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So you find the enlarged titties and the growing bulge of a pregnant woman is irresistibly sexy? Their hormones playing up making them extremely horny is such a turn on? Well then you'll find all the naughty pregnant women you could want right on this very site. Fucked Pregnant features some of the most hardcore pregnant fetish episodes around. The only problem is the collection is a little small and the content is of poor quality.
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To be honest I was severely let down by the site, I am not sure if there is anyone who will be jumping out of their seats to join this site after reading this review, right now I will tell you straight off the bat that the site is quite disappointing. The only selling point I could see is that the pregnant based episodes are quite arousing but so are the pregnant episodes on other pregnant sites which provide a lot more content which is in much higher quality. So I did find reviewing this site quite a bore, in fact I am going to be brutally honest here and say that I felt it didn't even deserve a review, yes it is that bad! But to further prove this point let me delve in to the ins and outs of this site.

Ok so like I said earlier the main and only selling point of this site is something which all other pregnant sites already provide or one would hope so anyway and that is the hot pregnant episodes on offer. Even though there isn't a whole lot of content on offer the developers have still managed to keep the collection quite diverse. You can enjoy the usual one on one encounters with a pregnant woman and a dude, there are more softcore scenes involving the pregnant ladies getting themselves off, there are shower scenes, crazy threesomes, and there was even a sybian scene. This is as good as it gets, the diverse collection of content on offer, other than this though the site doesn't have much else to offer.

All up there's a current total of 28 videos on offer which run for up to 15 minutes each, not a very impressive number right? Especially given the fact that they aren't exclusive to the site. Another disappointing thing is the fact that none of the videos have been marked with upload dates meaning I have no idea how long the site has been around for and whether or not if the site is still active on updates or not. Quite a concerning given the fact that there are only 28 videos on offer, I sincerely hope that the site hasn't completely stopped on updates because it doesn't do to well on quality either, seeing as it doesn't do well on both quality and quantity, there's no real reason why one should even consider joining this site when there are other better pregnant porn sites around.

What I found quite funny is that there is information on the videos page stating that the content is of DVD quality with resolutions of 576x432, I don't know who they are kidding because DVD quality standards are 720x480, so I did get a little laugh out of that one. Members have the option of downloading their content in mpeg videos with laughable encoding rates of (300kbps @ 512x384), now those specs are bad even for videos which are specifically designed to be played on portable devices like iPods, but the problem is you can't even do that with these videos as they are in mpeg and not mp4. Either way the videos are very poor in quality by today's standards, the site may be an old one and maybe back in it's day these videos were good quality but now they aren't even worth my words.

In addition to the video content the site also provides a collection of 20 photo sets which contain approximately 60 images per set. Now if it wasn't for the photo sets I would have said that the site completely fails when it comes to quality but thankfully the quality of the photos some what make up for it, I wouldn't say they're superb but they are quite decent, plus compared to the videos they look like heaven. Clarity is quite high though it isn't perfect, the same can also be said for the colors, they're nice and all but I felt they could have been richer. What they do excel in though are the measurements they're available in with the larger photos getting up to (1150x800 pixels). Surprisingly good for a site which offers poor quality videos.

Members are treated with some bonus content but the only problem is that they aren't pregnant orientated which is sure to have the customers which obviously came to this site for pregnant type content quite disappointed. Sure it may be more porn but it isn't the type of porn the fans were after, it feels as though throwing in the bonus content was a last ditch effort to have members coming back. Overall I was very disappointed with the content of this site, and if it wasn't for the photos it would have been a complete failure, which it is anyway because members will probably be more interested in video content either way. Definitely one of the worst pregnant sites I've seen in a while.

Features & Navigation:

As with all sites the tour pages of the site look great and promise a lot! But as you already know by now you should probably ignore the flashy tour pages of this site because you will be sorely disappointed with what is available. Anyway there's quite a bit of sample content available on the tour pages in the form of pictures and sample videos. That along with all the hype of the supposedly great content makes the tour pages quite misleading, but lucky you had me to tell you all about how crappy the content is right?

All the flashiness from the tour pages quickly disappear as you make your way to the main members area of the site. There's not much to see on the homepage, there's a lot of information on how to navigate the site which is pretty damn straight forward so I am guessing they just put this in to make the site look more filled out. There's also information on discounts on other sites and adult stores as well, more unnecessary text to make the site look more filled out. The only useful thing on this page is obviously the site navigation menu as you will need it to make your way to the various sections of the site including the video and picture sections and the bonus section.

The video archive is poorly organized and looks as though it was made by an amateur. They have divided the video page in to two sections one called video clips while the other one claims that the videos are of DVD quality. I did find this quite confusing as all of the videos were of the same quality either way, yet another misleading piece of information. Each video is represented via a thumbnail featuring a screen shot from the video. A single click on said thumbnails will take you to the main download page, obviously this is where you can access the link for the full scene download.

The photos can also be accessed through the top navigation menu. You'll notice that the set up of this section is almost identical to the movies section. It is mainly made up of the thumbnail links which take you to the main gallery of the photo set. From there they work just like any other photo gallery you may have come across before as they have implemented the standard thumbnail format. One thing that does stand out however is the feature which allows members to download the pictures in a single zip file so that members can view them offline.

As for the bonus content section, well it's basically the same as the featured video and pictures section. After clicking on the provided link in the top navigation menu you are taken to a page where you can choose whether to view the bonus videos or pictures. From there they are basically the same as the featured content sections. Overall I did find the site relatively easy to navigate but the layout was quite messy and very amateurishly done. Surprisingly the tour page was the most neatly presented page out of all of them, funny that.


Well I am sure by now you know exactly how I feel about this site. There's absolutely nothing this site has to offer which other sites already don't in fact to be brutally honest I can't even find the main selling point of the site. The videos are low in quality, the content numbers are laughable and even worse there's no information on future updates which leaves members in the dark on whether or not they should expect more content. Totally a waste of time to be down right honest.

Pros & Cons

+ Nice variety of pregnant episodes
+ Photos look decent
- Videos are low in quality
- Low content numbers
- Messy layout
- No date information
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