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If you're tired of the same old lesbian content then Ultimate Surrender might be what you're after. This site breaths some new life into the lesbian niche and takes it to the extreme. The episodes included feature sexy lesbians going at it wrestling style. So if you want to see a mix of wrestling and brutal lesbian scenes, you definately can't go wrong with this site.
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Our total rating: 82/100

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As much as I love lesbian content, I can't help but feel that it can somewhat get a little generic. Insert dildo here, lick pussy there, moan like you mean it get the gist. Surprisingly someone has found a way to put a little twist into lesbian porn and added a wait, a ton of wrestling moves into the mix and ended up with this site "Ultimate Surrender".

I'm not entirely sure whether the girls on this site have professional wrestling backgrounds, you may notice a few well known pornstars in the mix, so obviously those ones haven't won any Olympic medals hehe. Don't go thinking that the ladies are all butch and muscley just because they're into wrestling, in fact most of them are quite sexy and slender.

So now you know that the girls wrestle, but what else do they get up to I hear you ask? Well for starters their fingers get quite busy at times, also you'll see a few strap-on and dildo cameos through out the episodes. Most of the times 2 girls go at it, but you'll also see threesomes, even foursome scenes. All this happens in a ring style setting, and you can take my word for it that the girls really go hard!

Well it looks as though this type of lesbian porn has been circulating around the net for quite a while now. The site was first launched on the 3rd of August '04, just over 3 years now. Up until now the episodes are still coming in at a steady flow. So far there are over 200 episodes of hardcore wrestling and fucking to enjoy, each one complete with gorgeous picture content, and decent quality videos.

There's definately no shortage when it comes to downloading options on this site. All episodes have been cut into short chapters, and are available in three different formats including Wmv, Mp4, and RM. The videos can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions, or streamed straight off the site. When it comes to quality the videos are fairly decent. They aren't superb but they're still quite easy on the eyes.

Wmv: (900kbps @ 852x480)
Mp4: (700kbps @ 540x432)
RM: (900kbps @ 852x480)

Each episode comes with a picture gallery. The images within are surprisingly high in quality, here I was thinking that the site only provides screen captures but instead I was treated with some gorgeous images. Not only are the pictures colorful and clear, but they're decently sized clocking in at 1200x853 pixels in dimension. These are sure to keep picture lovers entertained.

Features & Navigation:

You'll notice that the tour pages of the site is identical to the members area. In other words, potential customers are shown exactly what they're paying for. This is a good sign that the developers aren't trying to hide anything, and hey..with content like this, what is there to hide right?

To be brutally honest the site does look a little plain. I am going to go ahead and guess that they haven't renovated the site since it launched as the color scheme, designs (or lack of should I say), and layout really shows it's age. On a lighter note however, the site works perfectly fine, and accessing the content is a piece of cake.

Below the site banner is where you'll come across the navigation menu. This menu provides links to the updates section, Information and stats about the wrestlers, an area dedicated to the models, an adult store, special offers to offers on other great porn sites, and the Ultimate Surrender forums.

There are a few nice little gags on this site which really give the site and the lesbian wrestlers some character. For instance there's the Summer Vengeance section, this shows you the tournament charts and which wrestler is the champion of the season. Then there's the Stats info section where you can check out the wrestlers strengths, weaknesses, and how they rank on the charts. A great read if anything.

All the episodes are organized within 14 indexed pages. These are represented by multiple thumbnails a description about the match, and links to the downloads section, streaming section, and the picture gallery. If you feel that the pages are loading too slowly because of the amount of thumbnails, you have the option of viewing only a single thumbnail of the episode, or taking the thumbnails away all together.

All in all the site is very easy to use, and it's good to see that the developers have kept in mind that not every one has a blistering fast connection speed. If there's anything I could change about the site, it would have to be the general presentation of it, as it does look quite dull. But hey, at least the site is user-friendly right?


I've never had so much fun watching lesbian porn before. If you love lesbian porn but want to see something different for a change, then you owe it to yourself to check this site out right away. The site, the episodes, and it's models have a lot of character. Apart from that the site is constantly updated, there's a good amount of content, and the media looks quite decent. Definitely worth a look!

Pros & Cons

+ Episodes are fun to watch
+ Wrestlers have a lot of character
+ Frequent updates
+ Site is easy to use
+ Decent quality media
- Dull site presentation
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