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Cutest Girls 3918 Cutest Girls Cutest Girls has been specially designed to cater for those of you who love having porn on your iPhone or other portable devices which support video play back.
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Cutest Girls

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Cutest Girls

Short Review

Cutest Girls has been specially designed to cater for those of you who love having porn on your iPhone or other portable devices which support video play back. The site is quite large for the type of site it is with a hefty archive of over 240 episodes all encoded to be specially played on devices such as the iPhone and PSP. Along with the videos are nice picture sets and I must say the site has done well on providing hot eye candy!

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With more and more portable devices popping up which support flv video playback it seems as though developers have recently been tapping in to this quickly growing market and are now encoding their videos in flv format. Sites like Cutest Girls are prominently focused on this type of content with an entire collection of scorching hot videos specially tailored to be played on an iPhone or other similar devices.

Cutest Girls is one for those of you who like softcore porn rather than full on gonzo as the content is quite tame. Tame or not the ladies starring in them are extremely hot and there's a nice mix to choose from to thanks to the diversity. That said you won't be finding any cocks on this site though you can enjoy watching the many beautiful ladies get themselves off with their favorite toys which is just as hot in my opinion. There are quite a few well known pornstars in the mix along with lesser known but equally hot models.

Cutest Girls was first launched mid-way through this year in the month of July. Since then the site has been going full steam when it comes to updates uploading a new episode every 5 days! The only thing I can comment on is that they aren't exclusive to the site. Really though who can complain when you have a nicely sized archive like this. All up there is a total of 240 episodes and it looks as though that number will continue to grow given their frequent updates. In addition to the videos the site also comes with a collection of photo sets with a current total of over 280 sets up for members to enjoy.

Although the video specs may not seem that great compared to normal porn sites you have to keep in mind that these videos were specifically designed to be played on smaller screens explaining the low resolution. As I said earlier all the videos have been encoded in to flv format and can either be streamed straight off the site using your phone or downloaded. Most of the videos are fairly short given the softcore nature, some of which barely reaching the 3 minute mark. That said all the videos are only available to download in full scenes.

I would have to say that the photos are above average. They aren't as crisp as I would have liked and the colors do tend to look a little bland at times but as I said they are above average so it's not all bad. Like the videos they are viewed in flash though personally I would have much preferred a more traditional style gallery. The dimensions are fairly small but again these are designed to be viewed on smaller screens. Photo sets comes with approximately 16 images each which can get up to 267x800 pixels in size.

Nav, Design & Features

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Every thing looks so nice and neat on this site and although I am viewing it through a desktop computer I can tell that it would look just as great on an iPhone. After logging in members are immediately taken to a section which is filled with the quick links to the various model pages. Each model link is features a nice portrait of the hot model along with the model's name, the star rating of her content, and how much content the star has under her sleeves. This is a great section to cehck out if you have a particular favorite as you will be presented with all her content in one hit. This section can either be viewed via the most recent models, or the most viewed.

If you wish to view the separate video and photo galleries you can utilize the top navigation menu which has links to said galleries. These are similarly designed like the models section in where you can view it by most recent update or most viewed. The video gallery is spread over indexed pages which contain roughly 24 episodes each. Each episode is linked via thumbnail link featuring a picture of the model. A click on this will take you to the main video section from where the stream screen will be found in which the video will automatically start streaming.

The photo section is pretty much identical to the video gallery except the only difference is that there are 25 thumbnails per page. Clicking on any one of these thumbnails will take you to the main gallery of the set which is in standard thumbnail format. The photos themselves are presented in flash format, I have to say this isn't my favorite type of gallery I would rather the pictures be in jpeg format but I suppose it works so it's not all bad.

Other than the fact that the site is extremely easy to browse thanks to the simple layout the site itself also looks quite gorgeous. Every thing is nicely spaced out so the site doesn't look cluttered and it just has a fun yet professional feel to it as a whole. My hat goes down to the site designers for doing such an awesome job on making this site look great not only on an iPhone but also on a desk top, a big thumbs up from me.



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Besides the fact that the site's content was specifically designed to be viewed on a portable device this site is pretty much just like any general softcore porn site. The site certainly has great potential and their already impressive collection of videos is steadily growing. Both the video and photo content looks great on iPhones and PSPs, there's just really nothing I can complain about. A great site all around!

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of videos
  • + Consistent quality
  • + Very easy to browse
  • + Site looks great
  • + All around great site
  • + Great price