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The vibrant Canadian Kimmie is so obviously pregnant and loving it because she doesnt resist an opportunity to show off her growing stomach in the provocative video and picture content featured on the site. Preggolicious has just what the site name suggests, unique 100% exclusive pregnant adult content. The content is delivered in high definition and if you have a thing for pregnant girls this is a must see site, this non penetration pregnant site is something you would like to see.
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There is something highly erotic about the way this girl carries herself and her baby tummy when doing the stimulating things that she does. Kimmie displays her breasts and stomach in a provocative and sensual way, some of the images on this pregnant porn site are just simply amazing. Some of the camera angles in the video scenes make you believe that Kimmie was right in front of you. Like you could just reach out and touch her pussy and her very pregnant body. This girl is confident about the changes to her body and it translates onto film especially when she backs up and gives the camera a real good look at her pussy and ass.

There are 24 videos in the Preggolicious collection and 33 image sets with about 2,500 images for members to enjoy browsing through. The format and download options on the site are Windows Media Video and MPEG-4movies. There is a live streaming option on the site but at the moment this function is not working. This is a shame because the videos are great but they will take some time to download, depending on your internet connection. I really like to watch videos via live streaming because I dont like waiting for files to download, but many people love to add to their own private collections so I guess its a catch 22 situation.

Features & Navigation:

After logging into the members area on the Preggolicious site the main members page has a navigation bar in the top right hand corner of the page. This navigation bar is a permanent fixture on every page to make moving around the site easier for members. This navigation bar has everything a member of the site will need the Home page (main), Photo, Videos, Live Shows, Friends and Support. The options listed on the navigation bar are pretty simple and self explanatory, the Home page is the main page which members will be directed to once logging into the members area. Pregnant photos and Videos contains the image and video galleries. Live Shows gives the member access to a live webcam site and the Friends option is some of the websites that are associated with the site.

On the site at the moment there are 24 videos, these can be viewed via live streaming using Windows Media Video (WMV). Alternate download options are: Download Large WMV, Download Small WMV and Download in ipod format. The live streaming option is not functioning at the moment and this might be because the site doesnt seem to have been updated since 2004. Download time may vary depending on the type of internet connection, I downloaded Lights (HD) Small WMV file and the download took between 180-250 kbps.

Members can download wallpapers by just right clicking and select to save image as desktop image. Download wallpaper images come in three different sizes 1280x980, 1024x768 and 800x600. Photo images can be downloaded in different formats, 3x thumbnail sizes small, medium and large or members can simply download and save the whole image set to add to their private collection.Members get access to additional Adult content when they join they receive free All Access Pornmega Pass.


Lactating Kimmie is heavily pregnant and poses for the camera to show everyone what she looks like. Members get access to Adult websites with a PornmegaPass that has loads of other content. I found this site interesting and I was impressed with the site layout and the addition content given to site members. However the live streaming functioning on the site and the content doesnt seem to have been updated since 2004 and this lets the site down greatly.

Pros & Cons

+ 100% Exclusive
+ Behind the scenes footage
+ Access to other Adult sites
- Content update 2004
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