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Lingerie Hotties 783 Lingerie Hotties Are you the kind of man, who finds a women is more attractive, when she's got some kinky lingerie on, rather than being butt naked.
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Lingerie Hotties

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Lingerie Hotties

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Are you the kind of man, who finds a women is more attractive, when she's got some kinky lingerie on, rather than being butt naked? Maybe it's because you like getting teased, or maybe it's cause women look more classy, when they have some hot panties on, what ever it is, it seems to be working, cum see the hot ladies on this site, get slammed while wearing their favorite panties!

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I've gotta admit, I'm a man who finds a women, in lingerie to be much more arousing, then one that's butt naked. I think it's because, after seeing so much porn, you come to appreciate it, when women have a little more poise, plus the teasing factor is just of the scales! Not only that but your mind starts to wonder, what that tight little snatch looks like, under that revealing underwear, which makes things a lot more interesting.

Lingerie hotties, is a little lacking on panty porn content. The only videos available on this site, are in the form of, video feeds, so they can't be downloaded, without certain programs. Currently there are only 3 video feeds to choose from. Each of the scenes included, have been split into short chapters, in order to better accommodate, for members on dial up, and to make things even more convenient, most of the feeds offer, versions of their scenes, which are lower in quality, but smaller in file size, making them ideal for slower connections.

The quality of the video feeds, weren't as good as I'd hoped. They're definately watchable, though they stream in tiny screens. There's the option of viewing them through a full screen, but you'll find that a lot of the quality will be sacrificed in doing so. If your perfectly fine, with watching the videos through a small screen however, then you probably won't have a problem with these vids, personally I like watching my vids through a full screen, but with the quality of these videos, it doesn't seem possible.

Members are bombarded, with a large amount of high quality photo sets. So far there are 20 lingerie photo sets, and countless more picture sets, which fall under other categories, such as hardcore, lesbians, and 18-19 year old girls. The quality of the pictures themselves, are superb, each one is just as crisp as the next, and they come in nice, large dimensions.

Aside from all the content on this site, members also have full access, to over 70 other sites, which are on par, if not better than this one. The bonus sites cover a large amount of categories, that the porn world has to offer, they've included sites which fall under mainstream niches, and sites that are a little more kinkier, than the others.

Nav, Design & Features

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Lingerie hotties, has 6 sections which make up the site, all of these sections can be accessed from the navigation menu, situated towards the very top of the site. The sections include the main members area, photo gallery, xxx videos, hardcore photos, adult games room, adult shopping, and live chatrooms.

The main members area, is where you will find the 3 featured video feeds, the video feeds, are represented by small thumbnails, of the video feeds logo, clicking on any of the thumbnail links, will open a new window, that will automatically direct you to, the main page for the video feed, from there you can proceed, to stream as much of the content available, in either low, or high quality.

Towards the very bottom of the members area, you'll come across the thumbnail links, to the various bonus sites. It's good to see that you aren't required to re-enter your login, everytime you enter one of the sites, and belive me, having to re-enter your password, a few dozen times, while your trying to have a good old wank, is the last thing you want.

The Photos section is obviously where you'll find the various photo galleries. The individual galleries, are represented be a small thumbnail, these thumbnails are links, that will take you to the main gallery for that picture set, further down this page is where you will find links to the other niched galleries, including, hot babes, sexy sluts, and lovely ladies.

The bonus video archive is pretty much the same, as the main members area, the page is jam packed with thumbnail links, which direct you to the bonus video feeds, and let me just say, with the amount on offer, your going to have a hard time picking out where to start, cause I certainly did.

So that's pretty much all I can say about how this panty fetish site works, it's all fairly straight forward stuff, and it's all self explanatory, so you shouldn't have any problems browsing the site, even if you didn't read this section of my review, cause it's literally impossible, to lose your way.



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This site could definitely do with a content boost, with only 3 featured video feeds, it just doesn't have the appeal to attract the crowds. There is however, a huge amount of bonus video feeds, and sites, but at the end of the day, people are going to want featured, or exclusive content, and sadly this site hasn't provided any of the above. I was actually looking forward to reviewing this site, cause I'am a big lingerie fan, lets just hope they improve on this site in the future.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Access to over 70 sites
  • + Picture galleries are awesome
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - Needs more featured videos