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Short Review:

DDF Beauties is a large and daily updating the site that offers a mix of solo, lesbian, and hardcore action. It's part of the DDF Prod network, and the quality is high in keeping with this network standards. The site offers hundreds of videos and photo galleries featuring gorgeous women who are mostly Eastern European.
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Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


There's a lot to see here at DDF Beauties, and a new matching video and photo set is added each and every day. So far, there are around 700 video/photo combo sets available. The updates are all listed in a calendar format which is accessible inside members' area. Flicks average 25 minutes each and the photo galleries typically offer around 115 images each. The materials appear to be exclusive to the company which owns the DDF Prod network sites, but they aren't exclusive to DDF Beauties. Those who have joined other DDF sites may have seen most or all of this content before.

The large collection here is broken down into four categories, beautiful babes (solo, softcore) brutally hardcore, lesbian love, and sex toys. Beautiful babes and sex toys are the largest categories by far with the beautiful babes category offering over four times the number of scenes that the smaller categories have. Everything I downloaded was very straight foreword without a hint of plot, but seems in this network frequently do have a touch of storyline and some dialogue. Considering the size of the site, it's possible that all the flicks I downloaded were plotless only by coincidence.

One of the main things that DDF Beauties have going for it is quality. The photos are just stunningly crisp and clear, and they're a nice size at 2000 pixels on the long side. Videos are offered at up to 1280 x 720 pixels, 4000 kbps. Playback is perfectly smooth, and the lighting and color balance are correct and lifelike just like that of the photo sets.

Features & Navigation:

The pages here are essentially just a clone of the members area. This means that it's very easy to preview the collection since you can browse the entire list of materials using the calendar. One thing stood out to me on a tour pages was the link to the forum. Unfortunately, this link simply doesn't work. Whether I tried to access it from the members area or from the outside of the site, I just got sent in an endless circle and never arrived at a forum.

The members' area here offers the bare minimum amount of searching for tools to get around this large collection and would really benefit from expanding the available navigation features. You can choose from the four different categories at the top of the page and browse the materials that way, or you can view the daily updates in a calendar format. Drop-down menus near the bottom of the page allow you to select breast size and hair color in addition to the category. This helps a bit, but not much. The lack of sufficient search and sort options is compounded by the fact that virtually no information is offered about the scenes as you browse them on the listing pages. They're labeled with generic sounding titles like "big booty" and "black lace," and since the photo chosen for the thumbnail is often a fully clothed headshot, it can be hard to tell what exactly is going to go on in the scene.

While I wasn't satisfied with the navigation tools here, at least there are some nice options when it comes to accessing the materials. The choices include MPEG format clips at a medium quality level, full length Flash streaming and WMV format downloads in your choice of two quality levels as well as full-length AVI and MOV format files at the highest quality level. The 2000 pixel version of the photo sets may be downloaded in ZIP files, and you can view smaller versions in thumbnail galleries from within the members' area.


DDF Beauties have a lot more going on for it then many porn sites out there, but those most busy aspic about seeing new DDF materials may also be those most disappointed to find that they've already seen that materials on the other DDF sites. This should be easy to avoid with such an extensive preview available, and if you can deal with the less than stellar navigation tools, that this is a good, diverse, high quality porn collection to check out.

Pros & Cons

+ Large, semi-exclusive collection
+ Daily updates
+ Excellent quality
- Categories aren't well balanced
- Materials seen on other network sites
- Needs better search tools
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