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Being Teamed up with well endowed studs, Pornstars are no longer interested in any average sized cock. No they need them big, and fat, big enough to stretch their juicy snatches to the max. You'll be able to see the hottest pornstars on this site get what they want in 27 exclusive episodes filled with non-stop fucking. Expect to see some big name stars such as Amy Reid, Eva Angelina, Gina Lynn, and many more gorgeous pornstars.
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Price Details:

Trial 2.95
Monthly 24.95

Current Ratings for Pornstars Like It Big:

Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


So I'm guessing you're the type of person who is sick of seeing random nobodies starring in porn who look average at best. You like your women flawless right? Well you couldn't have picked a better site to indulge in perfect looking women, who deserve to be called pornstars. Although you may think the title of this site is only stating the obvious, you'll be amazed of just how big the well endowed studs are, you can take my word for it that these are no average sized cocks the horny pornstars are dealing with, so there's definately some appeal here for both pornstar, and big cock fans alike.

The exclusive episodes are fairly standard one on one romps, featuring every thing from anal sex, to blowjobs, and cumshots, basically anything that could be classified as hardcore. They've also thrown in a couple group sex to spicen things up a little. Don't get me wrong though, the scenes are undeniably erotic, and can get very intense, as one would expect from a fully fledged pornstar.

Pornstars Like it Big is still a relatively new site at the time of writing this review. It was first launched on the 1st of April 2007, and has updated every week since. Which is pretty darn impressive considering that they're all exclusive. At the moment the site isn't over flowing with content, but in all fairness it is still a fairly new site, and seeing as they do update on a weekly basis, the site will steadily gain more acceptable content numbers. On a lighter note, the episodes they currently have are no push over, they look great, and they're truly arousing.

There's a generous amount of options as far as downloading goes. Episodes are available in videos encoded in Wmv, and Mpeg format. The scenes can also be streamed off the site. The episodes are available to download in full scenes, and 1 minute clips, this makes downloading a viable option even for slower connections, as they can skip the boring parts, to download the more intense segments, saving members a heap of bandwidth in the process.

Ok, now lets get into the specs you tech heads have been waiting for. The Wmv version of the episodes clock in at a decent encoding rate of 1300kbps measuring in at 480x320 pixels. Mpegs come in a higher encoding rate of roughly 1500kbps, also with a video size of 480x320 pixels. Either way you go, the quality is going to be decent, and there's not too much of a difference in quality if you compare the two versions. Because even though the Mpegs do have a higher encoding rate, they're uncompressed. Don't get me wrong though, the Mpegs are still a treat for the eyes.

All the episodes also come with screen captures, and a set of high quality photos, both of which can be downloaded in convenient zip files. As per usual the screen captures aren't anything to be bragging about, but to be fair, they are fairly decent as far as screen capture standards go. Mainly because they aren't as blurry, and grainy like most screen captures, but they still do come in average sizes of (640x480px). As for the proper photo content, well I couldn't have been more pleased with how they turned out. The dimensions they come in are fairly average, but the quality of the images are outstanding, as they're super crisp, and very colorful.

In addition to all the great content available on this site, members are also entitled to a bunch of equally impressive porn sites at no extra charge! All up there are 16 awesome sites which make up this network, and for the most part, they also star gorgeous big name pornstars, definately a network worth joining up to for pornstar fanatics. A lot of the sites focus on big titties, though you'll also find big butt sites in the mix as well. All in all a very solid network busting at the seams with big butts, huge melons, and sexy pornstars!

Features & Navigation:

I for one was quite impressed with the presentation of Porn Stars Like it Big. The color scheme makes the site look clean, the layout is great, and generally makes it a pleasure to browse. Situated below the great looking banner is the navigation menu, this menu includes an option which will allow members to browse through the content via stars on this site, plus all the other sites on the network. From this menu you can also check out the bonus site page, and recommendations on other awesome porn sites. There's also a drop down menu situated below the navigation menu, this also includes links to the bonus sites, for quick and easy access.

Within the homepage, you'll come across the latest update found towards the very top of the page. Below the latest update is a section dedicated to the highest rated episodes, this is great for new members who don't want to fuck around, and want to get straight to the best episodes, keep in mind these scenes were voted by the member base, so you can be sure they're the best on offer. You'll also find a section on upcoming episodes, a great feature to keep members coming back for more.

The rest of the episodes are situated within the bottom half of the page. These are organized in three indexed pages, each one containing up to 10 episodes. Each individual episode takes up a small portion of this section. This portion includes a thumbnail of the pornstar, a detailed description of the scene, the average rating of the episode, and information on when the scene was uploaded. You'll also come across the links which allow you to access the various media the episode provides, including the video download/streaming links, the screen captures, and the high quality photos.


With out a doubt, Pornstars Like it Big has huge potential. The site may not be huge at the moment, but with the way it's going, it's sure to be a sure fire hit amongst pornstar, and big cock lovers alike. The biggest selling point would have to be the gorgeous pornstars, and their talent for putting up a great show, but you'll also appreciate the decent quality of the media, the ease of browsing the site, and best of all, the awesome bonus sites that come with the membership.

Pros & Cons

+ Lots of big name stars
+ Videos, and pictures look nice
+ All exclusive content
+ 16 awesome bonus sites
+ Great site presentation
+ Very easy to navigate
+ Consistent updates
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