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Shabby Virgins is pretty much the porn version of 40 year old virgin. The site is packed with episodes of older broads who have not even touched cock in their long lonely lives. Watch as they have their first sexual experience right in front of the camera to make some of the most unique episodes available on the net. So if you are after some good mature porn mixed in with some reality value then Shabby Virgins might just appeal to you.
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Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


I wouldn't be surprised if this is the only site of its kind on the net, personally I haven't come across another site which covers the very unique reality niche of mature virgins most probably because older virgins are pretty damn hard to come across. Then again when it comes to virgin porn a lot of questions do get asked but far be it from me to spoil the fantasy because for all I know the oldies that star on this site are actual genuine virgins good on them for admitting to it too! Well just by looking at the various stars you can tell they've seen a few more years than most pornstars. The old virgins come in ages between 30 to 60, I should also mention that they do a very good job on acting out to be virgins (if they are acting of course) as some of them do seem a little timid at first but it's the multiple guys that have their way with the mature virgins that really make the episodes that much hotter as they really smash the fuck out of the girls.

Well it looks like Shabby Virgins has been up and live for quite some time now, having been up since the first quarter of 2005 it's been up for over 3 years now so it did seem some what disappointing that the site only has 46 episodes for members to check out. Though we've to give them credit for actually being able to find mature virgins which I can imagine wouldn't have been the easiest job in the world I mean how many of them could there be? And out of all of them who of them would actually admit it? Plus the episodes are exclusive to the site so 46 isn't too bad though more episodes certainly couldn't hurt. Even though I say more episodes would be nice it looks as though those new episodes won't be coming because judging by the update dates the site was last updated back in '07 and with no information on further updates it's pretty safe to say that the site has gone dormant.

Along with the videos each episode comes with a set of photos consisting of approximately 45 images each. It looks as though the photos were taken during the video shooting as the location remains the same and the photos follow closely to the action of the videos. Quality wise the photos look great they're very clear, colorful, and are decently sized measuring in at (1024x768 pixels). All in all I was quite impressed with the photo content and it's nice to see that they've gone through the effort of actually including proper photos rather than just bombarding the site with crappy screen shots. So a thumbs up from me as far as picture content goes.

Video options are plenty on this site, members can either stream their episodes straight off the site or download them with no DRM restrictions, to those of you scratching your heads thinking "what the hell is DRM?" basically it means that you can keep the videos on your hard drive for as long as you want which is pretty much a staple amongst porn sites nowadays though you will come past the odd site which do have DRM restrictions. Videos have been encoded in wmv format (1100kbps @ 530x400) and avi (1600kbps @ 640x480) now as you can tell by those encoding rates the videos don't look too bad at all, in fact they look fucking awesome and it's good to know that even though the site has been up for a long time it is still up to date on video standards. Members can choose to view and download the videos in full scenes and short clips so members won't have to download an entire movie saving them a shit load of bandwidth in the long run.

So the site may have stopped updating however members gain access to a fuck load more content than just the 46 exclusive episodes available on this site. See Shabby Virgins is only the tip of the iceberg as it is a part of an extensive porn network which spans across 22 exclusive sites including this one. Like this site the others are based towards reality themes plus each one covers a different theme meaning you've got 22 different reality based sites to play with. All the sites offer video and picture content which is all exclusive to this network, from what I can gather the sites cover fairly mainstream categories so fetish fans may feel a little out of place here. One of the funnier looking sites I came across on the network would have to be Bums In Action, a site dedicated to bums getting paid to fuck in front of the camera! Classic stuff!

Features & Navigation:

Now before I landed on the tour pages of Shabby Virgins I thought the site was about really ugly virgin girls getting fucked. But once I checked out the sample pictures on the tour pages I quickly learned it was a site dedicated to older ladies having their first sexual experience and have it filmed on camera. Now if you were going to join this site I'm sure you weren't joining for the extremely attractive ladies because I'll tell you this right now you'll be disappointed if you were. The average looking aged ladies on the front pages is pretty much the kind of pussy you'll be seeing within the members area and I'm sure that's exactly what you were after in the first place. It's a shame there aren't any free trailers on the tour page which I did find a little weird as their videos do look great and if I were them I would try to show it off every chance I get, and what better way to show them off on the tours? Well at least the sample pictures do a decent enough job of making the site look appealing.

From the get go you are immediately presented with the entire archive of episodes right on the main members area. Below the navigation menu you'll find links to the two indexed pages, these pages include up to 30 episodes each. All the episodes are represented via thumbnail links which feature a screen shot taken from the video file to give members a fair idea on what the star looks like and what kind of kinky shit she gets up to in the episodes. Below the thumbnails there's information on the name of the model and how old she is, also there's information on when the episode was uploaded and a short description on what the horny individuals get up to in the scene. Below the thumbnail you'll find links to the video downloads and the picture galleries, having all the featured episodes readily available from the front page makes accessing the content a breeze and very convenient I might add.

So with all the episodes and media available on the main members area what's the point of the navigation menu you ask? Well for starters it does have a link which takes you to the bonus sites section which is basically a page made up entirely of banner links to all the bonus sites. You can also access these bonus sites using the quick links which are situated on the main members area down the right side of the site. Within this column you'll also find all the latest and greatest including the top rated episodes on this site, top rated episodes across the entire network, and the best bonus DVDs. The bonus DVDs I just mentioned can be accessed by using the DVD link found within the top navigation menu.

Well I think I've pretty much covered every thing which is worth mentioning on the site. As far as site presentation goes it does look a little dull though with episodes dating all the way back to 2005 I can see why the site presentation does look some what dated but as far as convenience and ease of access to content you can't get much better than this. Aside from the dull site presentation (which can easily be shrugged off) I was quite happy indeed with how the site works as it is just so damn easy to make your way around.


Even though the site does look like it has stopped on updates it doesn't change the fact that the site offers a unique niche and great looking exclusive content. I suppose 46 exclusive episodes of this kind of content isn't too bad in fact it's actually a pretty damn effort finding all those old virgins. Almost a perfect site if it wasn't for the halt on updates then I would have had no problems with the site as it does well on just about every thing else!

Pros & Cons

+ Unique reality theme
+ Videos look awesome
+ Nice picture sets
+ Site is very easy to navigate
+ All exclusive content
+ Access to great bonus sites
- Hasn't been updated in a while
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