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Are you sick and tired of seeing those trashy whores so commonly used on porn sites nowadays? Do you miss seeing those perfect high-caliber pornstars which are flawless in every way? Well then come check out silverstone videos, where you will find pictures, and footage of well known models.
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Our total rating: 79/100

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It seems that nowadays, practically any women is eligible to star in an adult film. From old grannies, robust women, and the girl next door type. With this being the trend of now, it seems as though those gorgeous pornstars, we used to ogle over, aren't as popular anymore. Perfect as they are, there shouldn't be any excuse for any hot blooded man, not to fall for these gorgeous women right? But the fact is, men are more attracted to women with imperfections. If you still love those perfect pornstars, then you'll definitely love the content on this site.

All of the women which star on this site are nothing short of breath taking, and knowing that you'll see Silvia Saint and Tera Patrick in the mix, should heat things up a little. Each of the episodes are available to download in either short chapters, or full scenes. Having the short chapters available, allows their members to skip the foreplay sections if they wish to dive straight into the hardcore action. To better accommodate for members with slow internet connections, the developers have thrown in a lower quality version of all their episodes. Being lower in quality, obviously means that the file sizes are going to be smaller, which in turn, makes the task of downloading the videos a lot less tedious.

All up there's an impressive 413 scenes available for download, which is a fuck load of porn, especially for a network site like this. Quality tends to vary through out the various scenes, and seeing as there are so many of them, it's almost impossible to give you one accurate rating as far as quality goes. The simplest way I can put it, is that you'll come across scenes that look great, and you'll also come across scenes that look a tad grainier than the rest. My only tip with the grainier scenes, is to watch them through a smaller screen, rather than watching them through a full screen, as you can somewhat salvage some of the quality this way, but then you'll have to make the choice between size and quality, and personally I always put quality before anything.

Picture content available is a little less extensive then their collection of videos, and in a way this was kind of expected, cause the amount videos they have on offer is very impressive. Although the picture galleries may be lacking in quantity, they certainly aren't lacking in the quality department. Each picture just screams of quality, as they're clear, colorful, and generally quite big. Most of the shoots involve, threesomes, standard one on one and there's even some lesbian action to be seen.

Now most of you will probably be content with 413 scenes at your disposal, but don't think that's where the porn stops, as there are a further 42 porn related porn sites, which members have been granted full access to. These 42 sites are on the same network this site is on, otherwise known as the "BrainPass Network". Around half of these sites are or feature girls, while the other half are niche sites. The niche sites included cover popular mainstream categories like, interracial sex, gangbangs, and big titties, they've even included some kinkier sites which involve squirting and foot fucking, so there's pretty much something her for just about everyone, oh and I should state that their feature girls are deliciously gorgeous.

That's pretty much all I can say as far as content goes for this site, and it provides the most extensive collection, for a network site I've seen so far, I haven't come across a network site which comes close to 413 scenes yet, as the biggest one I reviewed before this site came along, only had around 200 scenes. So yeah there's definitely no shortage of video porn, especially knowing that there are another 42 sites to check out, and seeing that they update one of their sites on the network pretty much once a day, members will never have to worry about running out of porn to view.

Features & Navigation:

On arriving at the homepage for this site, you can't help but feel a sense of professionalism on the developers part, as the sites general presentation, is very easy on the eyes. Everything is nicely spaced out, all of their content is easily accessible, and making your way around the different sections, is as easy as utilizing the navigational menu, which can be found under the top banner of the site.

Their homepage is a lot smaller compared to most other sites I've reviewed, but that doesn't hinder the fact that it does it's job. All their latest updates are presented on this page in the form of thumbnails, beside the thumbnails, you'll come across a short description of the scene and information on how long the scenes go for.

Above the top banner of the site, you'll notice another navigational menu, which is separate from the one underneath the banner. Now the difference between these two menus is that, the one under the banner is for this site, where as the one, above the banner, is the navigational menu for the entire network, as you'll come across all the 42 links, under the sites button on this menu, you can also access the main homepage of the network, from this menu, and bookmark all your favorite episodes and picture galleries. You'll also be glad to know that you aren't required to re-enter your password every time you enter one of their many pages, I thought I'd mention this cause there are still networks out there which require you to do this, needless to say this becomes a very tedious task after awhile.

There are 2 sections which make up the video area, the first section is a page which presents the various series, available from the Silverstone range, all the titles from a series have been grouped together, and are presented by small thumbnails of their covers, to the right of these thumbnails, is a short description of the series, and a link which takes you to the main video downloads section. If you were to click on the link, you'll be taken to the second section, which is essentially, the main downloads page for all the scenes on a particular DVD. The second section is usually made up of a couple of pages, depending on how many scenes there are, each page presents 5 scenes, and each of the scenes take up a small portion of the pages. Within this portion you will come across various thumbnails of the episode, the various download links, and a link to the picture gallery for that scene. The videos section may be a little weird at first, but once you get the hang of things, it's all very logical.

Well that's pretty much all I can write for this part of the review, it's really quite a small page, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, personally I'd rather small sites like this as, everything is very basic and getting the content you want is just so quick and simple, which in turn makes my job a lot easier and their members, porn experience a lot more pleasurable.


Silverstone videos has the most extensive collection of videos I've seen for a network site, with 415 scenes, and all the other video content, found on the other 42 sites, members will be busy for quite some time, and knowing that they update one of their many sites, on a daily basis is always nice. I'd recommend this page to just about everyone, except for those of you who like amateur porn.

Pros & Cons

+ Big name pornstars
+ Tonnes of video content
+ Access to over 40 sites
+ Very easy to navigate
+ Great design
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