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If you are into hot denim pants on hot tight asses as much as I am,then you are going to love this site. Fuck My Jeans is a big collection of hottest jeans that have ever been filmed on slutty babes that do not mind having their pants slid down around their ankles and their pussies being used for a nice hard fuck! With those fine asses in jeans,anal is also pretty fun, and the babes get surprised indeed then they feel a huge cock sliding in and out of their back entrances with no prior warning.
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This fetish is pretty interesting and hot. Those tight jeans makes asses of models look like wet dream come true, and the way these sensual babes are bending over to show off their bum doesnt hurt either. The scenes are usually about one on one sex with these delicious eye candies, they bring their boyfriends, fuck buddies or neighbors over and then parade their jeans around just to see how horny can they make a guy. The answer is - horny enough for those pants to come down and their panties to be torn off for a hot round of hardcore fucking! The videos are about half an hour long, and theres a decent sized batch of them, after all, the site has been up for years and they are slowly but certainly working their way to 150 scenes on site, thats well over 70 hours of hot sex for you. Theres no real update schedule, but it seems like theres a new scene every 10 days or so. Sometimes thats more often, sometimes they are late a day or two, but all in all, 10 days for a scene is pretty decent. It could be better, i would love to see them post a new scene on scheduled date and to make it at least once per week, but its good as it is too, especially with the huge collection already available to us.

Jeans fetish is not the only thing you get when you join Fuck my Jeans, you also get full access to all of the site in the Catchy Fetish collection, thats 10 porn sites all featuring one fetish or another, all featuring hot models and all with more or less same site layot so you can move around with ease. Theres even a portal site that you can use to browse all sites at the same time.

Features & Navigation:

With so many scenes and so many sites in the network, most of them as big as this one, its pretty important for members to have some way of navigating around easily. This is solved very well on Fuck My Jeans, theres an advanced search tool that allows you to browse scenes by all sorts of parameters, from model hair color to the kink they get pulled on them. You can filter scenes by sites too, so you can pull specific scenes from any of the network sites.

Navigating is pretty easy, home page when you log in is actually network portal site, with list of all sites on right side of the screen and the latest, best rated and coming soon sections on the home page, that gives you all the info you need to start your browsing comfortably from the moment you log in.

The video collection on Fuck My Jeans comes in very high quality, with 1920x1080 quality scenes lately, but be aware, when you go deeper in the archives, near the beginning when the site was just started, those scenes can go as low as 640x480. Still, the quality of the scenes now is up to the most modern standards. This brings me to another interesting feature, theres about half a dozen of scenes on this site that look like they have been posted twice, but the fact is, there is a regular scene and scene for 3D glasses, letting you see these jeans babes get fucked in realistic 3D action.


Fuck My Jeans covers a pretty interesting kink and Im sure there will be plenty of people that would be happy to see whats going on on the site. The quality is simply amazing, and the update pace is decent. Network membership should really seal the deal, especially with monthly fee being a big lower then other sites in the same quality class, this is a great exclusive collection of porn scenes for you jeans lovers!

Pros & Cons

+Big scene collection
+High quality scenes
+Network membership
+Some 3D content
+Fast downloads
+Advanced search tool

-No scheduled updates
-Older scenes are lower quality
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