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Battle Bang brings a totally new concept to porn. This exclusive site offers the chance to see real life mixed martial arts fighting in combination with hardcore porn. Each episode features a one-on-one MMA fight where the winner gets to fuck a sexy porn star and the loser Well, the loser gets to fuck a sexy pornstar too. It's pretty much a win-win situation. Want to know more about this unique site? I'll take you inside for the full report.
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Detailed Review:


I believe Battle Bang has only been around for a couple of months now, and there are only a few battles available so far. Specifically, there are eight matches here, each of which contains an intro video, a fight video, the winners sex video, the loser's sex video, and a set of digital still photos. Nothing is dated and I'm not sure if or when updates are being made. One thing I want to be clear on up front is that this is not your typical website in terms of offering downloadable videos. Everything here is offered for streaming, but you won't be able to save it for later viewing.

Although the site boasts of featuring real MMA fighters, it looks like most of these guys are just pornstars who happen to have a mean right hook rather than fighters who are involved in a professional fighting circuit. The exception is Dick Delaware a.k.a. Aaron Brink who does appear to have had in MMA career in years past. The prize and punishment models are typically well known pornstars like Sophie Dee, Kelly Devine, Isis love, and Lexi Belle. Often, the punishment gal is a BBW or alt porn star. The contestants battle it out in a real cage fight, and while these may not be quite as brutal as some of the MMA fights I've seen on television, they certainly aren't faking it. These guys come out bruised and sometimes even bloody.

After the match, the winner is matched up with his prize while the loser takes his punishment. In reality, the punishment and prize aren't really all that different. The "punishment" typically begins with the punishment model dishing out some verbal humiliation and maybe a bit of hair pulling and face slapping, but things quickly move into hardcore sex. In the "prize sex" video, things typically just get right down to business. Did I mention that the fucking takes place in the cage too? It's pretty interesting to watch these guys go at it knowing that one of them is going to be banging a sexy gal on that same mat in mere moments.

The streaming-only videos here are offered in your choice of five different quality levels. Unfortunately, the network doesn't seem to have enough speed to be able to push these HD quality flicks as fast as they should be. That means that you're in for long waits for buffer time and that jumping around within the flick, especially when viewing a high quality version, doesn't work very well. Pausing the flick at the beginning and allowing it from time to buffer does seem to help in terms of a smoother viewing experience, but instead buffering is pretty much a must these days especially when you're paying a monthly membership fee to access these materials.

Features & Navigation:

The black and red tour pages for Battle Bang offer a single streaming trailer that serves as a preview for the entire collection. This high-energy video gives you fast cuts of sex and fighting, and although it does give you a pretty good general idea of what you'll see inside, I would like to see some more specific information added about the episodes and how the fighting works. There's also no information on the tour to let you know just how small the collection is or to fill you in on the update schedule.

The basic color and graphics scheme from the tour pages continues in the members area here at Battle Bank. The site offers a search tool, but with only eight matches available here so far it's not particularly helpful yet. Each match has its own page where you can access the photo materials and the four separate video clips that make up each episode.

As I mentioned, the materials here are only available for streaming and not for download. The streaming video player offers basic stop, start, and pause functions but none of the advanced features like filmstrip navigation that are popping up on some of the other more advanced sites out there. Adding a download option here would be a vast improvement for this collection.


Although I'm not sure that Battle Bang is worth a join on its own with such a small collection so far, the large bonus network adds considerable value and I think the site is a very nice addition to the overall network. The lack of downloadable video files will certainly be a dealbreaker for some, but if you're interested in the unique concept here and don't mind the streaming only nature of things, this one is definitely worth checking out.

Pros & Cons

+ Unique MMA fighting/porn concept
+ Exclusive materials
+ Good quality
+ Large bonus package
- Vids are stream-only
- Only 8 episodes so far
- Unsure about updates
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