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If there's a hotter blonde chick than Alison Angel then I haven't seen her yet. Seriously though this blonde cutie is one of the hottest I've seen and her rack isn't that bad to look at either. Her site offers luscious photos and hot videos of herself in sensual softcore content, cum in and be mesmerized by one of FTV's hottest girl Miss Alison Angel.
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Our total rating: 69/100

Detailed Review:


I'm not much of a blonde lover myself but damn this chick is hot! she's got the perfect combination of features with a cute innocent face of an angel, and a hot body like a pornstar you'll be hard pressed not falling in love her. With feature girl sites such as this you'll find that they usually offer content which tends to lean towards the softcore side, which is the same case with this site. Personally I think that the softcore niche really suits Alison as she's just too cute to be taped getting slammed by some random sleazy dude.

I found that the picture content took most of the spotlight on this site as they look absolutely stunning, which was kind of expected from an FTV site as they always produce some of the finest photos around. Currently there are over 280 picture galleries to browse through with an average count of 55 photos, the photos can get up to 1072x712 in size plus some of Alison's favorite shoots have been super sized to 2000x3000, making this a must see site for picture enthusiasts.

Like the picture content video footage is also of the softcore variety, they consist of Alison posing and rubbing herself from the photos shoots, with a few random videos of Alison doing girly stuff and playing with one of her girlfriends. Unfortunately the videos can only be downloaded in full scenes so they can get quite large in file size sometimes getting up to 130Mbs, so they may take a while to download for members on dial-up. Quality wise they aren't as impressive as the picture content, but are still well worth a watch. The Avi format of the videos come in a video bit rate of 700kbps with a resolution of 352x288, while the Wmv version of the videos come in a decent bit rate of 1000kbps which come in 640x480 resolution.

That's pretty much it for content on Alison's site updates come 3 to 4 times a week so there's always something new to check out. You can also check out Alison's journal and message board to get a rough idea on what kind of girl and what sort of things Alison likes to get up to, which really does give the site a personal touch.

Features & Navigation:

You can't help but feel that personal touch as you check out the tour pages of Alison's site. The page has a latest update section with information on the latest additions to the site, which was only added a few days prior to this review, so yeah the site is still active and going strong. Another great feature is that non-members can browse the site as though they are a member, of course there's limitations as they can't download or view any of the pictures.

After logging in the first thing you'll come across is the awesome site banner, on this banner you'll find links to Alison's journal, the Girlfriends area, and Alison's playground where you can check out the videos of Alison doing random things in public or playing with one of her girlfriends. There's also a link to the latest update on the banner this link will take you directly to the photo shoot and videos.

The entire main members area is covered with thumbnail links which look like the front cover of a magazine, and essentially that's what they are. Each link will take you to an information page for the set of pictures and videos, this page includes a description of the content provided, and of the links to the various photo and video sets available for that shoot.

So that's pretty much all there is to say about the site's navigation. Basically you can access all the content from the main members area so you'll have a pretty hard time getting lost on this site. The magazine covers work great as thumbnail links, and the site banner is more than just eye candy. It's all very self explanatory folks a site designed to be used with utmost ease.


This site has many good things going for it for starters Alison is too damn hot and the gorgeous pictures on offer really capture her beauty. The videos are more fun than anything but still have that sexual allure, cause like I said Alison is just so hot! Another FTV site featuring a hot girl and some of the most mouth watering pictures you'll ever see.

Pros & Cons

+ Alison is gorgeous
+ Picture content is top notch
+ Very easy to browse
+ Video content is decent
+ Loads of pictures
+ Super sized pics
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