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Short Review:

1 Pass For All Sites is exactly what it sounds, a single membership which will grant you access to 22 sites all of which cover a different niche allowing members to experience a diverse selection of steamy porn ranging from reality, hardcore, gay, and fetish. Yup they've pretty much got every one covered with this well rounded network of niche sites.
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Price Details:

Trial 1.95
Monthly 34.95

Current Ratings for 1 Pass For All Sites:

Our total rating: 87/100

Detailed Review:


Memberships which allow you access to multiple sites covering different categories is no new concept, in fact it's become so popular that there's quite a few of these networks floating around the net and it's only every now and then a network such as this stands out above the rest. So does 1 Pass For All sites stand out from the sea of niched networks? Well that's what we are here to find out. As far as niches go they have actually included some sites with some originality which in the world of internet porn is quite rare indeed. One of the more original sites "Bums In Action" provides reality type content where they get bums to screw. Another site which is a little out of the ordinary is "Shabby Virgins" a site dedicated to mature ladies who claim they're still virgins and wish to loose it in front of the camera. So things are looking for the network as far as originality goes.

All up there's roughly 1000 episodes spanning across the 22 sites, these are a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive episodes though I'm glad to say that the bulk of the content is exclusive. The content numbers between the sites is a little inconsistent there are some sites which offer just over 10 episodes while others provide over 100 episodes not a huge set back seeing as the smaller sites are still being updated with new content all the time. Judging by their update schedules there's no real solid pattern to when they upload new content though they are coming in at a steady flow.

Although there are a couple of sites which have been around for quite sometime they've made sure that they have been keeping up to date with video standards, however the older videos don't look as great as the newer content but are still a decent watch none the less. Members have the option of streaming their videos off the site in wmv and flv format or downloading them with no DRM restrictions, in plain English that means you won't have to delete them off your hard disk once they're on there. Now the videos look stunning to say the very least, which isn't a surprise as they do come in video bit rates of (3000kbps @ 852x480) making them some of the best looking videos I've seen in a while. Obviously the only problem with this is the fact that the full scenes can get quite large in file size, so it's a good thing they've also provided short segments of the scene which can also be downloaded.

Along with each episode comes a set of photos which include roughly 100 images each. These photos were obviously taken around the same time the video content was shot as the models are wearing the same clothes which they get rid of in quite a hurry and the location remains the same, plus the fact that they follow the action of the video footage makes it obvious. Like the videos the photos are also of high quality they're nice and clear plus the color and lighting are also very decent. The only aspect they fall a little short on are the dimensions they come in measuring in at (1023x680 pixels) don't get me wrong they aren't tiny though I feel they could be larger.

To give readers a better idea on the variety of porn you gain access to here is a list of all the sites available on the 1 Pass For All Sites network. Dirty Daddy's Girls, Spoiled Virgins, Dirty Home Vids, 18 Virgin Sex, Dirty Ass 2 Mouth, Wild Young Honeys, Young and Banged, Young Cum Gulpers, Young Models Casting, Drilled Mouths, Creampied Sweeties, Do My Wife Slut, Strap-on Service, Frisky Baby Sitters, Mommies Do Bunnies, Horny In Hospital, Daddies and Darlings, Lovely Teen Land, Milfs On Sticks, Shabby Virgins, Bums In Action, First Gay Orgy. Now it should be pretty obvious that members are in for quite the diverse porn experience thanks to the variety of categories 1 Pass For All Sites covers. As a bonus members also have access to 18 niched video feeds which allow members to stream the various scenes off thousands of retail adult DVD titles.

Features & Navigation:

It looks like they should be updating the tour pages for 1 Pass For All sites because there's a huge image in the top banner stating that they have 20 hot reality porn sites when they really have 22. Teen lovers who like perky titties will be captivated by the smiley teens within the top banner showing off their cute titties and below the top banner is a section which includes thumbnails to all the latest updates. As you keep scrolling down the tour pages you will come across sections for each of the individual exclusive reality sites. These sections include a description on what the site provides, 4 sample pictures, and a free trailer.

Once you've logged in and made your way to the main members area you will be presented with banner links to all 22 sites organized down the page. Below each banner link is a detailed description on what the site is all about, a single click on the banner link or the link marked enter here will take you straight to the main members area of your chosen site. As you browse through the various sites you'll notice that they all have the same layout with all the episodes organized down the middle of the page from latest to oldest. Down the right side of the site is where you'll find lists of the top rated sets for the particular site you're on, the top rated sets across the entire network, quick links to the other sites, and last of all links to the bonus DVD feeds.

The top navigation menu is mainly used for gaining access to bonus items and third party services such as online personal ads. You can also access the bonus video feeds and bonus flash games from this menu. The menu can also come in handy if you want to keep up to date on all the sites without having to visit each individual one, simply click on the recent updates tab and you will be presented with all the latest updates for all sites across the network. You can also have a sneak peek on what's in store for members in the near future by clicking on the upcoming updates link.

The entire network has a very pink feel to it as it's pretty much the main color scheme for the main page of the network and all the other pages as well. Thankfully it's not a bright neon pink in fact it's actually quite easy on they eyes to be honest. The site was certainly designed for easy network navigation because with the set up they have it's certainly an easy task to hop between the sites. Also the main members area for each of the sites makes it easy to access the featured content a few clicks and you're in for some quality porn viewing. I had no gripes with how the site works and looks, and with every thing readily accessible off the main members areas you don't even need to use the top navigation menu much at all.


A very well rounded network with some original content and some of the sweetest looking videos I've seen in a while. So back to the question on whether or not 1 Pass For All Sites stands out amongst the dozens of other niched networks around? Well it certainly has been equipped to do so, and personally I can say "yes it does stand out" with much confidence. Simply because they offer original, high quality, and a decent amount of content.

Pros & Cons

+ Great looking videos
+ Exclusive content
+ Does well on originality
+ Very easy to navigate network
+ Photos look decent
+ Active on updates
+ Tons of extras
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