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Short Review:

If you fancy some raunchy European hardcore then you might like to check out Magma Films, a great company form Germany who has its own collection of sleazy hardcore, on DVD, and here in its own members' area. This membership not only brings you their exclusive DVDs and scenes, models and photos, but it also lets you stack up bonus sites from the Stiffia Network. The longer you stay a member the more you get in return.
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Our total rating: 81/100

Detailed Review:


The numbers are all over the place here, with the tour stating that there are 663 movies available, the Stiffia members' area saying there are 304 and the actual content count at the time of my visit being 550 scenes, from a whole stack of released DVDs. So, I'll stick with 550 scenes from Magma Films (and some others) with some content dating back to 2005 and some being much more recent. You can view the content as a list of scenes that are shown in a standard way, on index pages with sample shots, or you can see them as DVD covers with each DVDs scene listed beside it. In this case you have to view by year and then by month. It's a neat set up actually and makes for a nice change from the standard way of seeing things.

The movies here are all pretty varied. Doing a random check of the scenes and their action, to give you some ideas, I found: Watersports, anal, mouth to as, outdoor sex, sex in the car, female domination, couples, lesbians, masks and threesomes. So, probably something for everyone there. The quality is good, these are well-made studio productions at are at least DVD level in resolution, with some now up to 1,920 x 1,080 @ 6,000 kbps. Updates are coming in every few days, which is more good news and videos have good viewing options.

You can stream in a choice of up to four resolutions from a Low one to full 1080p; and you can also download in the same, with 1080p, 720p, a mobile version and a standard resolution too; all these were MP4 files and full files too, so slower connections may have a long wait for the full HD option, but the results will be worth the wait. There were no clips or parts to take, but you can jump through the stream. Scenes run for between 10 and 25 minutes and some have storylines while others leap straight in at the hardcore. Like I said, it's a varied mix.

Checking out the photos area I found 279 image galleries. These held various numbers of images each, around 200 on average, and they can be found in their own index area or from the links in the video viewing page as they relate to the scenes. Photos open in a player where you click through one at a time and where images go up to 480 x 719 to fit the screen. However, you can also opt for a zip file download of full sets and in this case I found images right up at 3,328 x 4,992 which was pretty huge. These were the recent digital shots and the quality was fine; big and clear and giving us some nice poses and good action shots too.

You can also check out your content via the model index where 284 girls are featured with large sample shots. There is not a lot of info about the girls but there are links to their work. You can also check out the directors of the videos and filter their content only, and there are 20 directors with their titles listed, and you will notice a link in the menu to Sites. This is where the numbers start to make sense again: 304 Magma Films scenes make up the core of the collection but other sites make up the other 246 movies, companies and sites such as Pro Amateur, Dark Dreams and German POV.

Features & Navigation:

This site has a really good design, it's individual, dark and moody and also works really well. It makes sure you have no trouble browsing the pages or finding the content and comes with some neat interaction. You can see what rates and views each scene or DVD has had, and you can also rate scenes as you see them. Scenes and models can be searched, sorted and filtered in various ways, again aiding your navigation, and content is shown with upload dates so you can keep an eye on uploads.

Viewing pages come with a brief description and links to the scenes DVD, and there are functions so you can add things to a favourites area and also to a list to watch later. There are places for comments too and sections in the main menu for Press and Casting information. You're able to change the language to German if you prefer it, and there are some adverts and suggestions for other sites to view. I don't really like adverts in a member area but they don't get in the way too much.

And then, remember the Stiffia Network? Well, once you have stayed as a member for a month you will get the choice of a Stiffia bonus site to add on. The longer you stay the more sites they add and you have a Dashboard where you can see how long to go until the next one is added. It's a good incentive scheme and works really well.


If you're a fan of Magma Films and like what you see here (and you probably will) then you will want to stay for the updates, which are pretty frequent. And then you will find you get access to a bonus site, and there are other European film studios with their own sites to add to your list. Thus you find a membership to this site not only brings great satisfaction, good movies, and lots of variety, but it also brings excellent on-going value for money.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot German porn DVDs
+ Lots of content
+ Good quality and HD
+ Nice design
+ Good to use
+ High quality images

- Bonuses over time only
- No model info
Click here to visit Magma Film and check out the tour.