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Talia is pregnant and she's got enough milk to share with the whole world! that's right Miss Talia believes that her incredible lactating breasts need more attention than just her babies, so she decided to dedicate a site on how erotic lactating breasts could be and share the weird and kinky concept with the whole world, cum see what this crazy preggers chick has in store.
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Our total rating: 72/100

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If you've ever read one of my past preggers reviews before, then you'll come to know that this kind of content isn't exactly my cup of tea, but you'll also notice that I say don't let my personal tastes waver your decision and to that end I can't stress that point enough. If your into these busty lactating pregnant women then by all means soak it up, anyways lets see what kind of content Talia has to offer.

Well it looks like Talia was a very busy girl when she was pregnant cause there's a fair bit to check out on this site, either that or she's always getting pregnant, but I'm guessing she did a whole heap of photo shooting and video recording in her 9 months of pregnancy. Content on Lactalia is a blend of softcore and hardcore, you'll come across your usual one on one scenes, but you'll also find some threesomes and the more softcore episodes where Tailia is just playing with her titties, milking them and what not.

All up there's only a handful of Lactalia videos to check out 18 of them all up, which isn't a whole heap but with news that there will be updates on a weekly basis we're sure to see that number rise to a much more considerable amount. On a lighter note the videos on offer are 100% exclusive and are a fairly decent watch coming in a bit rate of 744kbps. They look fine playing them through a small window, but chuck them on full screen and you'll start to notice that they can get quite grainy, though it's barely noticeable so it's not all bad.

The picture galleries look to be a little more promising as far as content numbers go. Currently there are 94 milk filled picture galleries to go through, each one containing gorgeous pictures of Talia doing weird and wonderful things with her lactating breasts. You'll come across some galleries with below than average lighting but for the most part they're nice and clear, the pictures come in varying dimensions which are generally quite large.

Aside from the pictures and videos available on this site members are treated to an assortment of extras such as dating sites, webcam services, and best of all members get full access to over 20 sites that are all a part of the VIP network which specializes on solo girl, reality and fetish sites, so there's definately something here for all your freaky fetish lovers, there's even a very weird looking site called Bio Hazard Bitches! which looks a little too much for me but you fetish fans will probably like it.

Features & Navigation:

The tour pages of Lactalia make it very obvious what the site is all about if you haven't already figured it out by the name. There's milk bottles and dummies strewn through out the pages and pictures of Talia showing off her baby bulge, non-members can help themselves to a selection of images taken from the site and to top things off they can even watch a few teasers.

I gotta admit I really like the general presentation of the site, as the theme really does hit the spot for a lactating pregnant site, and I love the baby blue color scheme. You'll notice that there are two navigation menus available on this site, one at the very top of the page and the other just beneath the banner. The one at the very top can be used to navigate the main page for the VIP network, from where you can access the 20+ bonus sites and extras, and the one beneath the banner can be utilized to access the content on this particular site.

As a member your obviously going to be spending most of your time in the videos and pictures section, luckily they're designed to be used with great ease. The picture gallery section is pretty much self explanatory, each shoot is represented via thumbnail, each of the thumbnails are a link which will direct you to the main gallery for the photo shoot and that's it, pretty darn simple huh!

The video section is pretty much identical, each episode is represented by a thumbnail of a screen capture from the scene, so they should give you a rough idea on what to expect. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to that episode's main downloads page where you will find a description about the scene, and a thumbnail link which will automatically start the download process, again very quick and simple.

So that's pretty much all I can say about the site mechanics, as you can tell, navigating this site isn't exactly rocket science in fact it's more like a stroll in the park a very attractive park too as the site's presentation is just great, any internet newbie should have no problems browsing this user friendly site.


At the moment the site is a little low on content but give it a couple more months and we should see this site bustling with new content, as the developers plan on injecting this site with new content every week. Another great aspect of the site is that the videos are 100% exclusive and there's a decent amount of picture galleries to boot!

Pros & Cons

+ Content is exclusive
+ Decent amount of picture galleries
+ Videos and picture quality is great
+ Nice site presentation
+ Easy to navigate
- Needs more videos
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