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Shamed Sluts is a new site with an unusual take on reality porn videos. A couple of guys have set themselves up as a service who can shame a cheating GF by capturing her on video doing slutty stuff with the team, or some of the team. There are interviews with the guys who do the shaming, hidden cam conversations and pickups with those girls, and then the full hardcore video of them in action. It's not a large site, it's 4K HD, has four downloads per movie, screenshots and updates.
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Our total rating: 63/100

Detailed Review:


Shamed Sluts had not been online for over long when we saw it, but it already has nine full-length videos of around 30 to 50 minutes each, and they really do offer a new twist on hardcore reality porn. This isn't one of those 'shamed' sites where they simply find Tube footage of amateur couples having sex and then show them, the shame coming from the fact that these people had put their sex life online in the first place. Here, things are set up almost like a TV show.

The guys chat to us, the members before a video gets going and they interview the guy who wants to shame the girl or girls. They bring in their mates, members of a college football team, or some other studs who are going to be part of the movie and introduce each episode to us. Then they get to the next part, where they might film the girl being chatted up by the team, or one of them, and then, the hardcore unravels.

The girls are varied, some busty blondes, some feisty brunettes, and the set-ups are also different. In one movie, for example, a masseur who gives extra services gets shamed in a hidden cam video that's also a set-up. So there is some variety in the nine movies already, and the updates have been coming in though not always regularly. The porn, when you get to it, is well handled and looks good and, again, there is variety. There is one threesome, for example, several duo movies, plenty of close-up filming, so you get a nice mix of BJ and hardcore, and there are some interracial moments as there are white, black and Latino guys appearing in the movies.

The quality is good. It's filmed in 4K HD, and you can download in that resolution as well (3,840 x 2,160), and there are three other options, with 1080p, 720p and a 'low' resolution version at 854 x 480 @ 2155 kbps, which still produced a file at over 500 Mbs in size. I did find download was a bit slow at times and I don't think it was my connection. I also found that the default stream option was a pretty large one (the screen was at 1,091 x 548) and started and stopped, took some time to connect if I jumped through, and although it was crystal clear quality, I did have to wait some time for the default stream to get into gear. There are three other options though, the same ones as you have for downloading, and streaming the low-resolution one was much faster and looked fine. You may have some waiting times if you're on a slow connection, and the files for download, although Mp4, might be a bit big for mobile devices.

Each movie comes with a slider of images beneath it and a small description. The images here are really there just to show you how a scene unfolds, and if you want to collect stills from the video. Then there's a photos area. Here I found what looked like screencaps with images at 1,600 x 900 px each. The quality is fine. You can take them one at a time, but there were no slideshows or zip file downloads.

Features & Navigation:

Shamed Sluts is currently a standalone site, so there are no bonuses attached. In fact, there are no extras on the site, and it's purely the exclusive and long videos and their galleries. Members can rate the scenes though, but that's about it for interactivity. There's no model index either. On the other hand, it is easy to navigate, and the videos are shown with large sample shots that you click to find the viewing page, and from there, it's plain sailing.

I did wonder about the prices. I thought that $39.95 per month was a bit much for only nine videos. Updates have happened in spurts, and although there were quite a few in January, there hadn't been any in February. If you go for a longer-term deal, like the annual sign-up, you can get in for cheaper, though you pay in one instalment. There is a two-day trial to take which offers limited access. I don't know how much this recurs at because it doesn't say. There is a cross-sale on the sign-up page, but it's not pre-checked, so you should be okay there.


Shamed Sluts looks like it's going to be fine, in time. It's small now but some of the exclusive hardcore, reality videos are 50 minutes in length, and they come with four streams and downloads in Mp4 and a set of screencaps that are high quality. The girls are varied, their punishments are pure hardcore with ordinary looking guys (younger and hung though), and the porn side works well. A few more extras, a model index, more info and regular updates would be good to see.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive movies
+ Good length videos
+ Downloadable
+ 4K HD
+ Streams
+ A new twist on reality 'shame' porn

- Small site
- Inconsistent updates
- No small mobile files
- No extras or bonuses
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