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Have you ever been lucky enough to make or see a girl squirt? Witnessing a chick squirt in real life is quite a rare phenomena and not everyone will experience getting squirted on by some horny chick. So the developers of this site thought that squirting women is something that should be shared with all the world and not just the boyfriends of these talented ladies, cum visit My Girlfriend Squirts and shower yourself in all that girl juice!
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This site goes to show that shooting juice out of your genitals isn't only for men. Now I can't say I've ever been with a girl that squirts and I'm yet to decide whether I'd enjoy being with one or not, cause from what I've seen these girls squirt out a lot of juice and I could imagine it being a big old mess, but I suppose some girls would probably think the same thing about us guys squirting all over the place so I guess it goes both ways. The scenes on this site pretty much fan out like so, the girl talks dirty, she rubs herself up real good to the point where she squirts her pussy juice all over the place.

So far there are 33 scenes available, most of them are of the girls going at it solo, there are a few scenes which include men in them to help the girls out with their happy endings, though the guys never get past the point of licking them out so there isn't any penetration to be found in any of the scenes, which may be a disappointment for some, but obviously members join up for the girls anyway so it's all good, plus I know I'd much rather watch a girl masturbate solo rather than seeing some random guy have his way with her. So I suppose you can classify this content as fairly softcore, cause like I said earlier you won't find any scenes which involve penetration and the only thing that does any penetrating on this site are the horny girl's fingers.

All the scenes are pretty short, running for about 5 to 10 minutes each, the video files on this site are available in wmv format and can get as big as 40Mb in size. The quality of the videos vary from scene to scene but from what I've viewed they seem to be pretty decent, there are a couple scenes that tend to look a little grainy with jumpy frame rates, but watching them through a small screen should fix that right up, the one thing that remains consistent throughout the scenes is the lighting, which I'd have to say is pretty darn good, as you won't find any scenes that are overly dark.

Yet another site on the Super Site Pass network that provides members with outstanding picture content. Each of the scenes come with a picture set, the pictures included in the picture sets are high quality photos that would have been taken around the same time they shot the video footage for the scene. Dimensions of the photos varies from photo to photo but they're all generally quite large, you'll also notice how clear the images are and that blurring and pixelation is not evident. I'd recommend viewing these pictures to anyone cause they're just so good.

Well I'd have to say that I was impressed with the content this site has to offer and I hope they keep on uploading new videos to keep us entertained, what really caught my attention though was the picture content they have, now I don't know if I'm praising these pictures just because I'm used to seeing crappy video captures, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people would agree with me, you have to check it out for yourself to understand, anyway I give the content side of this site a big J thumbs up!

Features & Navigation:

After going through the eye pleasing tour page of this site I couldn't help but feel let down by the general presentation of the actual site itself, the free tour gave me the indication that the site was going to look just as good as the free tour page, if not better, but instead I was slapped in the face with a dull looking site that looks unfinished and they could have utilized the space they had to work with a little better as you'll notice a lot of blank areas through out the different areas of the female ejaculation porn site.

Although the cosmetic side of the site is a little lackluster, all the mechanics under this dull facade work perfectly well, the different sections of the site can be easily accessed via the side navigational menu bar which include links to all the areas of the site. There are 6 sections to this site, 3 of them being pretty useless so I won't bother writing much about them, as they only include links to other adult orientated sites, some don't even include any porn, members will probably visit these sections once out of curiosity and never go back to them again.

All of the updates to the network can be found on the home page, on this page you'll come across thumbnail links to the last 7 uploaded movies and thumbnails to the next 7 movies they plan on uploading some time in the near future, there aren't any exact dates though, but from what I can gather from their update patterns it seems like they are pretty constant with their updates, so we'll probably see these videos up in a few days. Keep in mind that these are updates for the network as a whole and not this site in particular.

All of the video files on this site can be found in the featured videos section, this section consists of 7 pages, each page has 5 thumbnails, these thumbnails represent the individual scenes so they should give you a good idea on what your in for. Just below each thumbnail are two links these links allow you to stream or download the video file and view the picture gallery for that scene, the bonus vids section has the same layout as this section the only difference is that the thumbnails are smaller and that there are no picture gallery links as none of the bonus videos include picture sets.

That pretty much sums up the navigation and features side of this site, like I said before there are more sections on this site but it seems like they are really only there to make the site look bigger, so all in all the site works well it could do with a make over though.


The type of content on this site is perfect for when you want to have a nice quick wank, rather than a marathon as the scenes are nice quick and to the point, not to mention that all the ladies on this site are cute and sexy, with all that bonus content to go through members should be entertained for quite some time and even if they do manage to view all the content on this site they can always check out the bonus sites members gain full access to, what a sweet deal!

Pros & Cons

+ Squirting chicks
+ Picture content is outstanding
+ Loads of bonus videos
- General presentation of the site
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