Sensual Girl
Sensual Girl 6974 Sensual Girl Sensual Girl looks like a glamour photography site, but it's actually more than that. Although the models are glamorous, and the site stylish, it is actually four sites in one.
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Sensual Girl

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Short Review

Sensual Girl looks like a glamour photography site, but it's actually more than that. Although the models are glamorous, and the site stylish, it is actually four sites in one. One of these is a nude photography site, one is a BJ site, another is all about threesomes and there's one that plays on the older/younger theme. The content is exclusive and good quality, the content numbers are good and there are updates happening. From babes to baldies, it's all in here.

  • Monthly: $29.95
65/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 2/5
  • Originality: 7/10
  • Quality: 12/15
  • Speed: 10/15
  • Quantity: 11/15

It's probably best to look at each of the four sites separately as this membership offer is actually a four site deal. The first thing you meet on the tour pages are the sign up deals, which is a bit in-yer-face, but scroll beneath these and you find more about each site. Then, when you sign in, you can click to each site in turn and so this membership really is like buying a four site access pass for the price of one.

First off we have a site that's about older men and younger women. This site held 501 exclusive videos, galleries and had 396 girls in the mode index. The girls are aged in their 20s, the guys are more like 60+, though perhaps some are slightly younger. It's hardcore and mainly duo scenes, but there are plenty of lush ladies being seduced by horny older dads in the movies.

And talking of movies, there are reasonable viewing and download options at these four sites. You will find Mp4 files up to 1,280 x 720 @ 8000 kbps or more, and the quality is good. There were also some Mov files and Mp4 streaming with up to four resolution choices. 1080p was at the top of the list though not every movie has these specs. Each scene I saw also came with a short description and linked tag words so it's easy to find more of the same. But we'll come back to navigation later. Firstly, the next site: has a set of 80 + movies to view and these ones are all about threesomes of course. They are well filmed and there are some great models appearing, both black and white and there are some hot interracial scenes. Once again you can stream or download and there are reasonable viewing options for you. The sites also have galleries and in this case there are high or lower resolution images to choose from. I found images that started off scaled down to fit the screen but which would also go larger, 3,800 x 2,500 for example where they still looked clear and sharp. You are able to take zip files of full sets.

Class Blowjob is about giving head with style, not giving head at the back of the classroom., The girls here are glamorous and the lip-work is soft and gentle. There are over 136 totally hot scenes, again all exclusive and all coming with download options, streams and galleries to view as well. The site offers bi-weekly updates but I didn't see any update news other than that and as far as I could see there were no upload dates posted. But it looks like the site has been growing over time and so I'm pretty sure that some kind of update will come in.

Class Nudes finishes off your four sites with glamour photography and erotica presented in a magazine look site with some short videos of the girls at work, and then top class photography taken in the studio or on location. There are over 320 pictorials inside the site which, in your member area home page, is called Nude Art. The standards are high here and the content is classy.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 3/5
  • Navigation Ease: 5/10
  • Features: 6/10

Sensual Girl looks good, but there are some issues with the site. The pages are very dark (as you will see from our screen shots) and things only light up when you hold your mouse over them. That's a neat trick but it can make things hard to read. It is also one of the navigation element that I couldn't get on with, at first. The main one though was the member home area where the four sites are listed. They open one at a time in the same window so you can find yourself way in deep into one site and then having to back button for your life, all the way back to the hub page. In the end I found it easiest to right click the site and open it in a new tab. You will end up with four tabs open, but it's so much easier. (There are also small menu links in the sites to take you to other sites, look in the top menu.)

Apart from that, the sites have a good and clean design with no advertising or nasty pop-up menus, they look good and have atmosphere to them. They are also pretty simple when it comes to interactive elements. You've got descriptions of some scenes and pics, but I didn't find anywhere to leave comments or rate the content. The sites don't seem to be set up that way, so they are more visual than interactive.

You will find Class Models too and this looks to be a model index for the whole set-up, but when you look closer it looks like it's a way of finding memberships to other sites. It's a neat way of doing it though and here's plenty to see with video clips and galleries and so I treated it as a bonus.

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I would happily recommend Sensual Girl to anyone after a bit of class with their porn; some high glamour with their cock-gobbling, of you like. It's a mix of HD quality movies and pics, top models, and hardcore and it works well. It took a while to adjust to the look and navigation, but once you've found all the shortcuts it's fine. There is a good number of exclusive scenes in four sites, with downloads and it's a site with a lot of style and a lot of hot models to check out.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + HD movies
  • + Four sites in one network
  • + Good quality
  • + Downloads
  • - Minor navigation issues
  • - Not sure about update regularity