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More and more people are getting iPhones and the like these days, and they just so happen to be great for porn. Puz Mobile is a site where you can download a shitload of material from Puz Media right on to your phone in a convenient mobile sized format. The content is good and you also get the computer and tv sized videos because its all part of one big network. Win!
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Puz Media is a pretty damn solid company that makes a nice assortment of high quality porn, and this is their site dedicated to those of us with an iPhone or similar mobile device who want some porn-on-the-go and it is pretty damn good all over with its big archive of content and mobile-sized website.

There are a shitload of videos available to you on the site, currently somewhere around 250 with new shit coming in all the time from the various sites on the network. Theres a good mix of all the standard porn genres that Puz shoots so theres bound to be a whole lot youll like. Puz Media is definitely no slouch, their shit is pretty top notch from the production to the girls, as far as internet porn goes of course.

All of the videos here are available in a few different formats to suit whatever mobile device you may have. The most popular videos would be the nice quality MP4 (320x240) which look great on the ol iPhone. You can also grab a 3gp format that some other devices use. Of course there are no DRM restrictions on the videos... and there IS a watermark on the flicks but they arent too bad.

All of the scenes (and more) have image galleries for you to check out as well. Puz has some decent photographers in their employ, it seems, and the photos are definitely worth having a look at. You can flip through the pics quite easily on your phone or you can download them in ZIP files too if you want.

As I mentioned before, Puz Mobile is merely the mobile portion of the whole network. There are a ton of sites on this network, all of them have their own niche and exclusive content and its all pretty good and computer/tv sized this time. Its a great network, all in all and you can poke around the various sites tours to find out for yourself.

Features & Navigation:

The introduction page at Puz Mobile is well designed and takes us on a virtual tour of the site, giving us some free video trailers and images, all in a nice skinny mobile website format. Click members right at the front to log in, which is quick and easy.

The inside of the site is also quite well designed and easy to navigate. On the home page you see the latest news, a few polls, a link to the message board, top viewed updates and a link to the bonus streaming DVD page. A menu at the top links to Home, News, Updates, Pictures, Movies, Stories, FAQ and Bonus.

Click Movies at the top to get to the main Puz Mobile scene page where youll see each scene laid out in chronological order with a preview image that links to its download page. Right click the clips on the download page and select save as to keep them on your computer. If you want, you can give the scene a rating out of 10.

To get to the images, click Pictures at the top. The image sets are listed on this page, again with a preview image that links to the full gallery. From here you can either click a scaled down image to reveal the full JPG in your browser, click download ZIP archive to save the full image set or click view slideshow for a hands-free viewing of the images online.

Click bonus at the top to reach the bonus sites listings. The bonus sites all have similar simple members areas that are easy to navigate. Everything seems to load fast, stream fast and download fast with no problems.


If you have a mobile device, youre best off downloading your porn in a format more suited to your device and that is where a site like this will come in really handy. Puz Mobile and Puz Media make some great content too, its all well done, all hardcore and should be pretty exclusive to the network.

Pros & Cons

+ Tons o mobile porn
+ nice network
Click here to visit Puz Mobile and check out the tour.