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Everyone could use a bit of education in the art of the female ejaculation. Sit down, shut up, set your girls ass on some towels and prepare for things to get a bit messy at Over a hundred great squirting videos in awesome quality make this a great site that allows you to learn, and jerk off at the same time, without getting expelled.
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Trial 9.95
Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 75/100

Detailed Review:


I'm fully ready to admit that I have never accomplished the great feat of making a girl squirt. Believe me, I've tried everything, I just can't seem to do it. I'm hoping to watch every one of these videos over, and over until I'm a pro. Or maybe I'm better off with dry sheets. Regardless, it's an amazing thing to watch. The guys, and girls on this site definitely have talent so prepare to get drenched.

You get a fuck load (that's a lot) of videos inside the members area, 151 at the time of writing to be exact. All of these videos are 100% exclusive to this site, and they all feature really good quality squirting footage. Sometimes the girl will make herself squirt with a dildo or her fingers, sometimes a girlfriend will help, and sometimes there's a guy there to get the job done. I must say after watching a few of these videos, I've learned a lot. Now all I have to do is get off my ass and get laid. Aw, fuck it, I'll stick with my hand... less cleanup most of the time.

You get a choice between streaming realvideo or windows media video formats, cut into parts, as well as a full quality full length wmv file that is downloadable. The streaming files load quick, and the downloads go full speed with my high speed connection.

Included with each video is a bonus image gallery which consists of screen shots from the scene. These are decent, but because they are screenshots, they're nothing to get excited about. They are definitely not the focus of the site.

If you're not satisfied with the 151 squirting videos available, there are hundreds more scenes available to you on the rest of the site's network. These include various niches like anal, gangbangs, 18-19, and MILFs.

Features & Navigation:

When you first get to you're welcomed with some exciting graphics that promise shocking female ejaculation and all exclusive sexy and educational videos. The intro comes in the form of a standard porn site tour with preview images and trailers for each video. The members login is clearly labeled on the front page and I'm logged in within a few short minutes.

The inside member's area has a very simple and easy to figure out design. All of the videos on the site are displayed right here, 12 to a page. There are links to videos and images from each scene. Down further on the page, you are given direct links to the member's area sections of the other sites on the network. You can also sort the videos by top rated, or use the pulldown menu to select your favorite broad.

When you click on watch video from the front page beside your favorite thumbnail, you are taken to that scene's page. From here you can choose from realvideo or wmv streaming, which is cut into 4 or 5 clips, or you can download the full length wmv.

The image galleries also have a very simple layout, which no one should have any problems with. You get a series of small thumbnail images, you click and image, and it loads. Pretty simple stuff. The site as a whole is very easy to navigate and shouldn't cause problems for even the most stupidest of us.


Great, funny, sexy, and entertaining. I really enjoyed this site, and if you like to see a girl squirt, you will too. There are a lot of videos here, hours of great content. You also get a great network of sites with a lot of videos and this all makes the price right!

Pros & Cons

+ Learn to make her squirt
+ A lot of videos
+ Easy navigation
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