Banging Machines
Banging Machines 139 Banging Machines Wanna see a chick get slammed by a machine, thats right these girls won't settle for a man they want something hard with a cold metal finish, this site brings you 100% exclusive footage of their girls
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Banging Machines

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Banging Machines

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Wanna see a chick get slammed by a machine, thats right these girls won't settle for a man they want something hard with a cold metal finish, this site brings you 100% exclusive footage of their girls getting their pussies and asses slammed inside out by some wacky pleasure contraption that just won't quit bangin, cum check out what this crazy site has to offer!

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Look out guys it looks like girls have found a new best friend, it seems like the girls on this female masturbation site are so friken horny that a mere man couldn't possibly quench their apatite for multiple toe curling orgasms. They've replaced men with a new fucking machine that could tirelessly fuck these ladies pussies inside out for days on end, plus the girls don't have to do a thing they can just sit there and take it up the ass or pussy while the machine does all the thrusting. Oh no guys it looks like we've met our match, lets just hope the missus doesn't catch on and buys one of these crazy machines.

Whoa there's so much stuff to go through on this site that I don't know where to begin. I'd have to say what disappointed me the most was the fact that the banging machine movies are only a very small part of this extensive site, all up there are only 10 different banging machine scenes, all of which are in wmv format. Each of the scenes have been cut into smaller chapters to keep the file sizes as small as possible. The quality of these videos are fairly good, watching them through a small screen they look perfect and even if you were to watch them on a full screen you'll find that they aren't that bad, sure it may be a little more grainier but it's nothing worth crying about. I'd have to say that these videos are a little strange to watch at first, but then you forget about the strangeness of it when you start to see what the machines can do to these ladies, by the end of it all the ladies are a quivering mess, probably because of the explosive multiple orgasms she's having, so yeah the videos are arousing and somewhat strange which will be right up some peoples alleys.

The bulk of the content on this site seems to derive from other sites that may be on the same network as this one. One things for sure though there is a shit load of other videos other than the banging machine ones, which kind of sucks for the members who only wanted banging machine content, but seeing as there are only 10 of them, it's a good thing that they decided to put up more videos otherwise angry members will be ringing up complaining about their lack of media. Anyway this site offers videos from just about every niche imaginable, you got girls aged 18 to 19, weird fetishes, toys, big boobs, lesbians and many many more, so it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll find something here that'll float your boat. Judging the quality of these videos however would be a really long process and I'd probably end up writing a novel sized review if I were to do so, but if the quality of their bonus videos are just as good as their exclusive banging machine vids than there really isn't anything to worry about and yes I do apologize to the people who want an in depth review of all of their bonus videos, but if you can just see how many of them there are you'll know why I haven't bothered.

There's a huge variety of different photos to go through on this site, each of the 10 banging machine vids come with a picture set and don't worry they aren't video captures, instead they've opted for high quality still photos which would have been taken around the same time the video footage was taken, it's pretty obvious that these pictures aren't video captures cause the quality of them are just too good, each picture is nice and clear, a real treat for members who enjoy viewing pictures. Like the video content on this site there's a shit load of bonus picture content which covers a large portion of the different niches the porn world has to offer. Like the bonus video content on this site the bonus picture content is just as hard to review as a whole cause there are just too many of them to go through, but I did take the liberty in going through a few of the bonus picture galleries and what I saw I liked, so I'm guessing that most of the picture content will be just as good.

A rare feature on this site which I haven't come across before is the porn mag section, this section basically comprises of porn mag scans, so it's essentially another picture gallery if you get what I mean, only this time there are a few articles that you can read up on. There are also a few X rated flash mini games which can be described as old school games on Viagra, these are great if you find yourself bored and want to kill time in style, well actually it isn't really that stylish it just sounded good at the time.

So yeah the site is fairly extensive, there's definitely a lot of stuff to go through on this site, I'd have to say that I was disappointed to find that there were only 10 banging machine videos, I wanted to see more of these crazy sex machines that render girls into quivering lumps of flesh, but rest assured there's really a lot to go through, at first even I was over whelmed with all the content laid out before me, can't go wrong with the content on this site.

Nav, Design & Features

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Lately I've been having to review sites that had really crappy layouts and color schemes to put it simply the general presentation of the sites were pretty lackluster. So it's quite refreshing to review and masturbation site that looks appealing especially after reviewing all those dog ugly sites. The layout of this site work quite well there are sections on the site that look a little too busy but it doesn't seem to effect the over all look of the site, what they could have done though was stretch the navigational menu further down as it looks all squashed up in the top left corner. Some of the different sections on this site appear to be questionable at first, take for example the XXX videos and the Videos themes section, you'd think that they'd be in the same section wouldn't you? But checking out these sections I found that the content seems to be different.

The gallery and photo album sections of this site look to be like sections of other sites, cause you'll instantly notice that the layout and color scheme of the page looks completely different from what the pages on this site look like, which kind of makes it seem a little cheap and tacky but members will get over it once they check out the picture content available in these sections.

All of the exclusive banging machine content can be found in the scroll down panel found on the right hand side of every section to this site, within this panel are thumbnails which represent the scenes, these thumbnails are video captures taken from the video file of a scene, so they should give you a good indication on what kind of scene you could expect to see. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to the main Banging machine videos section, this page consists of larger thumbnails which are close ups of the sexy ladies faces. Underneath each thumbnail is a short description about the girl and two links, one that leads you to the video downloads page and the other to the picture gallery of that particular scene.

At first I was kind of unsure on what to expect with the video themes section, but as I entered the section it all made perfect sense, this section basically consists of various links to different porn sites that are themed towards their designated niches, members of acquire full access to these sites when they sign up, in other words the password members obtain for this site will work on a shit load of other sites, you'll be amazed to see how many different sites are availble to browse through and you'll always find yourself having a hard time picking out what kind of porn you want to indulge yourself in.

There wasn't any information concerning their updates to be found on the site, which is kind of a bummer for members who want to keep up to date with all the new videos being uploaded and all, but I'm pretty sure that the dev team is still planning on updating this site, cause 10 exclusive videos just isn't enough to keep members going, sure they've got a tonne of other videos but what about those members who only joined up for the banging machine vids, I'm pretty certain that they'll be quite disappointed with this. Anyhow that pretty much wraps up my review, the navigational side of this site works well and is simple enough for newbies to get the hang of.



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From my point of view this site would have been better off if they called it something like "Porn site with a shit load of content" instead of Banging machines, why is this you ask? Well there are only 10 banging machine videos while there are hundreds upon hundreds of videos covering a huge portion of the different porn categories, if your looking for a porn site this one won't disappoint, if your looking for a banging machines site than you might be a little disappointed, if you get the gist.

Pros & Cons

  • + Huge collection of videos and pictures
  • + Great quality exclusive videos
  • - Low amount of banging machine videos