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Wild Solos 307 Wild Solos Lets be honest who else is sick of seeing men in your porn.
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Wild Solos

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Wild Solos

Short Review

Lets be honest who else is sick of seeing men in your porn? Would you rather a site thats filled to the brim with ladies only, so there won't be another cock for miles, watch the horny ladies on this site use all their favorite sex toys to fuck themselves to an explosive orgasm, all the videos you'll find on this site are 100% exclusive so you won't find them anywhere else!

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I'd have to say that solo girl masturbation would probably have to be my favorite type of porn, cause you don't see some random guy slamming on a hot chick, there's just the hot chick slamming herself and that's the way porn should always be, well that's my opinion anyway and I'm certain that a lot of you guys will agree with me there that you'd rather watch some sexy chick get herself off, rather than see some random guy ploughing her inside out.

Being a solo girl site, the content is obviously going to be pretty softcore as there isn't any penetration involved in any of the exclusive scenes available, don't let this discourage you however as the content is still very arousing and the girls are all gorgeous, with a wide selection to choose from as well, so far they've got blondes, brunettes, 18-19 year olds, redheads, milfs, Asians, Ebony hoes and Latinas, so no matter what kind of chicks your into, it's likely that you'll find one here that you can drool over.

Currently there are 24 exclusive scenes available to view, each of these scenes have been split into short chapters in order to make things a little more convenient for members who are still on dial up connections, now this may disappoint quite a few of you, but the videos aren't downloadable, as they're only available to stream and I know how important it is to a lot of people to be able to download their videos, so yeah that's kind of a bummer, at least the videos aren't half bad.

Quality of the exclusive videos is pretty standard, they look great through a small screen as the image is clear and the motion is fluid, though some people may find the small screen a little too small, but then again I wouldn't really recommend watching some of the scenes through a large screen as you sacrifice too much of the quality, this is apparent as the image of the video becomes quite blurred and distorted once converted to a full screen. Personally I'd rather watch them through the smaller screen, too bad you can't have both size and quality, cause with these videos you have to choose between one of the two.

Aside from the 24 exclusive vids members are treated to a large amount of video feeds which span over a wide variety of different sites. These sites are dedicated to providing only video feeds so don't expect to see and downloadable videos here either, anyway the sites provided cover a large portion of the different niches the porn world has to offer, they've included sites dedicated to most of the mainstream niches such as lesbians and 18-19 year olds, there are even sites that aren't so mainstream, which include video feeds based around kinky niches and all that crazy stuff, it's good to see that they've catered for a variety of people here, so no matter what kind of porn you like it's pretty much a guarantee that there's something here for you.

To be frank I really wasn't that impressed with the quality of their exclusive pictures, as they've resorted to some pretty crappy looking video captures of the exclusive scenes, so they didn't have a chance to begin with, to me a video captures is like the bastard son of crappy screenshots and a blurry video, so you end up with a distorted, blurry looking image and this is apparent in a lot of the exclusive pictures, you could look at these if you really wanted to, but why resort to these when the bonus picture content is insane. Ok so they didn't do too well as far as exclusive pictures go, but just wait till you see the bonus pictures they have on offer. Currently there are way too many of these picture galleries available and I know that some of you are thinking that I'm a lazy bastard, but if you could just see for yourself how epic their collection is then you'd understand me, put it this way if I were to count every single picture gallery link, I'd be here for a few days doing so. Anyway that should give you a pretty good idea on just how many of these galleries there are available, so I'll tell you a little bit about the pictures themselves.

Ok the quality of the bonus pictures will more than likely blow you away, cause there are just so many good looking pictures here. All the images you'll come across are crystal clear, bright and colorful, so quality is not a concern with these screenshots, though they were a little small for my liking and if your thinking that this is going to be an issue for you, don't forget that you can always download the pictures on to your comp and zoom in on them through a picture viewer. But yeah these will certainly be a treat for those of you who are really into your picture content.

Well that's pretty much it as far as content goes on this site and you I'd have to say that they are doing quite an impressive job in providing their members with porn, the one thing they should fix up though is the fact that members can't download their videos and this may very well loose them some potential sales.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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  • Features: 0/10

Wow this is definitely one of the better looking network sites I've had to review in a while, everything is nicely spaced out and the color scheme is just so easy on the eyes, the site just screams of professionalism when it comes to the cosmetic side of things. Navigating your way around this site is as easy as utilizing the navigation menu found towards the top left corner, the buttons found on this menu obviously direct you to the different sections that make up the site.

The gallery and photo album sections are very similar to one another so I'll analyze them both in one go. Once you arrive at the main picture gallery area, you'll be presented with a number of thumbnails evenly spaced out down the length of the page, each of these thumbnails is a close up shot of the model, so they'll give you a good idea on what the porn star looks like. Clicking on one of these thumbnails should take you directly to a particular picture set's main gallery, this picture gallery is basically the same as any other, where you click on a thumbnail in order to see the full blown image. The photo album section is set out a little different from the general picture gallery, before your presented with the thumbnails that represent the individual picture sets, you must first choose what kind of pictures you wish to view, this way members can be a lot more specific with what sort of picture content they wish to view.

The xxx videos section consists of a large amount of links to other porn orientated sites that provide video feeds, in order to view the video feeds you must first enter one of the many sites available and stream your videos from there, at least they've taken out the process of having to enter your user name and password every time you enter one of the various sites, as this would have become a very tedious task.

All of the exclusive videos can be found in the XXX videos section, you'll find them in a scroll down panel to the right of all the other site links, clicking on one of the thumbnails included in this scroll down panel will take you to the main exclusive videos area. This page consists of large thumbnails from the individual scenes, these thumbnails are video captures taken from the video file of the scene itself, so they'll give you a rough idea on what you could expect to see in that particular scene and you can also use it as an indication to how the quality of the video will be, a dark grainy looking thumbnail usually means the video itself is also dark and grainy. Underneath these thumbnails you'll find the streaming links, a short description of the scene and a link to the picture gallery of the scene.

There are a few novelty features available on this site including erotic stories and The arcade. The erotic stories section provides members with steamy short stories about random sexual adventures, always a treat if your into this kind of reading material and the video arcade provides some crazy mini games that are reminiscent to those old school arcade games like space invaders and pong, only this time they are based around pornography which makes for some very strange gaming, these are always great to kill time on.

Well there's not much else I can write about in regards to the navigational side of the site, everything works perfectly fine and the general presentation of the site is outstanding. If I were to change anything though it would be the fact that members can't download their videos, which really is kinda stupid, so lets hope they fix this up in the near future.



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As far as content goes this site is doing just fine, they've got all their masturbation porn scenes plus a wide variety of bonus video feeds that cater for a wide variety of people, the only thing they need to fix up is the fact that their members can't download any of their video content, including the exclusive videos, once this gets fixed up the site will be close to perfect.

Pros & Cons

  • + Site looks nice
  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Bonus pictures are awesome
  • - Needs downloadable videos
  • - Exclusive pics are video captures