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Short Review:

Absolutely amazing site concept, the smoking content niche is one that is becoming very popular and the demand for niche content is growing with it. The smoking freaks on this site are all relatively attractive and they use their lips and bodies to smoke. The images on the site are hi res and I enjoyed looking at some the pictures on the site. Members get access to 37 other adult sites when they join Smoking Freaks, I had a few problems downloading content I hope this issue is only temporarily.
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Detailed Review:


For a very good reason the combination of semi naked and naked girls smoking just seems to work. There are quite a few great images in the picture content collection that capture the sexy smoke billowing into the air. I couldnt readily access any of the video content, it proved to be quite difficult to view. I dislike waiting to view content just as much as I dont like fumbling around through poorly laid out site looking for the content.

Downloading formats on that the site uses are: Windows Media Video (WMV) and MPEG. The site offers members the option to download the content to their computer or view it via live streaming on the site. The content is offered for viewing in 2 options split scenes and full video. The only option that is functioning on the site at the moment is the full download option if members select to right click and press save target as. The content took quite some time to download 32 Kbps and I had to wait for it to finish.

Check out the clip on the site that stars Blondy, she is attractive and the there is something erotic and soft about this girl. She has a really nice body, kind face and even in the images on the site she is very, very sexy. Blondys images and video scenes are on the 2nd page of the content on the site.

Features & Navigation:

After logging into the site members will be directed to the main members area page. On the main members page there is a navigation bar at the very top of the page. All of the options member will need to navigate around the site will be found in this bar. The Home option will take members back to the main members page and it is easy to understand what the other options on the navigation bar offer as they have selected words that simply describe the action carried out inside that option. This makes navigation around the site a breeze for members to use.

Format and download options that are available for members to use download or watch content via live streaming on the site are Windows Media Video (WMV) and MPEG. The video content on this site is split into scenes and members also have the option to view the full length video in Hi or low res. Unfortunately at the time of this review some of the format and downloading options werent working correctly. The only way that I could access the content was to right click and select the hi res WMV full length video download option. The livestreaming and split scene options were not working at all. I eventually downloaded a full length video and the bit rate was 32Kbps, the internet connection that I am using is quite good and the download took a very long time and the site seemed very slow to respond.
There are no dates listed on the content, so it is difficult for me to be able to tell when the site is updated with new content and how often. The site does offer its members access to 37 other sites, which interestingly enough has content that dies actually download in a reasonable amount of time. Some of the supporting sites have lower quality content, but at least it works I do like the additional services that the site offers members, DVDs, Online stores, Personal Sevices and live cam chat. I just hope that the site sorts out its content delivery problems because I think once the issues are fixed the site will be fantastic.


The way that this smoking porn site is currently operating is a disappointment, because there are certain things that I think make a site successful. Being able to easily access content is one of the criteria that needs to be met for me to enjoy the content. I like the site navigation and I think that the content concept is amazing, but what is the sense in paying for a membership when members cannot freely access the content.

Pros & Cons

+ Great content concept
+ Easy navigation
- Problems with content delivery
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