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Since 1953, Playboy has been able to get the most beautiful women in the world to bare it all in the pages of their world famous magazine, and now, the magazine which has almost become synonymous with adult entertainment has made the move to the web. is one of their newest offerings featuring real amateur wives from around the US stripping down in hot and sultry pictorials and softcore videos.
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Our total rating: 60/100

Detailed Review:


If youve picked up a playboy magazine in the last 10 years or so, then Im sure youll know exactly what I mean when I say that the materials here at Playboys Sexy Wives are exactly the type of thing youd expect to see from the Playboy brand. Nothing ventures into hardcore action at all, and you wont even see any masturbation. What you will see is simply gorgeous women posing in classy lingerie, swimwear and other beautiful clothes and, eventually, stripping it all off for full nudity in both the photo sets and videos. Frankly, I usually find videos on softcore sites pretty boring, particularly when they are nothing more than footage of a photo shoot taking place. Playboys Sexy Wives handles softcore porn videos better than just about anyone else with the sexy women showing off every luscious curve in ways that will have you standing at attention as sure as any suck and fuck flick. is a relatively new site and hasnt amassed a particularly large collection of its own so far, but membership here includes an entire Playboy portfolio of sites dedicated to all natural women, college students, new models and more for a total of seven individual collections available with your subscription. Just counting those offered for the Sexy Wives site, there are 34 models available so far. Each has at least one photo set and one interview video, but some models also have up to a total of three photo sets and three videos including the interview. Though the materials arent dated, there is an update log which indicates that new models were being added about once per week for a while, but the most recent addition on the day I visited the site was already over two weeks old. Hopefully the site will return to at least once weekly updates in the very near future!

As you may expect, the quality here is nothing to complain about. Playboy has put together top notch videos and photos for each smoking hot wife and both offer excellent clarity and lighting. My only minor complaint is that most of the photos are less than 900 pixels on the long side, and while thats not exactly tiny, Id prefer to see more offered in the larger size I noticed for those which offered ZIP file downloads. On the video side, things really couldnt get much better in terms of quality and the only trouble is that the formats and options arent always consistent. Most are available in sizes of up to at least 720x400 pixels and bitrates ranged between 3000 and 3200 kbps for the highest levels available for each flick. Some are even 1280x720 pixels in size and filled up my screen completely with these sexy honeys. MPEG and WMV formats are both found, although not always for the same video, and all files are DRM-free.

Features & Navigation:

The tour here kicks things off with a playful mix of blue and orange and plenty of extensive preview information for every single one of the available models. I was very impressed with the thoroughness here since most sites give very little solid info about the actual materials inside. Without ever logging in, you can see the sexy outfits the women wear and read their personal info such as age and hometown. Youll want to pay special attention to the tabs at the very top of the main tour page since these will give you access to the same types of previews for the other included collections. There are tons of smoking hot babes of all types to check out here and they definitely let you know all about it from the get-go!

Just as on the tour, the main members page here offers tabs to navigate to the six different included sites, or you can click the back to gateway button to head to the main Playboy member page. There are considerably more ads here than I would like to see, and the problem is exacerbated by the fact that it can be hard to tell what is an ad and what isnt, and even at that, the ads dont always seem to have anything to do with what you clicked on. A link for the model Tiffany Fallon, for example, took me to a page which had nothing to do with Tiffany. Once you click around for a bit, youll quickly learn where the goods are!

So far, all 34 Playboys Sexy Wives models are displayed on the main page for the collection with their name, age, hometown, and a brief blurb about their likes and dislikes. Each babe has her own page where you will find all of her available content plus more detailed information about measurements, eye color and more. If more materials featuring her are available elsewhere in the Playboy network, there will be a link to the additional materials here as well.

Most of the girls have at least one HD video, and both the HD and non-HD videos are available in two quality levels. Some of the links, when clicked, immediately begin downloading the flick and others take you to a streaming page with a download link at the bottom. Most files are WMV but MPEG is found as well, generally for the interviews only. I also noticed that the interviews were more commonly available for streaming than the other vids. Photo sets are sometimes offered in ZIP files, but usually not. Often times, a model may have two or three sets available in total, but only one available for ZIP file downloading. Since the sets are only represented by text links and not thumbnails, its not always possible to tell which set youre downloading beforehand. Its not a huge issue, but I would like to see the sites features improved and grown quite a bit.


Playboy's Sexy Wives offers an excellent collection of materials featuring real amateur wives from around the country, and the large bonus package makes this the perfect site for Playboy magazine fans. With magazine-slick photos, videos hot enough to melt your monitor and fully nude, gorgeous wives baring it all, this one is a must see!

Pros & Cons

+ High quality Playboy materials
+ Large bonus package
+ Less than $20 for six great sites
- Updates not 100% on schedule
- Still a tad small but will grow
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