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Short Review:

AEBN is a massive adult video on demand site that offers over 83,000 titles in both gay and straight categories for streaming rental and download purchase. Alternately, members can choose to join the site Super Pass option and get unlimited viewing of over 7600 titles. This is one of the most massive collections of porn in one place available today, let's go inside and see just what this behemoth of porn has to offer.
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Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


As I mentioned, there are two main ways of viewing adult materials here at AEBN. The first obviously the focus of the site and offers members the chance to download or stream videos on a pay per minute or pay per title purchase or rental scheme. You can purchase streaming minutes starting at $3.95 for 15 minutes and going on up to $84.95 for 1000 minutes. You can get streaming rentals that are good for 48 hours starting at around five dollars or lifetime streaming rentals starting at around $10. Downloadable versions that you can keep and view forever are available starting at around $20 for titles with DRM and around $25 for those without. The other membership option is to join the site Super Pass membership where you can get unlimited streaming of over 7600 titles with daily updates. This obviously gives you a much smaller pool of materials to choose from, but it's an easy way to keep your costs in check and there is still lots to see here.

The collection here at AEBN is among the most diverse I've ever seen. I honestly can't think of a category of smut that's currently being distributed that isn't represented here in some capacity. From all girl titles to British smut to Brazilian hotties to all girl titles to babysitters and everything in between, it's all represented here. The materials come from a myriad of different sources and studios and feature classic stars from the 70s as well as the newest, hottest babes from 2011. The nice thing for potential subscribers is that you can check out the entire collection and compare prices without having to spend any money at all.

Since the materials here spanned over 30 years and come from literally hundreds if not thousands of different sources, all with their own camera guy and way of filming things, there's a particular standard for the quality level of the materials here. I'd say that everything looks at least as good as it did in its original format, whether that was VHS, DVD, or even Betamax. Much of the collection is offered at at least DVD quality level and a smaller portion is even offered at HD quality level.

Features & Navigation:

There are no membership fees for AEBN unless you opt for the Super Pass, so it's easy for potential members to sign up for a free account and check out what the site has to offer. You can browse the entire collection, the preview information and images, and check out the site search and browse features.

The members area here at AEBN is fairly advanced and offers a considerable amount of information without becoming overwhelming. Everything is neatly laid out, and the sites regular and advanced search tools are easy to use and helpful. You can look things up based on star name, studio, series, and more. These guys have some very advanced features including the ability to watch your purchased and rented titles via your PlayStation 3 or Blu-ray player.

In most cases, when viewing download to keep titles that you have to view them through your Windows media player and login with your credentials to get past the DRM restrictions. Only those titles specifically marked as being DRM free are offered for unrestricted downloads. I was very impressed with the streaming here including the advanced streaming player. It loads quickly and smoothly and even when using the sites highest available quality level I didn't experience any starters or stops.


Whether you're looking for a pay-per-view site or an all access pass with thousands of DVD titles, AEBN has something to offer you. This is one of the largest VOD sites on the net and frankly, if you can't find it here, it simply probably doesn't exist in a downloadable or streaming format. VOD sites have the potential to be more expensive then all access sites, but with the flexibility offered here with the Super Pass, it's hard not to recommend AEBN highly.

Pros & Cons

+ One of the largest porn collections in existence
+ Extremely diverse
+ Excellent options and tools
+ Flexible purchase, rental, and membership options
- Some quality variation
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