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Short Review: has everything a Squirting fan could ever want. From the minute you enter the site you are dropped into the main menu which is full of High Res Video and Photos. The site boasts some of the best extras I have seen in a paysite. With the extra 40+ websites you can view at no extra charge this is worth a lot more then they are charging. The site has a little more then 125 Videos and around 55 photos to go with each video.
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For what the site lacks in quantity it makes it up in Quality. It has a little over 125 squirting movies to watch or download and around 55 photos to go with the video. The content is all High res and is in WMV format.

The videos can be downloaded as 1 whole file or cut into 3-4 clips for easier downloading for someone on a slower internet speed.

For a squirting fan you will be in heaven with the videos inside this members area. If you have never seen a girl squirt before you need to check this stuff out. Its so crazy to see these girls squirt 10 feet in the air.

It isn't just all about squirting though, there is also Blowjobs and Anal sex in this website. It is what I like to call hardcore squirting.

These girls are pros of the art of squirting. When you think of girls getting wet, you haven't seen anything till you have seen these girls.

Features & Navigation:

Being apart of the Super Site Pass program the layout and Navigation is the same as all their other websites. If you haven't been a member of one of these sites its very simple to use. Its mainly drop down menus or click on the arrows style of layout.

There is a great Feature I like that is on the right side of the page and what it does is lists the latest Top 10 videos. This saves you scrolling down the page looking for the latest videos on offer. The only thing with this is there isn't many videos to choose from.

The Navigation is easy to use, you have your main buttons down the left hand side of the page so its always easy to get back Home to the main page.

The only thing I don't really like about this members area is that is doesn't look a thing like the front page or the tours you do before joining. The outside of the members section is full of great colours and looks great, but as soon as you get in side it is dark and full of bad colour choices and doesn't look as easy to Navigate. Thats my only real downside. I wish they would have kept the same colours as the front page of the site.

Conclusion: has all the makings of a great squirting porn website. From the high res video/photo section to the 40+ extra websites for no extra charge. The squirting content is fresh and has a mix of both young and old girls. The speed of download is good and the cost price is great when you take into account the amount of extras you will get. They have also setup the videos to be downloaded in 1 full file or split up between 3-4 clips.

Pros & Cons

- For what the site lacks in quantity it makes it up in Quality.

+ You get access to over 40 extra adult websites include 2 super hot solo girl sites. Its way worth the money.
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