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Other: Young Adults


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My name's Cherry Potter, I'm 19 and I live in Montreal Canada. I couldn't dream living in another city since Montreal is such a beautiful place to live. I was always was a very open minded person sexwise, but a lot of people I know seem to be unconformable when it comes to sex, but not me. I like to show off my body and too bad if people don't like it... I bet that If you are here you are not one of those people. Let me tell you now guys that I am now a member on Cherrys website.
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Our total rating: 84/100

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WOW !!! This babe is smoking hot, you will not wanna leave this site once you become a member. Now let me tell you this, I was such a fan of this girls site that I become a member myself, after I finished reviewing it. I am not joking either. Let me tell you a little bit about cheery potter.

Cherry Potter, is 19 and lives in Montreal Canada. She wouldn't dream of living anywhere else as she loves Canada so much. This girl really does love her friends, she loves then so much she has even shot a couple of videos with them, and let me tell you this, they are all smoking hot videos with the girls getting down and dirty with each other.

You will get hours and hours of full length videos to either download or stream inside your browser, there's over 6 pages of videos and more and more being added each and every week. This site loves to give its members updates so you will always have the newest videos and images to browse.

All the video content you will have access to will play in windows media player (WMV), although your able to play a wmv media file in almost media player, I recommend Windows media player for the best results.

The videos can be viewed in two ways, you can either view them in low or high resolution. This is basically for members using dial up or broadband internet. The low resolution videos are mainly for users with dial up internet and the video quality is ok, but not so crash hot when viewed in full screen. The high resolution on the other hand is for broadband users and looks great in full screen on my 24 inch LCD monitor.

Features & Navigation:

You have a choice of clicking the following links. Home, Friends, Videos, Store. Ok lets just say you click on the videos section, thats what I always do first. Almost instantly you will be taken to the video section where you will see the videos laid out right in front of you, there are 3 pages of videos to choose from. To start a movie you will simply have to click on the resolution you wish to watch the video in and the video will start to download, be sure to remember where you are saving it on your hard drive though, I forgot where I saved mine had to go looking for it. Take it from me, it sucks trying to find you own porn stash.

The video page has been laid out great, it gives you a chance to see some screen shots of the video your about to download. I love sites that do this cause it gives you a chance to preview the video before you download it. There is nothing worse then downloading a video and realizing you don't like it or the girls are dog ugly, but don't worry none of the girls on this site are ugly.

You will also notice that there's a link at the top of the website that says Sites, if you click on this it will load a drop down menu where there another 45 sites in the network for you to visit, free of charge. It's all apart of the sites multi pass network

Other then that the site is very straight forward, if you have any trouble while on the site be sure to click on the support click and email the webmasters who run the site.


This is a truly banging website, you will never want to leave the site once you log in. I would know, I had the pleasure of reviewing the site. I normally give myself 1 hour to review a site but I ended up staying inside the members area for over 5 hours and I still didn't get through all the content the website had to offer.

Thats the sort of website you would want to join, it has so much content you wouldn't know where to start.

I would highly recommend this site to everyone I speak to.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot Girl
+ Loads of Content
+ Heaps of updates
+ Heaps of Bonuses
+ Great Design
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