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Membership to the Impulse Productions site comes with membership to Pec Panthers Den Massive Archive. What we have here are collections of images and videos that are exclusive to the company and that focus on female bodybuilders, and girls with pecs. It's all about fit and big, tough and muscled women in workouts, bondage, hardcore and steamy sex sessions. It's a specialist site and one that has a very old fashioned, amateur look.
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You've head of cougars, older women who are sexy and on the prowl; well here we are looking at Panthers: muscled women who are older, sexy and on the prowl. Actually, they don't have to be older, as long as they have muscles. That's the theme of the models and that's what you will see throughout this collection of exclusive movies and videos.

All the content is set out on one page, which makes the site a bit of a trial to use, and there is a very amateur look to the set up, but in a way that also gives it some appeal. There is something like 180 + movies with galleries on this one page, set out four across and with sample shots and models names. Some of this content simply shows the muscle girls working out, or fighting, wrestling, posing and being themselves. Other videos are hardcore with tough guys involved, and some are lesbian scenes with two power-girls making out together. It's a bit of a mix, and a nice one too.

Select a video and gallery to view from the sample image and click it to open the page. The images all load up across the top and the video beneath, though page designs may vary and some of the 108 + pages of content may be photos only. Video viewing is a bit of a hit and miss affair. There are some Mov file streams (that crashed by browser when trying to upgrade), and I also found some WMV downloads. The quality is going to vary as well; I found some more recent WMV files playing at: 720 x 480, but an undetectable bitrate. The visual quality of these was fine though, so no worries there.

Lengths of clips vary and some longer scenes are cut up into clips, giving you smaller files to download one at a time. The filming quality is pretty amateur, as is the photography and the design of the site. But it all stays on niche and gives you hot and hard-bodied females in various situations. It's hard to say how often new content is added as there are no dates put up with the it. Updates however we were told are done weekly. However, there is a blog that is being updated so you can check in there for more specific news.

The images are all set out crammed together as large thumbnails on the same viewing page as the videos, which makes them a bit tricky to see; there's no white space between each thumbnail. They open up one at a time in the same window to sizes up at 687 x 1,294 in the more recent additions, and you browse them one by one. The quality is fine, though some clips also come with screen caps at 720 x 480 which can be a bit fuzzy.

There are 92 more video clips, scenes and photo collections in the Pec Panther Archive, showing you similar girls going all kinds of neat things from bodybuilding to toy-play.

Features & Navigation:

There is only the most basic of menus with this site: a list of three buttons to take you to the Archives, the Blog which opens in the same window and has a similar design, and New Galleries, which is the same page as you land on when you sign in. Everything is held on that page: the sample images, names and titles set out in frame boxes which then lead to the clips, scenes and/or galleries per update.

As I said, there is no information about upload dates, no dates are shown and you've only really got the blog to lead you. But that does seem to be updating all the time. There are no choices for viewing, you are given one option to download or stream and there is no arguing. There are no navigation tools with galleries, no zips or slideshows, nothing fancy and the whole thing looks like it's been put together by an enthusiastic amateur. That's not a bad thing as hes really got a craving for his muscle women and so, if you have too, then you're in good hands.

I didn't find any technical troubles apart from the one QuickTime player wanting an upgrade and crashing my screen, but that may have been a problem at my end, as it were. The pages opened fast enough, the images whizzed in, but it would be nice not to have to us the back button all the time.

It's got a very basic design, but Impulse Productions, as a site, works and makes it easy for you to get to the content.


Whats excellent is that Impulse Productions knows its niche and stays with it: sexy, powerful women in poses, shows, competitions and also in some erotic and even hardcore shoots. There are clips, some scene length clips and galleries to be seen. Whats good is that the guy behind it is an enthusiastic amateur who knows his niche. Whats not so good is the amateur design and lack of information in the members' area. Keep an eye on the blog for news, and have fun!

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Stays on its niche
+ Enthusiastically produced
+ Blog
+ Hot women
+ Weekly Updates

- Amateur design
- Few viewing choices
- Variable quality
- Not interactive
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