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If your looking for solo girl site which features a young, petite brunette babe, then come check the review out for Piper Fawn's hot little site. Her site consists of short softcore episodes, and awesome photo galleries, starring none other than herself. Members will drool as she shows off her ripe young body! Signing up will also get you access to some of Piper's hot girlfriends, at no extra charge!
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Piper Fawn is a young brunette cutie who has all the characteristics of the girl next door type. She's quite an attractive broad, but she isn't disgustingly perfect like high caliber pornstars, and in my opinion this makes a women so much more fuckable. The episodes and photo shoots Piper stars in are fairly softcore, they involve Piper playing with herself, using toys, or just showing off her delicious booty. I should also mention that people with a foot fetish will especially get into the picture content, as a lot of the images are focused on Piper's cute feet. Basically it's what you would expect from solo girl sites like this.

Unfortunately the update logs haven't been dated, so I'm not entirely sure on how active the site is, plus there's no information in regards to future updates, however for the time being, the site is doing alright with content numbers, especially for exclusive content. As it is now, there is a current total of 68 short episodes which run for roughly 5 minutes each, all the videos on offer can be downloaded in both Wmv and Avi format. As far as quality goes, there isn't a huge difference between the two formats.

The Wmvs are available in a video bit rate of 900kbps with a video size of 720x480. The Avi's are in a slightly higher encoding rate clocking in at roughly 930kbps with the same video size of 720x480. Overall I was fairly pleased with the quality, and it does stay consistent through the various episodes. Download options are a little low, but with short episodes like this, they are somewhat not needed, so it isn't too much of an issue.

Picture lovers will be glad to know that there's a wealth of high quality, softcore photo content available. All up there's an impressive total of 258 picture galleries, with up to 120 images per set available to download in zip files. Quality wise the photos are awesome, and they come in fairly big sizes of up to 1024x768. A very tasty compliment to the great video content on offer. At the end of the day the content available on Piper's site probably wouldn't appeal to hardcore fans, due to the softcore nature of the media, but most importantly fans of the softcore niche will appreciate the content available.

Features & Navigation:

Potential members are fed a ton of information, and pictures on visiting the tour pages of Piper's site. There are screen captures of some of the episodes, and small sample pictures taken from the photo galleries. At the bottom of the tour page, there's information in regards to the 19 bonus sites members gain access to. Yup you heard right, on signing up to Piper's site members are awarded with full access to 19 bonus sites absolutely free. These sites are mostly solo model sites such as this one, you'll also find a few general young adult sites in the mix.

After logging in you'll be presented with a neat looking members area that's quite easy on the eyes. There's a lovely photo of Piper in the banner, and situated just below it is a navigation menu filled with links which direct you to the different types of content. There's also a link for customer support if you ever run in to troubles, and if you speak Spanish you can even view the Spanish version of the site.

Beneath the navigation menu are the top 6 most popular sites out of the 19 bonus sites members gain access to. Further down is a section dedicated to the rest of the bonus sites, each site is represented by a small thumbnail link of a portrait of the starring model. Clicking on these links will take you straight to the home page of your chosen model's site. The bottom half of the members area consists of information on the latest updates, but as I mentioned earlier, these haven't been dated.

The video gallery is made up of 4 indexed pages. On each page you will find up to 20 thumbnails, each of the thumbnails represents an episode. Clicking on this thumbnail you take you to an area which presents the Avi and Wmv versions of the episode. A simple click on these thumbnail links and your download should automatically start. The picture galleries are pretty straight forward as well. This area is made up of 13 pages, also with 20 galleries on each. Clicking on the thumbnail links will take you straight to the main gallery, where you can choose to view the images individually, or download the whole set in a zip file.


Overall I was quite pleased with what Piper's site has on offer. The videos are of fairly decent quality, and the picture content looks superb. Content numbers are fairly good, but information on updates can't be found, so I'm a little concerned on how active the site is, let alone if it's active at all. Either way if members do end up running out of content, there are always 19 other great sites to check out, so there is longevity value to the membership.

Pros & Cons

+ Piper is cute
+ Pictures look great
+ Exclusive content
+ Site looks nice
+ 19 great bonus sites
- No update information
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