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The developers of Leaking Liquids go to countries where hardcore porn is strictly taboo, the girls there are innocent angels who wouldn't touch a cock in a million years, but they are so horny that they can't resist the temptation of an orgasm, so much for being innocent angels, the girls they found can put most guys to shame when it comes to squirting liquid out of their genitals, cum watch these hunnies squirt!
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I'm sure a lot of you guys out there would love a girlfriend that can squirt, I know it does seem like when girls squirt it's a lot more messier than how we guys squirt, for starters it looks as though the liquid is clear and at times they can squirt unbelievably high, putting some guys to shame. I personally find this sort of porn to be very arousing, as you can tell with these scenes that the chicks really are having an orgasm rather than just faking it which I know a lot of porn stars are guilty of.

Being a squirting site it's pretty obvious that the scenes are going to be pretty hardcore as a girl needs to be involved in some pretty hardcore rapid fucking in order to get that squirt out. Currently there are 96 squirting scenes available, with a good variety of different types of women to choose from including blondes, brunettes, redheads, 18-19 year olds, milfs, Asians and ebony harlots, so no matter what type of chick you dig your sure to find one here that floats your boat. All of the video files on this site are in wmv format and are only available to download in full scenes, this could be a problem for members that are still on dial up connections as some of the video files can get fairly big, it would have been nice if they included the option of downloading the scenes in short chapters or something.

The quality of their videos tends to differ through out the different scenes, but for the most part they seem to be pretty decent, as there are a lot of movies available it was impossible for me to check every single one out, but I did take the liberty of checking a few of the scenes out and what I saw I liked, though there was one scene that looked awful through a full screen and I'm certain there are a few more like this, though it isn't overly serious and the good ones do outweigh the bads.

Unfortunately there is no picture content available from this site, but the SMDN network does provide a couple of picture sets. So far there are only 3 picture sets available on the SMDN network, these picture sets consist of some very high quality still photos that even the most seasoned picture enthusiasts could appreciate. Currently they have 1 picture set of a lesbian shoot and 2 of pornstar shoots, the dimensions of the pictures vary from shot to shot but for the most part they are quite large, the clarity of these pictures is just superb the lighting is spot on and the colors are just right. These 3 picture galleries are such a tease cause I just wanted to see more of these awesome pictures, lets home the guys at SMDN intend on uploading more picture sets like this.

So you think that 96 scenes is a shit load of videos hey? Well what if I were to tell you that members also gain full access to all of the other sites on the SMDN network, these sites cover a good portion of the different types of categories the porn world has to offer, they've got everything from Asian sites, Handjobs, cumshots, orgies featuring 18 and 19 year old girls, interracial, foot fucking and many more weird and wonderful categories and not only that but there are a further 45 bonus sites that strongly revolve around the reality niche, these sites aren't a part of the SMDN but members still have full access to all the media included on these sites.

So are you impressed yet? Not only do you have all the videos on Leaking liquids at your disposal but the password you'll acquire on sign up will allow you full access to a further 80 sites and you don't need me to tell you this but that is a shit load of

Features & Navigation:

I'll admit that at first I was a little skeptical about the site cause after bashing in my login and waited for the page to finish loading I was greeted with a huge sign saying, so I instantly thought that the link had taken me to the wrong site, but as I scrolled down the site I finally found the link for boobie bangers. Anyway let me explain things a little more in detail for you, the reason why you are taken to the page is because this is pretty much the home page to their collection of sites on the SMDN network and the set up they've got going is really effective on making the task of browsing a site much more enjoyable and a lot quicker.

After I came to terms with how the page is laid out, I came to a conclusion that the layout is actually quite practical, with the set up they currently have, they've completely eliminated the process of having to re-enter your login as you traverse through out the different sites on the network, which is what you usually have to do on similar networks and you can take my word for it that after doing this several times it ends up being a very tedious and unnescary task. At the very top of the home page you'll come across the navigation menu which can be utilized to take you to the different sections of this site, you'll probably find that you won't be using this that much cause you'll find everything you'll ever need right on this page including everything from your updates, news and information, the latest and greatest of their porn collection and all the links to the various sites on the SMDN network. So I guess you can pretty much treat this page as your main HUB and it's quite a pretty looking hub if I do say so myself as the graphics and interface are quite eye pleasing, finally a network that just oozes with professionalism when it comes to the general presentation of their sites.

You can make your way to the different sites on the SMDN network either by utilizing the navigation menu or clicking on one of the thumbnail links which can be found towards the middle section of the homepage. Clicking on either one of these should take you to a particular site's scenes and downloads page where you'll find the collection of videos available for download, this section consists of multiple pages, with nemerous scenes presented by a thumbnail on each page, all of these thumbnails are vidcaps taken from that particular scenes video file so they should give you a rough idea on what you could expect to see in that scene. Clicking on one of these thumbnails will take you to that scene's videos download page, this page consists of numerous thumbnails, a short description of the scene and the download link to the video file.

Anyway lets go back to the home page, as I said earlier this is the page to go to if you want to find out all the goss on updates concerning the SMDN network as a whole, you'll find info on the latest uploaded videos, thumbnails of the next 3 videos they intend on uploading and their update history which spans over the whole year, they even have reviews on their newest videos, with all of this information at hands members need not worry that they'll fall behind on all the latest news and updates as the guys behind the SMDN network are doing a great job in keeping members up to date and informed on whats going on and what they can expect to see in the future.

Towards the very bottom of the home page you'll come across the links to the 45 bonus sites members have full access to, each of the sites are represented with a thumbnail that includes the sites logo and pictures which strongly portray the niche of the site. Clicking on one of these thumbnails will take you straight to that site's content page, once again they have eliminated the process of re-entering your password.

By now it should be pretty obvious that this site is very quick and easy to navigate and I must say that their layout is quite original and very effective, I was really impressed with how the site works and find it weird how other networks haven't already copied this brilliant layout, cause it really is far superior than anything else I've seen as far as porn networks go, I give the navigation and features side of this site a standing ovation, great job to the dev team, truely a great job!


I was honestly very impressed with this female ejaculation site the content was great there was a decent amount of featured videos and navigating around a network has never been so quick and easy, not to mention all of the bonus content members are treated to, so the question of the day, is it worth the membership fee? Damn straight it is, in fact what are you doing here reading this review, go sign up now, I guarantee you won't regret it

Pros & Cons

+ Good amount of featured vids
+ Easy to navigate
+ Tonnes of bonus content
+ Access to over 80 sites
- No featured pictures
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