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You'll find a bit of a mix at Interraced, a site that promises you hot, interracial action with beautiful babes. There are a few things to be aware of here: not all the content is exclusive, not all of it is interracial, and it's basically the same site as Elegant Raw. But still, there are HD movies to download and stream, some great photos, loads of horny babes in hardcore of all sorts, and it's an easy site to use. The price is fine, and updates are weekly, but Well, read the full review.
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Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 71/100

Detailed Review:


I'm a bit torn here, if I am to be honest. Having seen the tour, Interraced then didn't exactly give me what I thought I was going to get. Let me take you through the members' area so you can make up your own mind if this site is for you.

Clearly, from the tour, it's all about interracial action, and that's one of my favourite themes. Hard and hung black guys giving lush and lovely white babes a good hard dicking, well, you can't beat that, can you? Sure enough, there are some movies on this theme in the members' area, but not a great deal of them. There are also a lot of all-white movies, and then a load of bonus movies mixed in with the exclusive content. And that content is not 100% exclusive as I found out that this site is basically the same as a site called Elegant Raw - there's no need to join both. But what I did find was fine, good to see, easy to access and simple to download.

There were 301 movies when I was at the site, and a new scene was being added every week. However, one week this would be a bonus scene (non-exclusive and not always interracial), and the next week it would be an exclusive one (though shared with that other site and not always interracial). Dates are shown, and updates are regular though, and bonus scenes are marked as such.

Scenes run for around 25 minutes, and you have three stream and download options in Mp4. The top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 10,000 kbps, and then you have 720p and 540p (960 x 540 @ 4,000 kbps), which I guess is meant for your mobiles. Some of those 540p files were around 800 Mbs in size, so perhaps a bit large to store on some devices. Anyway, the quality was good, and the movies played out like standard porn flicks, with good lighting and action, and it's all put together in a very professional way. I wasn't able to stream some of the scenes though, the screen simply didn't show up on my page. I tried a few. Still the same problem. Perhaps that was a temporary thing, and there are links to help and support of you encounter the same problem.

There were 131 image sets as well, and these held over 100 pics each; some have loads more, others have a few less. They are neatly shown, and you can run slideshows and take zip file downloads, or browse them online where pics are around 3,000 x 2,000 px in size. Again, the quality is good, there are some sizzling babes to view, some nice posed shots, action ones and great collections of images; but they are not all interracial.

The bonus content is mixed in with the main content at Interraced, and there are no other content areas. But there is a model index with 81 girls to check out. They come with stats and details, plus links to their videos and galleries and there are some interactive options to play with as well.

The content here was a bit of a mix: some interracial action, some exclusive though shared with another site, all HD and good quality, updates are regular though bonuses are used as updates too, and there is a decent amount of content for your membership fee; though it's not all on the advertised theme. Membership comes with some live cam credits.

Features & Navigation:

There are no technical issues here apart from some missing stream screens, which is rather vital I'd say, but which may also have been a temporary issue. Downloads are simple to achieve, and the viewing pages are neatly set out. Navigation is easy as there are only a couple of main areas to explore, and all index pages are numbered, so it's easy to move around and find the next page. There are a few content filters and a search box to use as well.

Members can be slightly interactive. There is an 'add to favourites' function for you and you're also able to rate scenes and leave comments. The pages are user-friendly and well designed, so it all looks good. There are links to support as well. You will find some adverts to other interracial sites at the bottom of the pages, and there's a link to the live cam site where you have a few credits to get you started.

On the subject of money, the sign-up prices are standard and the longer you initially sign for, the less the site will cost you. The full 12-month access, for example, takes the equivalent monthly price down to $9.99 per month.


As long as you don't want 100% interracial action, 100% exclusive content and as long as you haven't already joined Elegant Raw, you will find some nice content at Interraced. It's a mix of black on white, white on white, hardcore, lesbian, exclusive and bonus material and new scene of some sort is added each week, along with a new photo set. The price is fine, you save more if you sign-up for a longer period and the whole thing is easy to use.

Pros & Cons

+ Some interracial action
+ Hot models
+ Easy to use
+ HD in Mp4
+ Downloadable movies

- Semi-exclusive
- Same as another site
- Not all interracial
- Cross sale on join page
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