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Cute Latina 1150 Cute Latina So we all know that hot Latina women exist but are there any cute Latina women? Well you'll be glad to know that there are and this very site is dedicated to a cute and busty Latina girl named Talia.
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Cute Latina

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Cute Latina

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So we all know that hot Latina women exist but are there any cute Latina women? Well you'll be glad to know that there are and this very site is dedicated to a cute and busty Latina girl named Talia. So if your after a Latina babe that's cute rather than hot then you'll fall in love with Talia and her amazing rack!

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Now I'm a little unsure about Talia sure she looks pretty cute but I've grown in love with Latina women who have perfectly tanned skin, now no offense to Talia but she looks a little on the pale side for a Latina women, and she's probably not one you'd see on the front of a glamor magazine, oh well maybe I'm expecting too much, after all she is an amateur girl but yeah I think she needs to sun bake a little more hehe.

The kind of episodes you can expect to see on this site is quite the mix, Talia has included everything from softcore scenes where she plays with herself and one of her lesbian friends, to the more hardcore scenes which involve standard sex, threesomes and you'll even spot a few gangbangs in the mix too, so yeah there's quite the variety to choose from. All up there are 98 videos to choose from all of which are available to download in wmv format. Quality of the videos tends to stay fairly consistent through out the various scenes, and overall they're a pretty decent watch, what was most impressive though was the content numbers, which is very decent for a network site like this, especially knowing that they're also exclusive.

Picture galleries are in large supply as well with a whopping 600 galleries to choose from picture fans will be entertained for days on end. The galleries have been organized into 4 separate categories, feature, solo, webcam, and Lactalia which is one of Talia's websites she created while she was pregnant, essentially it's Talia pregnant style, and these will really get preggers fan drooling over their keyboards. The features, solo and Lactalia picture galleries are of great quality and it stays fairly consistent. However the Webcam pictures aren't as great as they consist of screen captures from here various cam shows, either way they're still very hot to view.

As if there wasn't already enough content on this site but members also have full access to over 20 bonus sites which are a part of the VIP network, these site cover such niches like fetish, solo girls and reality. With this membership you also get access to a few extras like dating and webcam sites which are nice to muck around with, though keep in mind you still have to pay for these services as they aren't included with your monthly membership fee.

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I gotta be honest here cause I know how Latina fans love Latina women because of their perfectly brown skin, but the picture of Talia on the tour pages makes her look a little pale, a little too pale for a Latina women, though there are some shots where she looks a little more decent so it's not all bad, plus potential customers can get an eyeful of what kind of content is in store.

What really caught my eye was the general presentation of this site the banner and designs look great and the color scheme is very easy on the eyes. You'll find that there are two navigation menus on this site, one at the very top of the page and the other below the site banner. The one at the very top can be used to navigate the homepage for the VIP network, where you can access the 20 plus bonus sites and all the extra features. The navigation menu beneath the banner can be used to access the content on Cute Latina.

Member will be spending most of their time in the pictures and video gallery sections, and it's good to see that they're designed to be used with the utmost of ease. The picture gallery section is very straight forward and functions just like a standard picture gallery, each shoot is represented via thumbnail, each of the thumbnails are linked directly to the main gallery of the photo shoot from where you can browse all the great pictures.

The video section is laid out in a similar manner, each episode is represented by a thumbnail of a screen capture taken from the scene, so they should give you a rough idea on what you can expect to see in the scene. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the episode's downloads page which consists of a description about the scene, and of course the download link.

Well that's pretty much the site's mechanics in a nutshell, it's pretty obvious that you don't need to be brainy to figure out where the different types of content are, plus the site's presentation in general just oozes of quality, any body should be able to browse this site no problems, and even if you did there's always customer service to help you out.



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For a network site this one has a very impressive amount of content, with 98 latina videos and 600 picture galleries members won't be running out of content any time soon, plus with access to over 20 bonus sites they can take a break from Talia and check out what other niches the VIP network has in store for them, a great deal for the membership fee.

Pros & Cons

  • + Good amount of content
  • + Heaps of picture galleries
  • + Videos and pictures are exclusive
  • + Great looking site
  • + Easy to navigate