Taco Pie
Taco Pie 3372 Taco Pie Taco Pie is a hot new Latina site with a very nice and colorful design offering the hottest and freshest hardcore.
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Taco Pie

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Taco Pie

Short Review

Taco Pie is a hot new Latina site with a very nice and colorful design offering the hottest and freshest hardcore. The photos are high resolution, videos are DVD quality and you also get a nice bonus deal. If you are into the beautiful bronze looking skin, the deep passionate eyes and the wonderful bubbly personality of Latinas you will very much have a ball at Taco Pie! Don't forget about Pink Taco's there's plenty of closeups here to see of the hottest shaven Latina pussy too!

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Taco Pie is a sexy site devoted to beautiful Latina amateur sluts getting fucked! If you get turned on by seeing a gorgeous brunette Latina, especially if she's stuffed full of dicks or sucking on cocks then you will love Taco Pie! The site features 164 photo sets, and 44 DVD quality videos. Each scene is available for online viewing either through the WMV movie player, or the flash video player. Unfortunately they don't have an option to download the videos it seems. The movie page is also very inconsistent as not all videos have the option to view as flash or WMV. One of the biggest problems is there is no way to download the scenes. The movie players are also really small, and with today's high resolution monitors that is not appealing at all. The photos are very high resolution at 1104px 1472px, which is a huge plus for this site. However, there is no zip pack download option. There is not much I can say about the content, as it's scattered all over the place, and I was unable to find a way to download it, or at least view it in a satisfying manner online.

The bonus Content features some live video feeds, and live DVD movies you can watch online. It is a bonus feed offered through all access pass, something that is available through many other paysites. The bonus content itself is way better, than the content at Taco Pie.

All in all, this site was a total disappointment. Not because there isn't enough content, but because the content is horrible to view. The only good thing about it is the high resolution photos and the great bonus area.

Nav, Design & Features

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Taco Pie has a very awesome design, when I logged on I was immediately drawn to it. I got my membership and went on in, and this is where my nightmare became a reality.

The latina porn site has a very, very nice design that is easy to navigate. They found a superb designer, I'll give them that. The only problem with Taco Pie is the horrid way the content was all thrown in there. It's like if someone just slammed the content in, and forgot all about it. Starting with the video galleries, they are obviously a DVD movie cut into scenes then quickly added to the site's template; they didn't even take time to rename the movies and give them proper titles. Forget about having a story line; no such a thing there! When you click on a scene to view the video, you are taken to a page that tells you the available video formats. After you make your selection, it generates a mini thumbnail that you can click on to watch the video online. This is where things get funny; I selected the WMV player, and was taken to a page where the movie opened in a mini 320 x 255 window. How can I enjoy a DVD quality in such a tiny little screen! It's like watching a blue ray HD movie on a tiny 8 inch screen! Anyway, that is one bad thing about this site. The flash player is better, the movies do display in a much bigger live on screen size. However, where are the download options to save the movie to hard disk? They are MIA! There is also no way to select the bit rate you want to watch the live video in.

The photo content is a little bit better, but still lacking in features like proper titles, and a story line. They could also benefit from having an Add to My Favorites menu, but there's no such thing! The high resolution photos are really nice, and open up to very big native sizes. However, next to the option to view the pics online in a thumbnail gallery they forgot to add the zip file download method.

What is the funniest about both the video content and the picture content on the site is, when you initially login there are two massive buttons that read Download Photos, and Download Videos. With no zip file downloads for the pics, and no way to save the videos to the hard drive, how does one supposed to download any of the content?

Next up is the Bonus Content, this is not bad; but not exclusive either. They provide you with live feeds to some adult channels, and live DVDs through a third party content provider. There are some great scenes to check out here on top of the hot scenes available at Taco Pie.



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Taco Pie has some nice content, and a very superb design. The only problem is that the layout, and the way the content was included on the site sucks. It is impossible to download videos, no way to save the entire gallery of photos, and clearly the whole site is a rushed job. The owners should go back, take it offline and revamp the whole thing then put it back because then they will have something hot, and unique to offer! Until then, I say avoid this site as there are better, nicer sites!

Pros & Cons

  • + Nice Design
  • + Fast Server
  • + Good amount of scenes
  • - undisclosed updates
  • - scattered content
  • - no movie downloads
  • - no picture zip pack downloads
  • - content is missing features