Wild Latina Girls
Wild Latina Girls 305 Wild Latina Girls Do you like your latina girls to be wild! Cause I sure know I do.
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Wild Latina Girls

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Wild Latina Girls

Short Review

Do you like your latina girls to be wild! Cause I sure know I do! cum watch the nasty latina girls on this site get their tight pussies and asses ploughed inside out by horny well hung studs, with thousands of exclusive latina photos and endless hours of steamy latina videos, they've got all the content you could ever want to satisfy your latina urges, so come check out what these tasty latina putas will do for a few bucks!

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Some of you probably don't know exactly which countries these spicy latina babes come from, so heres a little bit of education for those of you who are clueless on where these sexy babes are from, these countries include Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Venezuela and Chile, pretty much all of the south American countries to be frank. Anyway I'll tell you right now that there aren't any downloadable or exclusive videos available on this site as all of the video content on this site are in the form of video feeds.

The video feeds provided derive from a large amount of other porn related websites that are dedicated to providing only video feeds, so don't go thinking that you'll find any downloadable videos or picture galleries from these sites as they're souly dedicated on providing these feeds. Out of the 93 sites I came across 5 latina orientated sites and you don't need me to tell you that, that is not a very good ratio, especially knowing that the site is dedicated to latina content. Anyway these are the domain name of the 5 latina sites Latina Platinum, Latina Club, Latina Eye Candy, Latin Fever and Latina Shack. So it seems as though they're pretty standard latina sites, it would have been nice if they had something like Latina lesbians or something, but I guess we can't win them all. Obviously the quality of the video feeds differ through out the different sites and scenes and I did have the pleasure of viewing a couple of the videos myself and I must say that I was quite pleased with the quality of these videos as for the most part they're quite clear with nice fluid motion, though you will come across a few video feeds that look a little crappy, but are still quite viewable.

Your probably wondering what the remaining 88 sites are all about, but a more appropriate answer would be what aren't they about! cause there are just so many of them, under so many different niches, some of the more kinkier sounding sites include Biker Babe TV, Nasty Confessions, Spring break fever and Sex therapist, now if your worried that all of their sites are of strange kinky fetishes, then don't worry as they've also provided a shit load of sites that are dedicated to mainstream niches, like lesbians, 18-19 year olds and hardcore, so no matter what kind of porn you like, it's a guarantee that you'll find content that's just right for you and I'm pretty sure you will seeing as there are so many different sites.

So they do pretty well as far as video feeds go, lets see how their picture content is shall we. Currently there are 101 latina picture galleries worth of high quality still photos that are to die for. The quality of these pictures are great as all the images you'll find are crisp, bright and colorful, the dimensions of these pictures varies from shoot to shoot, but they are a little small for my liking, if you see this as an issue, don't forget that you can always download the pictures in order to zoom in on them through a picture viewer. Some of the picture galleries really make me wonder just how old these picture sets are, cause some of the ladies look like they're still in the 70's or something cause of their crazy hair styles, though they still are very attractive.

Aside from the latina picture galleries, there are thousands upon thousands of other picture galleries available for your viewing pleasure. I'd give you an exact number on how many of these picture galleries there are, but there are just way too many to count here and that remark alone should give you a good indication that there really is a lot. They've provided members with picture galleries that fall under pretty much all of the different niches you can think of, from lesbians to girls aged 18 to 19 and even gays if your into that kind of stuff, you name it they've got pictures for it, their collection really is rather impressive and I'd even go as far as saying that these galleries alone are worth the membership fee.

Ok so that's pretty much it as far as content on the site goes, they are doing a pretty good job in providing members with some good latina content, though it would be nice if they uploaded some exclusive videos, or videos that we can actually download for that matter, other than that the pictures are great and the video feeds are plenty.

Nav, Design & Features

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I'm going to be up front with you here in telling you that I wasn't too impressed with how things are laid out on this latina porn site, sure it does look nice and all but there are a few minor glitches when it comes to the mechanics of the site, though it's nothing overly serious. The first thing I noticed about the site was that everything seems to be focused towards the left side of the page, so you got this huge blank border on the right hand side of the page, which makes the site look uneven and quite unprofessional the only way to fix this is to lower the resolution of your monitor but in the end it isn't worth all the trouble as it's just too much stuffing around, plus you'll probably get used to it after awhile. Anyway navigating your way around this site is as easy as using the navigation menu found towards the top left corner of the home page, the buttons found on this menu obviously direct you to the different sections that make up the site.

The gallery and photo album sections are very similar so I'll analyze both of them in one go. Once you arrive at the main picture gallery section, you'll be presented with a number of thumbnails evenly spaced out down the length of the page, each of these thumbnails is a close up shot of the model, so they'll give you a good idea on what the porn star looks like. Clicking on one of these thumbnails should take you directly to a particular picture set's main gallery, this picture gallery is basically the same as any other, where you click on a thumbnail in order to see the full blown image. The photo album section is set out a little differently from the general picture gallery, before you are presented with various picture gallery links, you must first choose a certain niche from the various thumbnails which represent the niches, after choosing a niche you will be presented with links to all the picture galleries which fall under that niche, this way members can be a lot more specific with what kind of pictures they wish to view.

The xxx videos section consists of a large amount of links to other porn related sites that provide video feeds, I was expecting to see actual video downloads in this section, but no matter where I looked I couldn't seem to find any exclusive videos, in order to view the video feeds you must first enter one of the many sites available and stream your videos from there, at least they've taken out the process of having to enter your user name and password every time you enter one of the various sites, as this would have become a very tedious task.

There are a few novelty features available on this site including erotic stories and The arcade. The erotic stories section provides members with steamy short stories about random sexual adventures, always a treat if your into this kind of reading material and the video arcade provides some crazy mini games that are reminiscent to those old school arcade games like space invaders and pong, only this time they are based around pornography which makes for some very strange gaming, these are always great to kill time on.

There's not much else I can write about concerning the navigational side of this site, it does work well, it's just a little strange how there aren't any exclusive vids as most of their content derives from other sites that are dedicated to live video feeds, which is quite obvious looking in the xxx videos section. Other than that though everything seems to be in working order and it's simple enough to make your way around the site, just don't get confused with some of the names they've chosen for some of the sections, but once you know where everything is it all becomes second nature.



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By now it should be obvious that there is a whole heap of porn available on this site and the only bad news is that they aren't exclusive, but when you think about it, is this really a bad thing, I mean at the end of the day we have porn to look at right? So it can't be all bad, though it would have been nice if they uploaded a few vids that we can actually download cause at the moment all of the videos are only available to stream and this will steer away a few potential customers.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of video feeds
  • + Picture content on this site rocks
  • + Loads of extras
  • - Needs downloadable videos