Spring Thomas
Spring Thomas 2187 Spring Thomas Spring Thomas is the epitome of a BCS. If you aren't sure what a BCS is exactly, you will by the time Spring is done with you.
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Spring Thomas

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Spring Thomas

Short Review

Spring Thomas is the epitome of a BCS. If you aren't sure what a BCS is exactly, you will by the time Spring is done with you! A BCS is a Black Cock Slut, and I can't think of a better term for Spring myself! This insatiable honey hates white guys due to their small penises, but when it comes to black cock, she just can't get enough! Not only does Spring fuck every black dude she can find, but she also converts all her sexy friends over to giant black dick lovers as well!

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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Spring Thomas's collection is definitely focused on hardcore interracial sex. Each and every scene stars Spring with at least one black guy, but often times she has another sexy female friend join her or adds another giant black cock to the mix. Occasionally she even allows a lowly white guy to sit by and watch, but they don't get off easy. Spring makes fun of them mercilessly, forces them to measure their tiny three inch cocks on camera, and sometimes they're forced to serve as janitors by licking Spring clean of jizz after a nasty fuck romp with her black boy toys including Mandingo, Mister Marcus, Dick James and Byron Long.

There are 180 updates here at sprongthomas.com, but although the dates seem to indicate ongoing growth, that isn't actually the case. My porn travels have brought me to this site before on more than one occasion, and the last time I was here months ago, the site also had exactly 180 updates. My best guess is that older materials are simply being added back onto the site with new dates. There's enough BCS footage here to keep you busy for a while, but the lack of actual new scenes does give this one an expiration date. Luckily, none of the movies have DRM restrictions, so you can download and keep the scenes forever, helping out a lot in terms of value here.

Spring's nasty interracial scenes each offer around 25 minutes of video footage, screen captures from the movie file, tiled screen captures with four shots per file, and actual digital still photos. The quality of the materials can vary a bit. The photos sometimes look very amateur as if taken by a simple point and click camera and sometimes seem to have been shot professionally with superior lighting and clarity. Most of the images I saw were around 800x600 pixels in size. The videos are available in two quality levels with the higher being 640x480 pixels with a bitrate of around 1000 kbps. As with the photos, there is some variation here and some shoots appear much more amateur in style than others, but there's nothing so bad that it should dissuade you from checking things out.

Nav, Design & Features

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The springthomas.com tour is done mostly in pink and focuses heavily on the teen black cock slut aspect, although Spring is well past her teen years in much of the content. You can view preview pictures and a partial scene description for around 80 of the scenes, but I wasn't able to locate any video trailers.

The very top of the main member's area page here offers individual links to each of the 30 pages which list the 180 available scenes. Directly below that is a drop down menu which lists all of the scenes by title in alphabetical order, and although this seemed like a good idea at first glance, I didn't find myself using it very often since the titles are often rather unhelpful or simply repeated. For example, there are five different scenes listed under the title Another Conversion and others such as Mountain Walk and Nite Nite didn't really offer much insight about the scene. Personally, I would far prefer to see a simple search box which would bring up results based on the usually very helpful scene info which Spring provides for each update.

As you view the list of updates, each is represented by four small preview pictures and also offers links to all of the materials for the scene alongside Spring's scene breakdown. From here, you can rate the scene or just jump straight to downloading the flicks and viewing the galleries. WMV format is the only format available, but you can get most of the flicks in your choice of two quality levels in full length files or in small pieces or large chunks. An individual link for each page of the galleries is shown alongside each flick, so you can jump straight to page one or page five, it's your choice. The galleries themselves are very basic with no advanced features.

By default, the scenes here are listed in the order they were added with the newer scenes listed first, although that being said, I'm not convinced that appearing higher in the list actually means the scene is newer since materials appear to be rotated rather than updated. You can also choose to sort them based on ratings as determined by other members, your own ratings, or scenes you haven't rated yet. As long as you make sure to rate each and every scene you watch, this is a simple way to keep on top of how much content you still haven't seen yet.



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While I'm not exactly thrilled with the situation of rotated content within the member's area, springthomas.com offers a good sized collection of quality interracial porn with a kinky twist. Fans of interracial action or small penis humiliation will find hours upon hours of titillating footage, and even without growth, it's definitely worth the price of admission to see just how much the black cock slut really loves the dark man meat!

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive interracial scenes
  • + Pretty large collection
  • + Quality is OK overall
  • - Appears to be rotating content
  • - No interaction with Spring
  • - Some variation in quality