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Uniformed Babez is a non-exclusive video site that claims to be dedicated to babes and uniforms. Although there is a preponderance of ebony honeys featured here, the main focus is on uniforms. You can see horny cheerleaders, nurses, maids, and cops Index ex-ex-action, and membership to the site includes bonus access to over 20 additional collections in the network.
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Uniformed Babez is a non-exclusive site offering video scenes taken from various DVD titles. These seem to be mostly older releases that are 8 to 10 years old. The collection consists of 140 scenes from approximately 30 different DVDs. The majority of the uniformed babes here are dressed as nurses. Of these, a very large portion are black nurses since several of the discs these scenes were taken from are specifically ebony nurse themed.

Despite the stated theme of this site, not all of the scenes here fit into the uniformed female category. Some of them simply do not feature any performers wearing uniforms whatsoever, and I frankly can't think of a single reason they should be found on this site. Others have men dressed in surgical scrubs or cop uniforms, but since the women were either naked or dressed in normal clothes, these didn't seem to fit the site theme, either.

The uniformed babes here typically fall into just four categories: cheerleaders, maids, cops, and nurses. School uniforms, typically a staple on uniforms themed adult sites, are absent here. The scenes typically have some amount of plot and dialogue to set up the action with some sort of storyline related to uniform, but sometimes these are in a language other than English.

The video is here are offered at 640 x 480 pixels, 2000 kbps. This is about standard for online conversions of DVD videos, and the quality you'll see on your screen has a lot to do with that of the original recording. Some of these are pretty crisp and clear and can easily be enlarged for full-screen viewing, but poor color balance, insufficient lighting, and graininess are frequently seen issues here.

Features & Navigation:

The purple, teal, and white tour pages for Uniformed Babez offer a pretty accurate cross-section of the kinds of babes and uniforms you'll see inside. They list the DVD title and theme number right here on the tour, so there's no mystery about the fact that you're getting non-exclusive DVD materials. Although the tour is fairly accurate in some respects, additional details about the size of the selection and the lack of ongoing updates would make this one a bit more informative.

The members area here is basic to a fault. Simple is good, but not at the expense of user friendliness. There is no way to search for certain models or kinds of scenes, and to make matters worse, the pages which list the available movies are text only. This means that while browsing, there is no thumbnail image or any sort of preview of the scene. Each is listed with its running time, file size, DVD title and theme number, and a list of categories like big tits, blondes, and hardcore. Once you click a scene, you'll see a few small and blurry screen captures which serve as an OK preview, but this does not really help much when it comes to browsing.

Each Uniformed Babez video is offered for download in WMV format only. There are no quality levels to choose from, that you can opt for either a full-length file or short clips. Although the site isn't very clear about it, I had no trouble streaming these flicks in WMV format as well.


Uniformed Babez simply isn't a good site. Some of the scenes here look OK, but they don't always stick to the theme, the theme is more limited than I imagined, the materials are non-exclusive, in the members area is not user-friendly. The bonus package adds some value, but even if you add up all of the videos from the over 20 sites in the package, you'd be getting less than most DVD download sites have to offer at lower prices.

Pros & Cons

+ Some uniformed babes to see
+ Bonus sites included
- Some scenes not uniform related
- Quality is hot or miss
- Non-exclusive materials
- Smaller than other sites with DVD scenes
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