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Sexy girls in super sexy stockings, tights, pantyhose, and other horny lingerie are the stars of Lingerie Queens. This site is just one in a network of around 90 hardcore sites, and when you sign up for access here you get to access all the sites in the All Porn Site Pass Network. The content may not be 100% exclusive, but it's presented in a good way, there is lots of it, you can stream and download, there are galleries as well as movies, and there are updates.
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Trial 1.95
Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 71/100

Detailed Review:


You click straight in to a home page that shows you the most recent additions to your site, and there is also a Browse page to take you to the full collection of movies and their galleries. This is a simple site to use, but more about that later. First off, the content count.

I counted 148 scenes spread over numbered index pages when I want to the Browse area. Each one is shown with a sample image, title and members' rating, and you are able to sort the content here if you want to. Click a sample pic to get to a viewing page and you find that there is a nice range of viewing options. At least, with the more recent content you get a decent selection. The older content in this network doesn't have as many choices for viewing full scenes, clips, and it has fewer file types and resolutions, but you can still stream everything. In recent times though you find you've got full length WMV files in three resolutions to download, plus clips of the scenes, and there are usually two Mp4 files as well, high and mobile, also with full length scenes. The stream is kind of mid-range to suit all connections and you should have no trouble with these more up to date movies.

Quality-wise, the filming is good, standard, studio porn quality, and the sound, lighting and visuals are all clear, even in most of the older movies. The only difference is that the older the film the lower the resolution, but I still found streams were just about acceptable in older movies, as long as I didn't go full screen.

And as for action, well: I reckon that these movies come from all over the sites in the network, but all of them have something in common, and that is the lingerie that the ladies are wearing. The films may be shared, you may also find them appearing on your other sites, but they have been singled out because they have girls wearing stockings, keeping them on during sex, or tights, or suspender belts, in fact all kinds of erotic underwear. This is not a fetish site in that it does not simply specialise in the lingerie fetish, it branches out into all kinds of horny hardcore, and there is little here that will give information or background about the fetish side of what you see, but it does present its movies well, and there is always a lingerie aspect to each scene.

You can also check out the galleries which you find beneath most of the scenes; not all movies have a gallery. Here I found pics up at 685 x 1,024 in recent sets, but no images at all with older ones. This trend carries on when you start exploring your other content as you hunt out more sexy lingerie movies. There may well be more in the 90 or so bonus sites, and these range in content from Amateurs, Anal and Asians to Stockings, Teens and Trannies. Plenty of variety and loads of value.

Features & Navigation:

And the next good thing about this network, and this goes for Lingerie Queens as much as the other sites, is that it is easy to navigate. You have a support area linked at the very top of your pages, a place where you can also find a link to a feedback area, and your favourites collection, once you have started using that function. You can add to favourites as you go around the sites and you can also rate content if you want to. Comments boxes are available on each scenes viewing page so you can get interactive that way as well.

The top menu will take you to the home page for the site you are in, and its Browse page. The model index lists all the girls you can see across the network (well, maybe not all of them, but a good collection), and here you find links to each girls movies; there's not a lot of information about them though.

The bonuses are many; there is a page of feed sites called Bonus Sites and this has around 130 new sites opening up for you. They are all non-exclusive of course, as are the 248 Bonus Videos, which are even more movies from DVD theatres. Loads of variety there then, and you can probably hunt down more lingerie scenes if you try hard enough. All this content can be sorted and there is a general search engine/box if you want to look around by keyword.

I had no trouble navigating this site, and there were no technical issues apart from a couple of missing thumbnails in some galleries. The images were still linked and I could still see the blow-ups, just not the thumbnails. But apart from that minor oops everything was just fine.


Lingerie Queens is just one site from a very large network of varied porn, but you get a decent amount of movies where the girls are dressed in sexy underwear and keep it on. There are good viewing options, decent quality especially in the more recent movies, and you certainly get lots of porn for your pound, buck, euro or whatever. Updates seem to be happening, you've got over 90 sites to view, everything technical works well and at the heart of all this are some very sexy.

Pros & Cons

+ A lot of sites
+ Good value
+ Lingerie themed scenes
+ Easy to access and use
+ Good viewing options

- Not a lot of information about the girls or movies
- Older movies have less viewing options
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