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See her Squirt is a female ejaculation based site which offers 100% exclusive episodes. Watch the gorgeous ladies on this site turn on the water works as they get their tight twats ploughed with large cock. This site offers over 50 exclusive episodes filled with hardcore fucking, and absolutely drenched with women juice! A word of warning to the people in the front row, you will get wet!
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See Her Squirt takes the squirting niche, and adds a bit of a reality twist to it. You'll see all the hardcore fucking, and waterfalls of lady juice fly all over the joint, but members are also treated to some saucy, and sometimes down right hilarious story lines which lead up to intense fuck scenes. Best of all, members are spoiled rotten with a drool worthy line up of gorgeous women, including high caliber pornstars like Aurora Snow and Missy Monroe along with a diverse line up of other hot pornstars.

The squirting porn site has been up and running since Oct 2004, just under three years now. All up there's a total of 55 exclusive scenes, along with 46 nonexclusive bonus scenes for members to indulge in. By the looks of things, it doesn't stop there, as the site is still being filled with new episodes. The last loaded video was logged on the 18th of September '07, looking at their update logs, there's no real pattern as the dates are a little erratic. Either way, the episodes are steadily flowing in, so it's all good.

As far as quality goes, the content largely divers if you compare the downloadable videos, to the streamed ones. The downloadable videos were recently added to the site, in the past members only had the option of streaming the episodes off the site. Now I don't know if they rushed the encoding of the downloadable videos, as the quality is pretty mediocre. They come in wmv video files available in an encoding rate of 500kbps in a video size of 480x360. The older streamed videos were pretty average as well, but now they provide a platinum FLV version of the episodes which look superb, and come in a decent video size of 640x480.

In addition to the video content, the episodes come with a set of screen captures, while a good portion of the episodes also come with great photo content. The screen captures are pretty average as per usual, but the actual photos are a whole different story. They look awesome, they're perfectly clear, and feature bright colors. The one and only aspect which could do with some improvement are the sizes they come in, as the photos come in fairly average dimensions of 600x400. This is acceptable for screen captures, but for proper photos, it's some what a little small.

Aside from all the content on See Her Squirt, members are given access to the entire All Reality Pass network. This network consists of over 20 great reality sites, and the best part is you don't have to pay an extra cent to access all the steamy content. As the name of the network suggests, the sites are heavily based on reality content, which makes this network a reality fans dream. Plus the fact that most of the sites are still being updated makes the deal so much more sweeter.

Features & Navigation:

See her Squirt is so easy to browse, you could do it with your hands tied to your cock. This female ejaculation site is practically made up of one section from where you can access all the content, so you won't find yourself looking all over the place for the episodes, as they're right in your face. The site's layout is nice and neat, so you never get that cluttered feel you get on other sites. Overall the site looks and works great.

The first thing you'll find on the homepage is a section dedicated to the latest update. What you'll find within this section is information on the date the episode was uploaded, a picture of the gorgeous model, and links to the videos, and picture galleries. Situated above this section is the navigation menu, along with a drop down menu consisting of the links to the 20 plus bonus sites.

I felt as though the navigation menu won't be used that much at all because most of the links access third party services. These include bonus video feeds, dating services, and live came shows. The only links I could imagine members using are the bonus site, and the homepage links. This is purely because the episodes can pretty much be accessed off the main page.

Below the latest update section is where you'll come across the previous updates. The episodes are presented in small thumbnails which feature a close up of the model. One clicking these thumbnail links, you will be taken to the main content section of the episode you chose. From there you can read the description of the episode, access the downloadable, and streamed videos, and perouse the picture galleries.


There's definitely no shortage of sweet lady fluids on this site, in fact the place is practically flooding. But the site does have some flaws, the most prominent one being the quality of the downloadable videos. I had no problems with the FLV version of the scenes, but the problem is you can't keep them. What the site does excel on is providing intense squirting scenes, and gorgeous women. If that's what you're after, and aren't too fussy with quality, then this site might be what you're after

Pros & Cons

+ Beautiful models
+ Hot squirting scenes
+ Still active on updates
+ Easy to browse
+ All exclusive content
+ Access to All Reality Pass
- Downloadable videos are pretty average
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