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Border Bangers 3039 Border Bangers Are you the kind of guy who likes your women tanned and a little on the feisty side.
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Border Bangers

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Border Bangers

Short Review

Are you the kind of guy who likes your women tanned and a little on the feisty side? If you answered yes then chances are you're a big fan of Latina women and if you are you will certainly love the beautiful Latina babes on Border Bangers! This site is brought to you by the good fellas behind the Perv Network providing high quality videos and pictures for your Latina porn needs.

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As you may have already guessed from the site title Border Bangers is a reality site which strongly revolves around beautiful Latina women getting banged by horny white dudes. Needless to say being a reality site the episodes begin with introductions which lead in to the steamy hardcore sex. The acting is exactly what one would expect from a porno scene, in other words it's quite poor however you will certainly get a few laughs out of the sometimes ridiculously lame dialog.

Once all the formalities are over and done with things usually start to get intimate real fast. Hardcore fans will rejoice in knowing that the episodes are as hardcore as can get. Members will witness foreplay scenes which range from sensual to brutal, the sex is intense including both pussy and anal drilling, things usually end with the beautiful Latina babes getting their daily dose of protein either by swallowing or getting their to die for bodies covered in jizz. So as you can tell by now there's certainly no need to worry as far as the hardcore factor goes.

So far Border Bangers currently has 20 exclusive episodes on offer. Now the bad news is that there are no update logs so I'm unsure whether or not the site is still active on updates. Also the site could be quite new which would certainly explain why there's so little content available at the moment. On a brighter note the episodes are exclusive to the site so if you're looking to add to your collection of hot Latina porn it's more than likely you haven't seen these episodes anywhere else. Overall the site could certainly do with more updates, though with a lack of date information it's hard to give you an honest backed up answer.

Quality is well above average on Border Bangers as the videos reach DVD spec standards. Members also have a few video options to play around with, all the episodes are available in 3 formats including wmv, mpeg, and mp4. All 3 formats can be downloaded off the site and the best part is they aren't tied down with DRM restrictions which in plain English means you can keep them for as long as you wish. The only option which they could have included is having the episodes available in short segments as the scenes can run for up to 25 minutes each. Here's a list of the formats and the encoding rates they come in to give readers a rough idea on what kind of quality they can expect.

wmv: (2000kbps @ 720x480)
mpg: (1000kbps @ 720x480)
mp4: (600kbps @ 400x300)

There's no real photo content available on Border Bangers, sadly they have only provided screen captures which I personally don't classify as extra content purely because of the fact that you're basically viewing the videos in still form. You can expect all the usual flaws from screen captures including graininess and blurs when rapid movement is involved. They're available in sizes of up to 720x480 pixels.

The developers of Border Bangers obviously knew that members won't be content with just 20 episodes so they've been generous enough to give members full access to the entire network which Border Bangers is a part of otherwise known as the Perv Network. All up there are 22 niched based sites covering a wide array of niches ranging from mainstream favorites to kinky fetish sites and in addition members also have access to 5 feature girl sites starring some of the cutest teens on the net. So if you do find yourself running out of content on this site, there's always an extensive network to keep yourself entertained as you wait for updates.

Nav, Design & Features

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Being quite the fan of feisty Latina women I practically creamed my pants when I loaded up the tour pages of Border Bangers, especially when I saw they had my favorite Latina model Sativa Rose. There are plenty of other gorgeous Latina models on the tour pages displayed in high quality pictures which are sure to get the attention of Latina fans, and if you aren't fully convinced by the sample pictures there's a generous amount of free trailers to get potential customers started.

As with most homepages the one for Border Bangers includes a ton of information in regards to the latest updates. Just below the top banner there's a scroll down panel which includes update news across the entire Perv Network which is convenient in that it saves members from having to visit the individual sites to check out whether there's anything new or not. Further down there are thumbnail links to the 3 latest updates on Border Bangers along with top 10 rated pics and videos.

The middle section of the homepage includes links to the various bonus sites members have access to, a simple click on these will take members directly to the main members area of their chosen site. The bottom half of the homepage is quite an eye sore to be brutally honest as it is filled with advertisements for other sites and third party services such as live web shows and such. I found the color scheme of red and yellow a little harsh on the eyes, you certainly don't want to be staring at the screen for too long that's for damn sure.

To view the entire archive of updates members will have to utilize the link found within the navigation situated just below the top banner marked as "all models". Clicking on said link will take you to a section made up of 4 indexed pages which includes up to 5 episodes per page. Each episode takes up a portion of these pages, this portion includes 5 screen shots taken from the video, a short description, and of course links to the various video downloads and the screen shots gallery.

So that's the ins and outs of the site, it's fairly basic to navigate though there are a few sections which I did find redundant. The pages are nicely laid out as everything is evenly spaced out, the only problem I had with the site presentation is the intense color scheme of red and yellow and the advertisements at the bottom of the homepage, luckily they're at the bottom and don't get in the way of the featured content so it's not that bad I suppose.



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Well the site certainly delivers on hot Latina women and the episodes are extremely arousing plus you may get a few laughs out of the introductions. Quality is well above average as the videos are of DVD standards though the pictures were quite a disappointment. The site's main short coming is with the low content numbers and lack of information in regards to future updates. If it wasn't for those 2 cons this site would have been excellent, unfortunately it needs more episodes.

Pros & Cons

  • + Latina models are stunning
  • + Videos look great
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Access to the entire Perv Network
  • - Needs more content
  • - No information on future updates