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Short Review:

Petra Joy is a top European porn maker with her own style and with her own site. These are unusual porn movies in that they are artistically made, look good and use cinema style filming and techniques to bring you some amazing movies. There's all kinds of action, with an accent on cross-dressing guys and girls exploring their sexuality, so it's not only hardcore, it's a little bit fetish as well. Petra and other directors have work here and members get a good number of high class productions.
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Our total rating: 70/100

Detailed Review:


The members' area is made up of five main areas and we will look at each one in turn in a moment. The home page sites you up with what's new and the main menu takes you to each of the all-important sections. Petra Joy is something of a world leader in porn making. When you check the About page you can see what awards she has won and you can check out her bio. She's received Venus Awards, UKAFTA awards and several Feminist Porn Awards in the past few years and, when you view the movies, it's easy to see why.

These are not your usual hardcore porn movies. There is an accent o high quality filming and staging of the action, and you get very good quality productions, but there is also a slant towards 'trying something new.' The cast don't just have sex, they explore their sexuality with hunky guys with beards dressed in women's clothing, lesbian scenes with a slight fetish angle, on-going series of movies, and erotica as well as full on hardcore. There's also a lot of backstage and behind the scenes action and interviews plus details of events and showings. So, you're logging into more than just any old porn site when you find Cinema Joy.

When I was there I found 32 full movies. These are directed by Petra Joy herself or by other top directors, Shine Louise Houston and Maria Beatty, and you can filter the full titles as you want. There is also the area for their scenes and there were 126 scenes here and again you can filter them according to sex, BTS or interviews etc. I did try to filet by Erotic Scenes only but this still brought up the full lost including the non-erotic stuff, but it's easy to see from the titles what scenes is what. You have large sample shots over numbered index pages and you click an image to get to the viewing page.

When it comes to viewing, you have Flash streams to run and Mp4 downloads to take with the top resolution at 1,920 x 1,080 @ 5,500 kbps. Some movies date back to 1995, apparently and so the resolutions there may be different and I am not sure of the videos were made specifically for this site or if they are also available elsewhere, so I can't be sure of exclusivity. However, I am sure that the quality us excellent and the videos are more than your usual hardcore porn offerings.

Your 47 image sets give you good quality stills form videos and also from other events and there are around 20 of them per set. You open a set and find large thumbnails that then click up to full size. 1,000 x 573 for example. Some have the look of good quality screen caps about them and others look digital. Open one in a set and you can browse through the others and there are zip files for the full set if you want to take them that way.

All in all, Cinema Joy give you a nice little set of movies and pics from a top and award winning director, and other good directors, and it's European hardcore, erotica and fetish all kind of rolled into one. I'm not sure about updates as there's no news there but I can tell you that what you see on the tour is what you find inside.

Features & Navigation:

This site is very easy to navigate and use, though it is not that interactive. You have the basic opt menu which has nice filter options on it so you can, in theory, find only the erotica (though I had trouble with that) and you can also explore the directors and the images, the About page and the behind the scenes content. I had no trouble with navigation.

I did have some trouble finding scenes and on occasion was bounced back to the home page or even the tour page when trying to find a scene to stream. I'd find a model from the 98 guys and girls listed and then click to her scenes and find the play button, but clicking that sent me away and I'd have to start again - maybe a temporary glitch. The viewing pages brought me a top banner/movie clip that as like a trailer and that played each time the page was open, and that got a bit wearing after a while, but it did show me the quality of the movies which is excellent.

There were no extras here, no 'add to favourites', rates, comment and although there is some background information I'd have liked more. There's a simple search engine and no news on updates. But what's here is fine and good and makes a nice change from the normal porn movies we see.


Cinema Joy has some scenes in it which are an absolute joy to watch and save, but it also has a few technical issues that you might need to find a way around. I'm not sure about updates, but what's here is excellent quality and gives a great new slant on the usual hardcore scenes we see. This top director/producer knows what she is doing, the quality is outstanding and the models are European and up for anything as they explore sex in a way you may not have seen before.

Pros & Cons

+ Good quality content
+ Erotic and classy
+ Explores new aspect of porn
+ Nicely laid out
+ Award winning

- Some technical glitches
- Not very interactive
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