Christy Canyon
Christy Canyon 7021 Christy Canyon If you've heard of her and if you've seen her in her porn movies and you are a fan, then you'll want to know that there's a dedicated Christy Canyon website out there, and it's good for fans and the c
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Christy Canyon

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Christy Canyon

Short Review

If you've heard of her and if you've seen her in her porn movies and you are a fan, then you'll want to know that there's a dedicated Christy Canyon website out there, and it's good for fans and the curious. Christy came into porn in the 1980s, and what she has here is a collection of her scenes put up for streaming and some sets of photos that fans may not have seen before. She also has a couple of radio interviews, links to her book and also she sells off items of clothing to members.

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  • Updates: 0/5
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  • Quality: 0/15
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I have to say that this site is a bit unusual - as far as I can make out. It's dedicated to 'The loveliest legend in adult entertainment,' and I have no doubt that this is true, she is certainly a bit of a legend. There's no about page though so if you were attracted by Christy's looks and wanted to know more, you make have to find the info elsewhere. You could listen to her radio interviews I guess, there may be something there. It's also a site that's set out in its own way, though it's easy enough to find the content. So, what I'm saying is, don't expect your standard looking members' area here, there is something unique about it.

You'll find a short welcome message on the home page and then images of the recent updates. These were gallery updates and had been made quite recently. The video updates don't have dates and I suspect there will be more photos than videos in the future. I'm not sure if Christy is working, other than doing photos, and there are more pics on the site than there are vids. The videos I saw did look as though they had been transferred from 1980s video tape and the quality was not wonderful, though the scenes are original and from 'the days when' You know, all big hair (men and women) and shoulder pads, not that the clothes were staying on for very long.

Click onto Videos in the menu and you find a list of 44 including TV interviews. These are lesbian scenes or hardcore ones and the small sample shots and titles only give you the vaguest of clues to movie content. But all you have to do is click on one and a pop-up box appears. In my case it opened my VLC player and ran WMV files. I could expand the box and go full screen, so that was okay, and the sound was fine. The image was often a but dull as you'd expect from older video tape reformatted and the scenes are definitely of their period, but they were fine. They ran for round 10 to 20 minutes. But there was no way of downloading them that I could find, no details, information or anything like that and only the one viewing option. Also, there's no news as to when or if more might be added.

Click along to the Photos are and you do slightly better. There were 90 image sets here arranged in date order through a right hand menu. The galleries didn't hold many pics each, around 20 on average though some many have more, but they clicked up to good sizes such as 800 x 600 where you could clearly see what's taking place and where you can easily browse through. From what I saw these were all solo shoots with Christy and will be perfect for her avid fans. You might have to find a way of downloading them though as I didn't see a download option, not even with a right click, and there were no zip files.

For the fans there are a couple of other things to see here. Well, there are two radio interviews to listen to under the Audio tab, and then you have a link to Christy's book on Amazon which looks like it might be worth a read, you can head to her online store and also see if there are any auctions going on for her personal items. Click on the 'sex advice' link on the right and you'll also get some personal tuition from one of porn's top legends.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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  • Features: 0/10

Okay, this is a simple site and lacks a lot of the functions and features we are used to with modern-day adult members' areas. For example, there are no search and sort functions, no interactive elements like rates and favourites and comments and there's not a lot of info about anything at all, which is unusual for a fan/personal model site.

The layout is also pretty old-fashioned looking with a long line of videos down one page with only their titles, no way to re-arrange them and there are no actual viewing pages for movies, you just get a pop-up box and that's it - and you may need to have a certain plug-in for that to work. The whole thing looks a bit retro, which is nice in some ways but then again, we would like some more news and information and a way of communicating. You can buy and bid for things, but there's no easy way to get to Christy and say 'you're hot' or anything.



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Definitely one for dedicate fans who will get some new photos and old video clips and scenes, that they may already own. I'd have liked more news and information, you don't feel like you're well cared for here it's a case of: 'This is what I did, this is what I've got, see it and buy it and off you go.' It's all a bit basic, but that's probably why it's not expensive at all. I didn't find downloading of videos or galleries, but there's some hot shots of Christy Canyon that collectors will like.

Pros & Cons

  • + Archive of classic scenes
  • + Decent quality photos
  • + Links to sales and books
  • - Not interactive
  • - Medium/poor quality videos
  • - Simple looking
  • - No info
  • - Not sure about video updates