Cummy Pantyhose
Cummy Pantyhose 1624 Cummy Pantyhose Cummy Pantyhose brings you kinky content which is a quirky combination of Cum shot, and pantyhose fetishes.
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Cummy Pantyhose

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Cummy Pantyhose

Short Review

Cummy Pantyhose brings you kinky content which is a quirky combination of Cum shot, and pantyhose fetishes. The lovely models get drilled while in their sexy lingerie, then get doused in white hot cum for an unbelievably stick finish. The site currently boasts 30 exclusive scenes, all accompanied with gorgeous photo content. The lucky members are also granted full access to all 10 sites available on the All Inclusive Pass network!

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Pantyhose is probably one of the only fetishes I don't fully understand. But then again, that's probably why I don't have a pantyhose fetish. I suppose it's one of the more tame fetishes though, because there's some truly mind boggling fetishes out there. Anyway this site is largely based on that fetish, along with the cum shot fetish, and from what I've seen, fans of those two fetishes are going to love what this site has to offer.

My main, and only concern with the site so far, is with the content numbers. With a humble amount of 30 episodes, and no evident information on future updates, things are looking a little dim. But if you're not overly fussy on content numbers, and just want to view some kinky, decent quality scenes, then I'm glad to say Cummy Pantyhose may meet your needs. On a lighter note the scenes are exclusive, so you won't find them any where else, plus members get access to all a further 9 sites. But I'll get to those a little further down.

Seeing as the scenes do fall under the cum shot category, the episodes obviously involve some good hard fucking, and get just as intense as any other hardcore scene. You'll see the models slammed up the pussy and ass, suck cock, and basically having the time of their lives. If you're familiar with pornstars, you may notice some of the better known models in the cast, like Ava Ramone, Alexy Lynn, and the bra busting Brandy Taylor. And there's definately no shortage of eye candy here, because all the models are deliciously attractive.

Most scenes run for a good 25 minutes each. All the episodes have been cut into short clips which are roughly 5 minutes in length. The videos have been encoded in Wmv, and Mpeg formats, and are available to download with no DRM restrictions. The Mpegs are encoded in a formidable bit rate of 1400kbps, available in a screen size of 352x288. The Wmvs are significantly lower in bit rate, though the smaller file sizes make them ideal for slower connections. This video formats is clocks in at 500kbps, measuring in at 320x240.

Picture lovers haven't been left out of the loop, because all scenes come with a set of great looking photos. Each of the sets come with an impressive amount of approximately 110 images each. These are decently sized with dimensions of up to 1024x683 pixels. Not only are they large, but they look amazingly clear, feature vibrant colors, and the photography work is great. I couldn't have been more pleased with how the images look.

So the fact that there are only 30 episodes may have turned some of you down right? Well don't look away just yet because members gain access to everything the All Inclusive Pass has to offer. This includes an extra 9 exclusive bonus sites, most of which are based on other kinky fetishes such as PVC & Latex, foot fucking, shemales, and other weird and wonderful fetishes. Plus if you need a break from all that kinkyness, there are a few great reality sites to check out, and the best part is they come at absolutely no extra cost!

Nav, Design & Features

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The site of Cummy Pantyhose is a very easy site to look at. The color scheme is nice, and mild, which never strains the eyes. The graphics, and designs are also quite nice, and the layout is simple, yet very effective. There were a few rough edges, but they're all so minor you won't even notice. Anyway the point is Cummy Pantyhose is easy, and a pleasure to browse.

On signing in, members are first taken to the homepage for the whole of the network. This page contains all the latest news, and happenings to the network, and includes the most popular episodes across all 10 sites. There's even a section dedicated to future updates, this is sure to keep members coming back for more. From here you can also access all 10 sites, including Cummy Pantyhose. These links are found on the top left section. Click on the link marked Cummy Pantyhose, and you'll be directed straight to the members area.

The first thing you'll notice is the lovely Ava Ramone showing off her butt in the site banner, and a paragraph on what kind of content the site provides. Down the left side of the page you'll find a section dedicated to the most popular episode on the site. At the bottom of the page there's a form which allows members to request for specific kind of scenes, so if ever you come up with some sort of crazy new porn theme, send it through and they might just make a scene dedicated to you.

All the episodes are organized within 5 indexed pages. Each page contains 6 thumbnails each, all of which are linked to the main content area of the episode. This area is where you will find the various download links to the different segments, and video formats. You can also read up on a description on what the scene involves. Members also have the option of rating the scene, your vote goes towards the most popular episode. The bottom half of the content page consists of the thumbnails for the photos. You can either view these individually, or download the entire set in a zip file.



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Like I said earlier, my only concern is with the content numbers of the site, because every thing else about this site just oozes with quality. The videos look great, the photo content is spectacular, and best of all the models are all drop dead gorgeous. At least members have 9 other sites to go through to keep them entertained as they gather more episodes for this site. Definitely check this site out if you have yourself a pantyhose fetish.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great scenes
  • + Content looks great
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Full access to 10 sites
  • + Cast of models is drool worthy
  • - Could do with some growth