do an awesome job on enticing potential customers to join. There's quite a few free trailers for non-members to indulge in if they want to get a better idea on just how great and hot the videos are, however I must warn you that the free trailers aren't as good as the stuff which is available inside. You can also check out information on all the other sites on the All Reality Pass network by clicking on the All Reality Girls link this will take you to a section which is covered from top to bottom with thumbnails featuring some of the hottest models starring on the network.

When you first start off on this site you may find it a little confusing finding your way around as the site has been developed for easy network access so you will be seeing quite a bit of links to episodes available on the other sites and the weird thing is these links are situated towards the top of the members area with the featured content placed towards the middle of the site. You may notice that there are no links on the navigation menu which will allow you to access the featured content as the menu consists of links which provide access to all the bonus content and some third party services which you'll have to pay for if you wish to take advantage of them.

If you wish to access the featured content you'll have to scroll a little further down the page, the first of the featured content you'll come across is the latest update which has a small section which is dedicated to it. This section includes a thumbnail featuring a portrait of the star, a detailed description about what goes on in the episode, and links to the photo and video galleries which the episode provides. Beneath this you'll find the 11 latest updates before hand and if you wish to view the entire archive of updates you'll have to click on the link provided below the thumbnails. This will take you to a thumbnail link gallery, clicking on said thumbnails will take you to the media section of the episode from where you can access the download and streaming links for the videos. From here you can also access the screen shots and proper photo content to easy right?

Clicking on the bonus sites link within the top navigation menu will take you to an area which is made up entirely of thumbnail links. Above each thumbnail is the logo of the site which it is linked to and a simple click on this will take you straight to the main members section of your chosen sites after doing so you can download as much of the content available on that site. Once you've visited a few of the sites you'll notice that they essentially have the same layout and the site presentation pretty much remains the same through out the entire network. This makes hopping between the sites a breeze as you won't have to learn something new every time you visit a different site.



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The collection of exclusive episodes is undeniably small but like I said the site is still quite new and seeing as the site is still active on updates I'm sure Bruthas Who Luv Muthas will grow to a much more considerable size in the near future. What they do deliver on is hot episodes, gorgeous milfs, and videos which are of top notch quality and if that sounds like what you're after then this site certainly won't disappoint.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot episodes
  • + High video quality
  • + Hi-res photos look great
  • + Active on updates
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Access to great bonus sites
  • - Site is still a little small