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Richard Mann is a guy with a huge black cock that thinks hes not using it enough, and that the world of porn would be so much better if he was to use his massive erection to give pleasure left and right. Hes hooked to white babes, hes not into ebony at all, its interracial all the way for him, and he knows just how to please white chicks or horny white housewives that come to him for some hot sexual delights. If you want to see a huge black cock ravaging white ladies, youre at the right pla
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Detailed Review:


While most of the personal porn sites featuring single models like this Richard Mann porn site have some personal bio at the least, or outright blog with comments and stuff, this site has very little as far as interacting with the model is concerned, I feel this aspect of King of Interracial is undeveloped. On the other hand, if you are here just for the juicy interracial fucking, then you are at the right place, this guy can make white chicks scream with pleasure with very little effort, and hes updating all the time. There is no update schedule, but he updates pretty often, randomly, sometimes he updates biweekly, and sometimes you get half a dozen of the updates per month. Price is that of a medium sized porn site, so its pretty much exactly what you are paying for, but there is something to sweeten the deal, membership on King of Interracial means you get full unrestricted access to five more porn sites, all dedicated to different aspects of porn and with different models, male or female.

Features & Navigation:

On King of Interracial you can see both pictures and videos, so whatever you prefer, you can find here. As far as picture section is concerned, you will not see anything revolutionary here, the pictures are mostly in the 800x1200 resolution, very rarely over that and never below that, you can download the picture archives to your hard drive if you want to check them out slowly, and you can view the pictures in the form of online slide show that will free your hands while you check them out.

Video collection on this site is pretty impressive considering its just one guy that does all the work, there are tons of videos ready to be viewed and downloaded. The live streaming flash player isnt really up to the task of delivering movies quickly, you have to let the whole movie stream before you can use the navigation bar, something that can definitely be improved, its quite annoying if you want to skip to the good parts right away. Also, for some reason, you can not use your regular players to stream movies online, most of the other sites Ive had the pleasure of reviewing allowed for that, but King of Interracial did not. Download speed is pretty good, nothing impressive, but the files are smaller then on some other sites, so you can get your porn downloaded more quickly. Of course, quality is a trade-off - the highest quality scene Ive seen is in 480p, and most are lower. Still, its pretty good if you do not plan on playing it on a big TV or something.


While I do enjoy single model porn sites, the ones I check out are usually single female models only. Luckily, with membership on King of Interracial you can see single female models sites in the bonus section, so thats covered here. While I would usually insist on having more interaction with the model, after all, thats the whole charm of the single model porn sites, in this case I can make an exception, because I doubt that many of the interracial sex lovers would be in the mood to meet the

Pros & Cons

+Pretty big archive
+Exclusive interracial content
+Bonus network sites
-Average quality
-No model interaction
-Flash player can be better
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