Sexy Momma
Sexy Momma 7104 Sexy Momma Cute step-daughters better watch out when Sexy Momma is in the house. She's lean, mean and after some teen, and she gets it in these exclusive, all lesbian, older/younger movies.
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Sexy Momma

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Cute step-daughters better watch out when Sexy Momma is in the house. She's lean, mean and after some teen, and she gets it in these exclusive, all lesbian, older/younger movies. Your access here gets you two bonus sites as well as the regular updates, there are Mp4 downloads for phones, online streaming, images and a large bonus video collection on offer with the full sign-up. It's all good, porn star quality with galleries and a host of horny, older lesbian Milfs.

  • Trial: $4.95
  • Monthly: $29.95
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 7/10
  • Quality: 13/15
  • Speed: 12/15
  • Quantity: 12/15

You are looking at scripted, scenario movies here at Sexy Momma where the ladies come in twos, in more ways than one. The older girls are the Milfs, step-moms with wayward charges to take charge of, and the younger girls are sultry teens who know nothing about getting up for work, or how to behave. So, it's Mom's time to come and give them a few lessons, and in more than just how to get their young asses out of bed in the morning. The movies start off with come chat or a scenario and soon move into 'older seduces younger', or by some other clever trick, the Moms get the girls to do their bidding. From then on, it's all hardcore lesbian action, with good filming, up-close and very intimate, and with porn babes who know what they are doing.

The model index is arranged in two, the Moms and the Daughters (or you can see them all together) and so it's easy to check out and find who you want to see first. With names like India Summer in the cast list you know you're going to be not a winner; experienced porn ladies are so much more able to show the younger, 18+ girls how it all works. You can find your content by looking through the model index, or you can simply start off at the home page, or the videos area. It's all very easy to find.

There were 24 videos when I was at the site. It had started up a few months earlier and had been updating every week since in a nice and stable update schedule. Select a video from the index pages and click through to find your viewing options. Everything you need is right there on the one page, which is very handy. There is a description and some details about runtimes - movies are 20 to 45 minutes long - and then the one stream option and the one download. I was expecting more choices, but the stream ran smoothly and looked fine, and the download was also decent resolution and looked good.

There are 1080p HD movies advertised on the tour pages, but my downloads were at 480 x 360 @ 900 kbps, which is more suitable for a tablet or phone perhaps, but still, they were sharp enough. The viewing page also holds clips, or at least one clip and that was the whole scene. I know, sounds a bit wrong, but in the template space for movie clips, they have put the other versions of each scene, and so it's there that you find the 1,920 x 1,080 HD version to download or stream.

Above the top of the screen, you will see links to screen caps and also to digital galleries, and to a place where you can leave comments. The digital galleries held around 60 + pics each, and they were good sizes at 800 x 1,200. They open up in a viewer where you can run slideshows or take solo pics one at a time, and there are choices of image size when it comes to your zip files and downloading, right up to 4,000 px. There are also nice posed shots from the girls appearing in the videos, as well as the horny lesbian action shots we wanted to see. So, no complaints there.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 8/10

Sexy Momma comes with some bonuses. There are two sites included, with over 100 boy/girl hardcore videos, and Ed Powers with around 1,000. There's a drop-down list at the top of your pages to take you to both sites and no need to log in again to reach them. Extra bonuses come in the form of another video theatre, with over 4,700 scenes to stream online. Also, the longer you stay a member, the more bonus sites you will open up.

If you like to get involved in tour sites, then you can leave comments, rate scenes at Sexy Momma and also suggest keyword tags. There are good navigation options, a category list is included, and there's also a search box. The site does run on a template design, so it doesn't look very individual inside, but everything works just fine, and it's easy to navigate.

As for the costs, well, there is a trial membership, and you should be able to stream everything if you take it, but not download. If you stay for five days, or then stay for 30 days plus, you will receive extras bonus sites. This means the longer term sign-ups might be the way to go; if you sign-up for a year in advance, you can get in for half price. Watch out for the cross sale already checked on the join page when you click through to it. I reckon though that the prices are good here and the number of bonuses and exclusive content you get in return are well worth any of the sign-up fees.

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There are some very sexy porn babes playing the Moms and Sexy Momma, and some equally as slinky younger babes as the stepdaughters and other young charges that these older Moms have to deal with. The lesbian aspect is 100% there as are the scenarios and the fantasy scenes. It's good quality, HD, there are loads of bonuses and more if you stay longer, and also good sign-up prices. This is definitely a site to see for all your older/younger lesbian fantasies.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + HD and mobile suitable
  • + Weekly updates
  • + Lots of bonuses
  • + Good quality
  • - Cross sale on sign-up