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My All Access Pass 3368 My All Access Pass My All Access Pass is a collection of sites which provides sites ranging from mainstream favorites to kinky fetish based sites giving members a nice variety of steamy smut to choose from.
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My All Access Pass

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My All Access Pass

Short Review

My All Access Pass is a collection of sites which provides sites ranging from mainstream favorites to kinky fetish based sites giving members a nice variety of steamy smut to choose from. There are 19 exclusive sites which members have access to including a nice collection of DVD feeds which is sure to keep them going long after they're done with the exclusive content available on the sites, which I am guessing will be quite some time as the sites are still quite active on updates!

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  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

Porn networks have always been popular amongst porn lovers purely because of the convenience that members gain access to a nice collection of sites which cover various categories. My All Access Pass is just one of many of these networks and let me just tell you now that a network really has to pull out the big guns if it hopes to get noticed amongst the massive crowd and from what I have seen so far I would have to say that My All Access Pass is nothing special. It does provide a nice collection of different categories though just about every other network does the same. Either way stick around for the rest of the review because there might just be something here which will have you interested.

Ok so what kind of categories can you expect to be indulging in on this network? Well you've got the usual mainstream favorites such as interracial, Asian, and teens, to the more crazier stuff such as BDSM, shemales, and there's even a hairy arms site for those of you who love your women with more hair on their arms than usual. There's plenty more in store from what I have just mentioned but you can take my word for it that there is quite the collection to choose from. This would certainly have to be the site's strongest point as it does fairly average on everything else.

All up there are 19 sites, some of which have been around for quite some time dating back to the year 2005 whilst others are a lot more recent having been launched earlier this year. The sites are decently sized and if I were to count all the content on offer I am afraid it would take me a few weeks to go through it all. Just know that there is a massive collection of episodes to go through and the best part is the bulk of it is exclusive to the site. Plus the fact that most of the sites are still being updated quite regularly means members won't be running out of steamy porn to keep them entertained any time soon. Also with a massive collection of DVDs available for streaming members need not worry about running out of naughty footage to check out.

Knowing that the network has been around since '05 it does spark the question on whether or not the site has been keeping up to date with the current video quality standards. Well they some what have but the videos on offer are nothing special, some of them do have high kbps rates though the resolutions are quite low indeed. Members have the choice of downloading mpegs and wmv videos. Out of the two the mpegs are available in the highest quality clocking in at 2200kbps @ 352x240 whilst the wmvs are available in 1000kbps @ 320x240. Now these go for the latest videos on offer, the older ones are a little lower in quality but not that much more. Overall I felt the resolutions could be tweaked, though with the 2000kbps videos members can still enjoy decent quality if they blow the videos up to full screen mode.

All the sites also come with photo sets in addition to the videos on offer. Most sets come with approximately 200 images on average with the larger images getting up to 1024x768 pixels in size. Aside from being decently sized the images are also very colorful and crisp,I wouldn't say they are crystal clear but they are definitely nice. Overall I really like the picture content on offer, and I can safely say they are just as great in quality as the videos on offer, definitely a nice addition that's for sure.

So apart from the 19 niched sites on offer My All Access Pass also provides members with a plethora of DVD feeds on offer which are just as diverse as the featured content available across all the niched sites. Unfortunately this content is only available for streaming as they are feeds after all. Either way I am sure members will be quite busy with all the featured content anyway but these bonus DVD feeds are certainly nice to have around if you're looking for more variety if that's even possible.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

The tour pages of My All Access Pass are quite appealing to the eyes to say the very least, and it's no surprise as most tour pages look great to sell memberships. As you make your way down the tours of My All Access Pass you will come across sections dedicated to the various sites. Each section provides a nice variety of sample pictures taken from some of the featured content along with a detailed description on what the site involves if the site name already doesn't give away what the site is all about. Sadly there are no video samples to give members an idea on what the content looks like in action though I am sure the sample pictures will have on lookers wanting to join up.

Once logged in through the tour pages members are taken to a page which basically acts as a portal page for the entire network. Right below the top banner there's a drop down menu which holds the links to the various sites. Members can use this drop down menu or the various banner links placed down the length of the page, using either of these will take you straight to the homepage of your chosen site. At the very bottom of the page there is a link to the bonus DVD feeds section from where members can proceed to stream their DVD titles.

Depending on how long the site you chose has been around the site layout could either look dated or quite modern. It's really hard to explain how each one looks as I would basically be writing a review the size of a novel plus I am sure no one would want to read a review that long. It would have been nice if they kept a uniform layout but I suppose the different layouts do make the sites seem like individuals which is good in a way. All I can say is that accessing the content is easy enough as there is really nothing that ground breaking as far as navigation goes across the various sites.

They all have navigation menus which will allow members to access the video and photo galleries. Also using both the video and picture galleries is pretty straight forward as they have fairly standard layouts, also members can choose to download the picture galleries in zip files if they wish to view them offline. Site presentation across the various sites is pretty good, and from what I have seen they don't look cluttered either. Overall I felt navigation was a breeze and thanks to the decent site presentation the sites are a pleasure to browse. Certainly no complaints here, it is different however because I am used to networks which provide sites that are uniform in layout some may like it some may not, personally I felt it gives the individual site's character.



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If there's one thing the network could really work on it would have to be the mediocre resolutions of their videos, some of the videos do have decent kbps rates which certainly does help but there's certainly room for improvement that's for sure. Content numbers across the sites does tend to rise and fall but looking at the big picture the network as a whole does provide quite a nice amount of content not to mention the bonus DVD feeds. It's a decent network but needs more to turn heads its way.

Pros & Cons

  • + Nice selection of categories
  • + Easy site hopping
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Big collection of video feeds
  • + Good site presentation
  • + Decent amount of content
  • - Needs better video resolution