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I love to squirt has been on the search to bring you the hottest most freshest models from around the world who can squirt a cum loads like a man. Their girls get so hot and wet that they explode their liquids all over the joint! This is 100% real squirting at it's best performed for your viewing pleasure!
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Wow some of the women on this site can put some men to shame when it comes to squirting juices, the girls on this site are soooo juicy you could sell them as vending machines for a pretty penny. Nah just kidding, but seriously though these girls can really squirt. Now being a squirting site, it's obviously going to provide some very hardcore content, as it seems as though these girls can only squirt after they've had their pussies fucked to the limit, resulting in the most explosive climaxes you'll ever witness.

The lovely ladies which star in their videos are all very attractive with bodies to die for and all of which have inherited the talent of being able to squirt and seeing as there are 58 episodes, there's definitely no shortage of hot squirting women. All of the episodes have been cut into short chapters in order to keep the file sizes as small as possible, making the task of streaming a little more convenient for their members that are still on dial up.

To make streaming even more convenient the dev team have decided to provide three different versions of each episode, being high, medium and low. Obviously the higher quality videos are going to look great and with high quality comes large file sizes, so these are obviously catered towards members with fast connection speeds, where as the lower quality vids are really only there for members with slow connections.

Seeing as there are quite a few vids to go through I didn't really have the time to check every single one of them out, though I did take the liberty on viewing a few of them just to get a better understanding on how these videos actually look. From what I viewed their higher quality videos looks awesome, for the most part the image on screen is nice and clear and the motion is fluid. As for the lower quality videos, well obviously they don't look as good and the image on screen can get quite blurry, the only way around this is to watch the movie through a small screen, but again these are really only here to make things a little more convenient for members on dial up.

Now aside from all the featured videos on this site, members have been granted full access to their entire collection of sites, on their network, all up there are currently 27 of these sites to choose from, all of which have their own designated niche and I must commend them for providing a wide array of sites under a wide selection of niches, they've got everything from your faves like lesbians and 18-19 year olds down to the more kinkier niches such as spanking and squirting, so no matter what kind of porn your into, your sure to bump into something you'll like.

Well their collection of sites and videos is rather quite impressive and it would be even more impressive if members are able to download their content, they really need to fix up this issue as it's the only thing holding back their great content.

Features & Navigation:

Now I've only ever said this a few times since I've been a reviewer but this site was a pleasure to browse, the layout is simple enough for anyone to use and the interface just screams of professionalism, it's sites like these that make my job a little more enjoyable and my hat goes down to the site designer for making such an accessible and user friendly site.

After you login through the front page you are taken to what looks like the main hub for their network of sites, so I guess you could treat it as your main homepage. The first thing you'll notice at the very top of the page, is the navigational menu. From this menu you can access a drop down menu with a list of links to their other sites, access their DVD archive, read up on the latest updates and contact customer support. This menu is present through out all the different sites and sections on this network, so the task of backtracking is quick and easy and traversing through all the different sites, is pretty much instantaneous, as they've eliminated the process of having to re-enter your login every time you enter one of their many sites.

At the very top of the homepage you'll come across a welcome message and a small thumbnail link to their newest site, which is currently Ethnic Squirting. Below you will find a scroll down panel which consists of information regarding their updates. To the right of this you will find a small section which includes their top rated and newest movies, each movie includes a link which will take you directly to the streaming section for one of the videos.

Scrolling further down the homepage you will come across the links to their collection of exclusive sites, each site is represented by a small thumbnail link which strongly portrays the designated niche of the site, short descriptions are also provided here so you can read up on what the site has to offer. Clicking on any one of the thumbnails mentioned earlier will take you to the site's content area, which is usually made up of numerous pages. Each page contains 5 episodes and each episode takes up a small portion of the page. Within this portion you will find the streaming link for the video, a rating system, a short description of the scene and 4 thumbnails, these thumbnails are video stills taken from the video file of the episode, so they should give you a good indication on what you can expect to see in the movie.

The development team have decided to reward their loyal members with various other sites that are exclusive to this very same company, members can access these sites only after they've been a member for 63 days. All up there are 26 of these sites to check out and like the sites on this network these sites cover a large amount of different niches. Also I should mention that I've had the pleasure of reviewing most of the sites on this network and they're just as great as the sites found on this network.

It's good to see that they're looking out for their customers and bonuses like this that really boosts the memberships value. Now it should be pretty obvious that this site really is worth a look at and the network it's on is just grand, you will agree with my statement that this site is a pleasure to browse, the only thing I have to criticize them about is the fact that you can't download their movies, I really wish they would fix this up as this is the only factor letting down this awesome site.


There's definitely a lot on offer on this female ejaculation porn site and a network as a whole, and like I said earlier the only thing that's letting the content down is the fact that you can't download them, sure they look great and run smoothly, but at the end of the day members are going to want downloadable content, I mean they are paying for it after all.

Pros & Cons

+ Really easy to navigate
+ Hot Squirting girls
+ Access to multiple sites
+ General presentation of site
- Needs downloadable content
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