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Tease POV 7437 Tease POV There are few things better than lying back and having your cock teased until it spurts, and that's just the kind of action you get at Tease POV.
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Tease POV

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Short Review

There are few things better than lying back and having your cock teased until it spurts, and that's just the kind of action you get at Tease POV. This site offers you a number of videos filmed from your point of view where horny babes from 18 to Milf set to work on your dick. All they do is stroke and suck, and the pleasure increases until you can't hold back. Movies are offered in downloads and streams, there are images too, and a set of reality themed bonus sites are included.

  • Monthly: $14.90
79/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 4/5
  • Updates: 3/5
  • Originality: 7/10
  • Quality: 12/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 12/15

The setup and premise are simple ones at Tease POV. Each video features a guy whose face you never see, his dick, which seems to be long and cut no matter the model, and a cute babe in lingerie or maybe naked. She comes along and discovers 'you' reclined with your clothes off and ready for some dick action. After a few words, maybe a bit of a strip tease, she'll be down at cock level as you lay there and watch. Her fingers gently work your dick to full hardon and then she employs her lips, alternating between fingers and mouth. This teasing, slow, masturbation action goes on for around 10 to 15 minutes until the cork pops and the jizz flies.

Well, sometimes the cum shots are a dribble because the naughty minx stops her action just as the guy cums, leaving him helpless; at other times she carries on gets harder and faster and is rewarded with jets of the stuff on her face, tits and everywhere else. Whatever the out-cum, there's always a cum shot.

The videos are exclusive to the site/network, and there are 68 of them right now. Updates are not regular at all, sadly, but the site has grown by one video over the past few months. (You have similar bonus sites with more dick-stroke action.) Each one can be streamed in a Flash player which is fine, but on some, the sound didn't match the visuals, and each one comes with a download in Mp4, plus parts of each scene so you can opt to take only certain sections. Movies are shown in files up to 1,280 x 720 @ 3,000 kbps, and the quality is fine; it's simple POV filming, very natural and with nothing fancy to detract from the realism.

Each movie also has a set of images with around 50 to 100 + each at 1,280 x 960 sizes. These can be viewed one at a time online and taken from there, or you can download a zip file for each set. Again, the quality is okay as they come from the camera, and there are some posed shots from the girls, but mostly you're looking at images of your dick being stroked, which is never a bad thing in my book.

Content comes with a brief description, but that's about it. There are only a few viewing options, just the one stream and the one file download, but it all works. You find a similar setup in your bonus sites which you find from the Sites page. Tease POV is about slowly milking a guy and it's mainly shot from your point of view, other bonus sites offer very similar action but with their own twists. Among your bonuses, you have Finish Him, which runs on similar lines, Club Tug, Ebony Tug, Over 40 Handjobs and Teen Tugs are also there and offer similar, and the other bonuses tend to stay around the BJ and handjob themes, with some hardcore included. It's a decent collection of sites and easy to access, though you might need your login details to access the bonus sites, and you're definitely getting plenty of teasing, pleasing hand and bow job original videos.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 9/10
  • Features: 7/10

Tease POV also features a model index with 68 babes including Gina Valentina, so they are not all first timers or amateurs. You get a good body shot of each babe, but nothing behind it apart from a link to her video - or videos as the index appears to be network-wide. Still, it's a good way to browse. When you want a different site, the Sites page is the way to go, and if you want to search for something specific, there is a keyword search function. Videos can be arranged in various ways, but the search and sort functions are pretty limited. For example, I wasn't able to find all network videos in one place, or search across the sites other than through the model index.

On viewing pages, members can rate the scenes they like, but that's as close as you get to being interactive; there were no comments or 'add to favourites' on offer. A few extras in the menu lead only to sales opportunities, and there are a few adverts to negotiate, mainly one on the way in, but the pages are clear and uncluttered enough, so you're not distracted. All in all, the design is basic, but it works.

The membership price is also simple but works. At the moment it's on offer for only $14.90 per month, recurring, or $94.80 for a full year, also recurring. Watch out for a cross sale on the join page when you get there.

Members Area Screenshots


Tease PV is part of a network of 10 sites mainly to do with handjobs and blowjobs, by teens and Mils alike. It's' a slow-down kind of place that you call into when you want to watch yourself being milked by some pretty, youthful babes, and the POV camerawork helps with that. It has a simple design, basic viewing choices, decent quality playback at 720p and there are good images to collect, but the main strength comes from the network access, and the slow teasing way these girls bring you off.

Pros & Cons

  • + Original videos
  • + Network access
  • + Easy to handle
  • + Cute babes and some Milfs
  • + Good handjob POV videos
  • - Not interactive
  • - Little information
  • - Only occasional updates
  • - Limited viewing options